NFL: LA Rams vs Kansas City Chiefs Rematch?

On Monday, November 19th, 2018, two colossal giants’ crossed paths and left fortunate fans stunned at the rubble that was left behind. On that day, the LA Rams faced the Kansas City Chiefs in a historical game that will no doubt be viewed as one of the best ever.

Going into the game, both the Kansas City Chiefs and LA Rams held records of 9-1. Both had young high-profile quarterbacks. Both had explosive running backs. Both had stout defenses. This was a game of equivalent matchups at every position and that’s what made it so compelling. Who wanted it more? Who was willing to go further?

The Kansas City Chiefs were already marveling the world with their play, only losing 1 game to the dynastic New England Patriots in a tightly fought 43-40 game. In the same note, the LA Rams were also marveling fans around the world with only 1 loss to the New Orleans Saints in a contested 45-35 battle.

“Are we about to watch a preview of the Superbowl?” That’s the thought that went through everyone’s minds and by the end of it all, boy do we wish there would be a rematch in the Superbowl.

To start the game, the LA Rams went up 13-0 with 5:35 left in the 1st quarter after two touchdown passes from Jared Goff and a missed PAT. It looked as if the Rams were the only team to show up that night, but that’s exactly when the Chiefs came around, with Patrick Mahomes finding Tyreek Hill on a 25-yard pass to make it 13-7 by the end of the quarter.

In the 2nd quarter, the Rams drove down the field and ended up having to settle for a 23-yard field goal to make it 16-7. Just like a classic heavyweight fight, the Chiefs came right back with a 21-yard field goal of their own to make 16-10. Then, after setting up the Rams with their jabs, the Chiefs drove down the field again with Patrick Mahomes finding Kareem Hunt for a 21-yard touchdown pass to take the lead 16-17. With 6:28 left in the 2nd quarter, the game was a 1-point difference, and this is exactly when we all knew this was going to be an all-time game.

Responding to the call, the Rams defense came up with a strip sack fumble return as DT Aaron Donald swam against the left guard to strip Mahomes of the ball. The ball tumbled and fumbled on the ground and found its way right into the hands of Samson Ebukam who ran it back for an 11-yard touchdown to make it 23-17 for the Rams. At this point, there was only 1:50 left in half, but that was enough time for the Chiefs. The Chiefs came charging back down the field with Mahomes finding Chris Conley for an 8-yard touchdown pass. However, the PAT was missed, making it tied 23-23 at the half!

At this point, everyone watching the game notified their family and friends of the history before their eyes. Everyone told all their loved ones to turn on the tv because this was just history in the making. The 1st half was a fight back and forth for the lead until it was all squared up. Just like a classic heavyweight fight, both teams gave it as much as they got it.

Going into the 2nd half, the Rams were the team who utilized the break better. They charged down the field for a 7-yard touchdown run by Jared Goff to make it 30-23. Right away, Mahomes returned the favor with a 4-yard touchdown run to Travis Kelce to tie it up again at 30-30.

In return, the Rams charged down the field in a 9 play, 50-yard possession to score a field goal, making it 33-30. The Chiefs tried to respond, but another key stop was made by the Rams as Samson Ebukam intercepted the ball for a 25-yard touchdown return, making it 40-30 to end the quarter. Was this it? Was this the turning point?

The Chiefs opened the 4th quarter with a 73-yard pass from Mahomes to Hill for a touchdown to silence everyone, making it 40-37. The Rams tried to answer, but this time, the Chiefs came up with the big stop! Justin Houston bull rushes the left tackle and gets a hand on the ball for a fumble. The ball goes right into Allen Bailey’s hands for a 2-yard touchdown return, making it 40-44. After clawing back and forth, the Chiefs had the lead again!

Well, not for long because Goff came right back to score a 7-yard touchdown pass to Gerald Everett, making it 47-44 with 9:38 to go. Things were heating up as each team continued to respond. Finally, the Chiefs were able to land a 10-yard touchdown pass from Mahomes to Conley to take the lead again, 47-51 with only 2:47 remaining! Well, that’s 2:46 too much for the Rams as they again charged down the field for a 40-yard touchdown pass from Goff to Everett to reclaim the lead 54-51 with only 1:49 left.

The game wasn’t over yet. The Chiefs attempted to return fire, but Mahomes threw an interception that seemed to seal the deal. However, the Chiefs defense caused a quick 3 and out by the Rams, giving the Chiefs another shot. Unfortunately, with no time outs and less than a minute remaining in the game, Mahomes threw an interception that was the final end of a spectacular game.

At the end of it all, the Rams had 29 1st downs and 455 total yards with 30:23 of the possession. In such a fitting fashion for the competitiveness of the game, the Chiefs had 27 1st downs and 546 total yards with 29:37 of the possession. The key difference between the teams, turnovers. The Rams only had 2 while the Chiefs had 5.

The game might be remembered for its offensive battle, but when the defense needed to make a play, the Rams were able to come up with the key stop just a few more times.

Regardless of the outcome, both teams should be proud of the display of football put on the field. As fans, there’s nothing more that we want to see than a LA Rams vs Kansas City Chiefs rematch in the Superbowl! Let’s just hope the Saints don’t ruin it for us…

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