NFL Week 13 Headlines; Packers are dead, Colts may have lost their chance, Giants win big in OT, Chargers 2nd half surges win over Pittsburgh

Mike McCarthy GONE & Packers are DONE: I can’t believe the Packers actually managed the impossible and lost vs the Cardinals, going into the week the Cardinals were +1200 vs the Packers so first off if you bet the Cardinals kudos to you. Second off, how in the hell do you manage to let 20 points against and only 17 points for vs one of if not the worst team in the NFL… Well it seems like we have sort of an answer Mike McCarthy the Packers former head coach play calling ability was put on full blast during this loss and immediately when the clock ran out, he was half way out of Green Bay already. It was inevitable coming at some point that McCarthy was going to be out in Green Bay if it did not come this week, or the week after he was going to be fired at the end of the year. The Packers are now 4-7-1 on the year, with absolutely no shot of making the playoffs which means a few things. Do you sit Aaron Rodgers down remainder of the season, let him rest, get healthy and ready for the 2019 season. Clearly he has not been healthy all year and it is quite obvious hint the Packets 4-7-1 record, and his 61.8 completion percentage, 21 touchdown passes and multiple games with under 300 passing yards. Well, here is the Packers are DEAD and now who replaces Mike McCarthy?

Chiefs offense still clicking without Kareem Hunt: The Chiefs did not skip a beat maybe their defense did but their offense even without Kareem Hunt still put 40 points. Patrick Mahomes had 295 passing yards and 4 touchdowns, Spencer Ware managed 47 rushing yards and 5 receiving yards with one rushing touchdown and Travis Kelce had 12 receptions for 168 yards and 2 touchdowns. What will the Chiefs offense look like moving forward? Well it won’t come easy as they have three tough match ups to finish the season. Ravens, Chargers and Seahawks? Can the Chiefs hold up? Week 13 was not much of a test therefore come week 14 vs a tough Ravens defense we will see how well the Ravens do without Kareem Hunt.

Colts may be dead: Colts may actually have just shot themselves in the foot. They are given a GOLDEN opportunity vs the Jacksonville Jaguars who are struggling this season and a back up QB in Cody Kessler. Yet they can’t even manage to score a single point, lose 6-0 and now are going to have to probably win out the season if they want a wild card spot. With the Ravens winning this week, say the Colts do win they would be 7-5 tied with Baltimore, now they are 6-6 with Houston, Dallas, Giants and Titans to finish the season way to go Indy.

Giants win BIG in OT vs Bears: Sure, Mitch Trubisky was out but the Bears CANNOT lose to the Giants, the 3-8 Giants coming into the week. This is terrible for Chicago. The Bears sure are still 1.5 games in front of Minnesota but this is big confidence killer in my opinion. The Bears have the Rams, Packers, 49ers, Vikings to finish the season. What it seems like they will probably beat the Packers, 49ers and should take down the Vikings, SLIGHT possibility they can beat L.A. if Trubisky is back. Even with Eli Manning only throwing for 170 yards and one touchdown/one interception and 19/35 but the Giants somehow pull this one out off the back of Aldrick Rosas three field goals, two of them being 44 yards plus out.

Chargers take one on the road vs Pittsburgh: What a battle, a back and forth all game. It started with Pittsburgh taking a 23-7 lead heading into the 2nd half but the Chargers managed to hold Pittsburgh to 7 points in the 2nd half and score 26 points in the 2nd half. The Chargers get a big win and essentially clinch their spot in the playoffs, but the bigger story here is that the Chargers are 1 game behind the Chiefs in the AFC West with the Chiefs remaining schedule of Ravens, Chargers and Seahawks. The Chargers can easily take this AFC West lead, this means Chargers win next week and Chiefs lose, it will be a game for the AFC West number one spot in week 15. The Chargers have Ravens and Denver in the final two weeks so by no means a cake walk.

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