Is Marian Gaborik considering retirement? His time seems to be up in the NHL…

Do you even remember Marian Gaborik? A very skillful Slovak winger, who used to be star of the NHL. Now, being 36-years-old, he has turned out to be a mystery man. Gaborik was dealt last spring from Los Angeles to Ottawa, but there he just played 16 games posting seven points in process.

Gaborik underwent back surgery in mid-April this year and was due to return to the ice in approximately eight weeks. But that was not necessary as it was deep in the off-season for Ottawa. In September, when training camp was knocking on the door, Senators´ GM Pierre Dorion said, that Gaborik is still meeting with specialist in Los Angeles and his return is up in the air.

Former NHL star may not return at all

Nearly eight months have passed from the moment, where Gaborik should have needed just eight weeks to return. Last time Gaborik spoke to media, it was in his home country Slovakia. He could guess the date of his return, mentioned November or December as possible.

Will Marian Gaborik retire as a Senator?

It is believed, according to Slovak medias, that Marian Gaborik is not coming back to play hockey for the Ottawa Senators this season and he is considering a retirement. Since his legendary years with Minnesota and New York Rangers, Gaborik was more injured than healthy.

He changed up the scenery across America a lot. From Columbus to Los Angeles and finally to Ottawa, in Canada of course. Former NHL star played 1035 games in total and recorded 815 points. The best and shiniest moment of his career came up on his decline, when he out of nowhere posted 14 goals in the play-offs, helping the Kings winning the Stanley Cup in 2014.

Now, he may follow the steps of his good friend and countryman, Marian Hossa. Hossa has not played for more than a year before admitting his retirement. Beyond this year, Ottawa still has to pay almost 5 millions dollars to Gaborik over the next two seasons. It surely seems Gaborik can be thankful for that 2014 revival year, not only for the Cup but also for a seven-year contract he received from Los Angeles.

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