The Potential of Boston was showcased against the Pelicans

It might have been for one night, against a potential playoff team in the west, but the potential of what this Boston Celtics club can do was on full display against the New Orleans Pelicans Monday night. The Celtics pulled off a wire to wire victory on the road against Anthony Davis and the Pelicans, 124-107, which was perhaps Boston’s best game on the offensive end all season. Five players finished in double digits, with Kyrie Irving leading the way with 26-points and 10 assists.

Frustration boiling up among Players

After another disappointing loss to the Dallas Mavericks over the weekend Marcus Smart and Irving voiced their frustration with the team’s lack of effort coming into games. “It feels like déjà vu all over again,” Smart said. “We keep saying and doing the same thing after every game. It’s getting real annoying.”GettyImages-1062985448

A quarter through the regular season Boston sits in sixth place in the eastern conference, they’ve won six out of eight games in the month of November, three of the six wins came against non-playoff teams in the Suns, Hawks and Bulls.

“Last year, when teams came in, when they played the Celtics, they knew they were in for a fight. This year, teams can’t wait to play us. That’s a problem,” said Smart.

Can the Celtics Mount a Winning Streak

It’s now or never for the Celtics, their next game isn’t until Friday as they return home to host the Cleveland Cavaliers, who they themselves have won a few games against the 76ers and Rockets. With Toronto playing excellent basketball and holding onto the number one spot in the east, Boston’s going to have to make a run to end the 2018 calendar year.

With just six games behind the Raptors the Celtics have a chance to climb up the standings as they enter an easy schedule in December, with games against the Knicks, Bulls, Wizards, Hawks, Pistons and Suns in the next two weeks.

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