Superb week for Marleau. He is not the G.O.A.T. but his legacy should be remembered

What a week it has been so far for Toronto’s forward and NHL legend Patrick Marleau. On Monday night against the Boston Bruins he skated in his 1600th NHL game and yesterday against San Jose Sharks Marleau scored a goal, which was very special. It is always special for Patrick Marleau to play against his former team, but scoring a goal meant a lot.

He may felt a bit sorry scoring against the Sharks and helping his current team beat his former one in the process. Marleau played 19 season for San Jose before he left to sign as a free agent with the Maple Leafs in 2017. The NHL legend is on his second year of three-year contract he was signed to.

The fact he is already 39 years old does not matter much, so far this year he recorded six goals and nine assists for 15 points in 26 games. That’s not bad considering his age. Marleau skated in 1601 NHL regular season games, had another 184 games in the play-offs and posted more than 1200 points combined.

Marleau enjoying his time and role with the Leafs

The goal he scored against the Sharks was his first game winning goal vs. that team, so now he scored at least one game winning goal against all 31 teams in the NHL, becoming just 25th player in Leagues history to do so. He carries a very important role with young Leafs team, besides providing important points (scored two goals in Game 7 last spring in Boston for example) he leads the team off the ice.


Mitch Marner earlier this season stated, that in his opinion Patty Marleau is the GOAT. No, Patrick Marleau is not the greatest ever, but his legacy should be remembered. We do not have to pick one player, who is the best one, in history of any sport. This is something very unnecessary. But cherishing and honoring wonderful players like Patrick Marleau is beyond important.

Players like him are great examples for young players to come and skate and play hockey. Their dreams could be fulfilled, it will take a lot of sacrifice and sweating, but everything is possible. Hockey legend can show the way and believe me, they really do, they really inspire.

Is his last goal going to be scored at last?

What is intriguing with Marleau, he has a lot of young kids around him. Matthews, Marner, Nylander (maybe) and others. They regard him as their father. That guy comes to the NHL, plays nearly 2000 games, scores more than 1000 points, scored against every team… And it is not an easy job to do. But it is not impossible and that´s why we should remember players like Marleau.

One thing is missing for Patty Marleau and that´s the Stanley Cup. Winning the Cup is the best thing which can ever happen to any NHL player. But not winning one does not mean you cannot become a legend. This is the case of Patrick Marleau and some others as well. Now he has the chance to fulfil his only and last big dream, he has a great team around him for his dream to be accomplished.

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