Moment to remember: Alex Ovechkin paid tribute to Carey Price and it was truly WONDERFUL!

Yesterday we might have seen something, that is pretty rare in the NHL nowadays. In the current mode of fans complaining about lack of battles and fights, it is important to recognize that terrific games and moments are here thanks to great personality and character of the players.

We saw that yesterday and even watching ten times myself since it happened, I may probably never regret watching it over and over again. Alexander Ovechkin had the corner picked with just few seconds to go in a tie-game and Carey Price just stone cold, robbed him, maybe even more than that. No one could believe it.

Ovechkin just realized, that he should pay respect where it’s due and simply clapped his hands towards Price and tapped Canadiens goaltender on his way by. What an outstanding moment. Main star of the NHL claps his hands towards another star. Something that is probably seen just in tennis, which is a sport of gentlemen.

Hockey is definitely not a sport for gentlemen, hockey without contact would not be hockey anymore. But only if everyone showed that kind of respect and recognition just like “Great 8” did last night. NHL would be much more respectable and nicer. Great moment from Ovechkin too, who did not break his stick of showed his frustration, but offered an amazing reaction, which leads the way all around the globe today.

It is the month of November, when every NHL team joins the campaign of NHL fights cancer. It is also a very genuine moment, when the fans should not complain about lack of fights, because that is not the most important thing. And Ovechkin – Price moment only justified the need for more respect in this league. We all know and feel that moments like one from Bell Centre yesterday are well needed in the world of hockey.

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