NFL News; What teams in the hunt will make the playoffs?

AFC Teams In The Hunt; 

Tennessee Titans: The Titans are tied for the second wild card spot right now. Coming off a big win vs New England and for the remainder of the year have the Colts (two times), Texans, Jets, Jaguars, Giants, Redskins. Looking at these match ups the Titans can easily win 4/5 of these games and punch a ticket to the playoffs. They have a very mobile QB and two solid running backs right now. Once they can get their passing game going, they should be fine. The biggest worry is teams offense being consistent, their defense is very solid. I see the Titans battling until the final week with the Bengals and the colts for the final wild card spot.

Miami Dolphins: Sorry, but no. The Dolphins have the Colts, Bills, Patriots, Vikings, Jaguars and Bills reaming. I see the Dolphins losing once the Bills of their two, losing this upcoming week and that would probably knock them out of contention.

Baltimore Ravens: Again, no. The Ravens have been struggling greatly and with Joe Flacco out, Lamar Jackson in it will be interesting to see if this team can rally around the rookie QB and perhaps make a push. The Ravens have Bengals, Raiders, Falcons, Chiefs, Buccaneers, Chargers and Browns. I have to say the Ravens lose this week vs Cincinnati this week, the Falcons, Chiefs and Chargers so yeah that knocks them out. 

Indianapolis Colts: The Colts are like the Lions a sneaky team that has an underrated team and many overlook. Sure they are 4-5 right now but the Colts have a pretty solid offense, Andrew Luck throws the ball 90 times a a game, TY Hilton is a solid receiver they have two pass-rushing running backs and an underrated defense. Plus they have 4-5 possible wins on the board right now. I see them taking one of the two vs the Titans, losing to the Texans and a toss up game vs Dallas. The Colts have the Titans(two times), Dolphins, Jaguars, Texans, Cowboys, Giants. They will be battling until week 15 for a playoff spot. 

NFC Teams In The Hunt; 

Green Bay Packers: After the Packers lost last night to the Seahawks it seems as if all hope is lost in Green Bay they still have six weeks left but this is not a good sign for the Packers. Remaining schedule on the year is Vikings, Cardinals, Falcons, Bears, Jets and Lions and honestly who knows what can happen? The Packers can win all their remaining games or lose 4 of their six games. The Packers are clearly having issues on the defensive end of things and just not getting the production they would like on the offensive side of things. Looking at the Packers schedule and their current 4-5-1 record I see them finishing them going 7-8-1. 

Atlanta Falcons: Well the Falcons are going to win this week in Dallas so that will move them tied with Seattle for a game back for the final wild card spot. The Bears need to beat the Vikings this week for either the Seahawks or Falcons to have a chance of making the wild card spot. The Falcons have Cowboys, Saints, Ravens, Packers, Cardinals, Panthers and Buccaneers. The Falcons are currently 4-5-0, going to win this week vs Dallas pump to 5-5 and probably lose to the Saints and Panthers. I see the Falcons going 9-7 on the year. 

Seattle Seahawks: Big win for Seattle Thursday night over Green Bay, that moves them an inch close to the wild card spot. The Seahawks are a tricky team this year lost some bad games won some good ones and overall are a solid team when they feel like coming out and playing from the first to the fourth quarter. The Seahawks have Panthers, 49ers, Vikings, 49ers, Chiefs and Cardinals, a very easy schedule. I see them winning vs Minnesota, losing to Carolina and Kansas City. Therefore the Seahawks will be 9-7. 

Philadelphia Eagles: Terrible, terrible year for the Super Bowl Champs, their offense looks terrible, their defense is battling injuries and things have not been going well. After that loss to Dallas last week I think that puts the nail in the coffin, but luckily their division is terrible so their still a chance to win it. The Eagles will not get in by the wild card they need to win the division to have a chance. They have Saints, Giants, Redskins, Cowboys, Rams, Texans and Redskins. They need to win the rest of their divisional play for the year and take one from Houston. No shot they beat New Orleans this week or L.A. later in the year. Eagles can finish 9-7 and win the division to get in. 

Dallas Cowboys: No, shot the Cowboys have to win the division to get in and no chance they take another from Philadelphia and they still have Washington also. The Cowboys also play Atlanta, Saints, Eagles, Colts, Buccaneers and Giants to end the year. I think they lose to Falcons, Saints, Eagles and Colts and that loss to the Colts really does it. Just not enough offensive firepower in Dallas and just don’t see them edging a team like Atlanta or Seattle.  

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