NHL to vote on Seattle expansion team Tuesday

With the Key Arena in Seattle expected to be finished in 2020, the NHL and board of governors are set to vote on the Seattle expansion team for the NHL. The 32nd NHL team could be coming our way in the coming future. There seems to be no reason why not the NHL would vote no for another expansion team especially after how well the Golden Knights did in their first season. 

Right now if the vote does go threw it seems that the Seattle based teams inaugural season would be in 2021. With the Collective Bargaining Agreement to end in 2020, there is looming speculation for another NHL lockout in 2020. 

”More likely the 2021-22 season than the 2020-21 season, so we have some time,” deputy commissioner Bill Daly told Emily Kaplan of ESPN. “A variety of factors. We’ve had that discussion on a preliminary basis with the ownership group and I think the ownership group is on board with that timeline. That’s not set in stone, but I don’t think either side is feeling any time pressure.”

Per SB Nation Doug Mellon

The voting will take place on Tuesday December 4th in Sea Island, Georgia. With this meeting the NHL Board of Governors will vote on a possible Seattle team, divisional changes and other important issues. Senior Advisor Dave Tippet will not be in attendance but Seattle Hockey Partners CEO Tod Leiweke and investor David Wright will be in attendance. 

There is set to be a viewing part in Seattle where fans can watch the situation unfold with Dave Tippet, there will be a live radio show and a chance for the Seattle fan base to get going and get a small taste of what the future NHL fan base could look like. 

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