NFL WEEK 11 Game day headlines; Browns to interview Condoleezza Rice, Bell wants $17M/year, Jalen Ramsey on the move

This is not going to be anything normal, nor what you are expecting. There have been three big headlines this morning. For the average fan you probably have no idea why these are bizarre but for the normal fan you know why these headlines are so out of the norm. We are getting ready for week 11 of the NFL and three headlines, two to non-related to the week and one that is just like the icing on the cake.

Browns interested in Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is about as Browns as it gets

 The Cleveland Browns are interested in interviewing Condoleezza Rice for the heading coach job. First off, you probably have no idea who that is. Neither did at first. But Rice is the former Secretary of State under George W Bush from 2006-2009. Aside from her term in politics she also has some experience being the inaugural member of the college football playoff committee selection process and most recently sat on the college basketball commission that coined the new rule to the end of the one and done rule. Rice could be the first ever female in professional sports to be a head coach but not the first women in a higher up role in pro sports. Recently there have been an influx of women in sports, the 49ers offensive assistant, Raiders strength staff, Bills control assistant, Spurs assistant coach all our women in sports currently. Rice is a lifelong Browns fan and has been spotted supporting and watching many of the Browns games over the years. 

The infamous Le’Veon Bell, we all thought we were done with this guy making headlines since he did not report to the Steelers this past Tuesday making him ineligible to play the 2018-19 season.  But there is more news on Bell, a report came out that the Steelers and Bell made a late push for a deal and due to the nature of how late it was and the timing of the deal to take place the two never reached an agreement. Bell was so close to reporting this season on one contingency, the Steelers not use the transition tag or franchise tag on him, clearly they said no. The Steelers were interested in offering 9.5 million qualifying them to match any offer the star running back receives from other teams, but the NFLPA says that the offer sheet would be around 14.54 million, which is double the projected salary for Bell for the 2018-19 season. If the two continue down this road and the NFLPA wins, this opens up massive bargaining rights for players allowing them to skip seasons if they feel as if they are not being treated correctly.  This is essentially a win-win situation for Bell he does not end up winning the deal between the NFLPA and Steelers he still gets a chance to sign for a max deal elsewhere, if he does not the Steelers would still need to fork up some money to Bell’s salary and that amount could be 14.54 million and resulting in Bell not even playing for Pittsburgh possibly.

Ramsey and Jaguars parting ways?

Jalen Ramsey wants out. Cleary the guy does he is going to the NHL! Just kidding but Ramsey tweeted a pretty eye opening tweet last week something along the lines of “when I’m gone y’all will miss me. Watch” Not word for word that but it was along those lines. Clearly Ramsey wants out and now it has come out the Jaguars are going to more than likely deal the star cornerback in the offseason. This trade seems to be coming from higher ups though, the Jaguars administration and front office have not fared well with the cornerbacks outlandish remarks about other players in the league, his impudent opinions of things and the many other things he does to draw attention to the team and himself. Ramsey still has this season and the next season remaining on his contract, he is the highest paid corner in the league and now the Jaguars are most likely going to have to decide to move on from him or settle something with Ramsey. Odell Beckham for Jalen Ramsey?

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