NHL Picks: December 4th 2018

Boston Bruins vs Florida Panthers

The Panthers are last in the Atlantic division, something we did not foresee after gaining Mike Hoffman this offseason. The last time these two played was the last game of the year in 2017-18 season and in which Florida won knocking Bruins out of the Atlantic lead. The Panthers come into this game on a loss, 3-5-2 in their last ten and 5-4-3 at home. As for the Bruins they are also coming off a loss, 5-3-2 in their last ten, 5-5-4 on the road. With an absolute banged up roster and essentially an AHL roster the Bruins have managed to still be a competitive top-10 team. A lot of that is being credited to the Bruins goaltending and tonight it will be another test for the Bruins goalie Jaroslav Halak. Halak is 8-3-2, 2.06 GAA and .936 save percentage vs the Panthers veteran netminder Roberto Luongo who draws back into the line up after missing two weeks. Luongo is 4-3 with a 3.07 GAA and .902 save percentage. A lot of the Panthers success comes from their offense as they average a near league best 3.24 goals for (10th) but allow a near league worst 3.59 (29th). The Bruins are the opposite essentially, they do not score a whole lot at the moment (2.69) but also allow the second fewest goals for per game (2.46). The Bruins offense may not score a ton 5 on 5 but when they get their power play chances they cash in coming into tonight 4th in the league on the power play (28.9). It will be a back and forth game, no team will dominant and it will be a close game. I see this game going to the Bruins.

Colorado Avalanche vs Pittsburgh Penguins

These two played not too long ago (November 28th) and it was all Colorado as the Avalanche walked over the Penguins 6-3, this was Crosby’s first game back and he had the Penguins only three goals. Well they met this time in Pittsburgh where the outcome may be different. The Penguins have a lot of work to do if they want to be a playoff team because at the moment it is not looking good. The Penguins are on a two-game skid, 3-5-2 in their last ten and 5-6-2 at home. As for Colorado it is the opposite they are the best team in the league, 8-0-2 in their last ten and 10-4-2 on the road. The Avalanche average the leagues second best 3.67 goals for and allow 6th best goals against 2.67. The Penguins score a decent amount 9th in the league for goals for 3.32 but allow one of the leagues worst 3.28 goals against. The Avalanche have the bets power play in the league (32.2) and the two best players in the league Mikko Rantanen and Nathan MacKinnon but the Penguins have as we know Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Phil Kessel. It will be a test of two offenses and a test vs the games best right now. The Avalanche are +140 and +1.5 spread, for that reason alone it may be smart to take the Avalanche. As for the game winner, I think the Penguins honestly come out with a win here they need one bad.

Washington Capitals vs Vegas Golden Knights

We all know the last time these two met, the Stanley Cup final in Vegas too when the Capitals captured the Stanley Cup. There is no love lost between these two, the Golden Knights do not forget what happened in June last season. The Capitals come into this game 8-2-0 in their last ten and 7-4-1 on the road as Vegas is 7-3-0 in their last ten and 7-3-1 at home. The Capitals average around leagues 5th best 3.62 and allow middle of the pack 3.15 goals against. As Vegas scores just 2.89 goals for (19th) but allow just 2.75 (8th) goals against. I think all accolades and statistics get thrown out the window for this game. It will have a great atmosphere in Vegas tonight, and Vegas twitter will be for sure throwing some shots at Washington tonight. Washington comes in +1.5 and +125 for that reason, the spread may be smart I don’t see this game being 5-2, or 4-1 Vegas. I think we see a 3-2, 2-1 game. Overtime would not surprise me tonight, for the winner going Vegas.

Calgary Flames vs Columbus Blue Jackets

The Flames have turned the page since last season, first in the Pacific, on a two game win streak and clicking on both the offensive and defensive side of things it seems the Flames are a new team. The Flames come into this game 6-3-1 in their last ten, 8-6-0 at home as the Blue Jackets are 6-3-1 in their last ten and 7-4-1 on the road. The Flames and Blue Jackets offenses are near the same as the Flames average 3.37 and the Blue Jackets average 3.46 goals for. The Flames allow 2.78 goals against (9th) as the Blue Jackets allow 3.15 goals against (20th). Both penalty kills are not great but the Flames really struggle on the kill (76.2) but the Blue Jackets power play clicks at 16.7 percent (23rd). The Blue Jackets are -130 and -1.5 as the Flames are +110 and +1.5, therefore it seems smart to go Flames spread, even though I do see the Flames winning this game it is not out of the question that the Blue Jackets can win this game. I’d stay smart and go Flames +1.5 spread.

Ottawa Senators vs Montreal Canadiens

Essentially the two worst defensive teams in the league, both starters for tonight have goals against averages above 3.00 and save percentages below .905. The Canadiens come into this game 3-5-2 in their last ten and 7-6-2 at home as the Senators are on a three-game win streak, 5-5-0 in their last ten and 3-8-1 on the road. The Canadiens average 3 goals per game (14th) as the Senators average 3.63 goals for (3rd) and he Canadiens allow 3.26 goals against as the Senators allow 4.04 (31st). The Canadiens special teams is not all that great right now with a power play at 14.9 percent and penalty kill at 78.4, it will be crucial for the Canadiens to stay out of the box as the Senators offense can clearly score and their power play is 10th in the league at 23.3 percent. The Canadiens at home are -1.5 spread and -190, crazy spread for a team decent at home and not playing well right now as the Senators are +1.5 and +160. I like the Senators puck spread not so much money line, I really don’t see the Senators winning four straight and winning on the road as they struggle. Going Canadiens but Senators puck line is smart.

Arizona Coyotes vs Los Angeles Kings

Two of the worst offenses in the league now, but the Coyotes defense is clearly better. The Coyotes are coming into tonight on a three-game win streak as the Kings are coming off a big win and shutout for Jonathan Quick vs Carolina Sunday night. The Coyotes are 5-4-1 in their last ten and 6-5-1 on the road as the Kings are 5-5-0 in their last ten and 6-8-1 at home. The Kings score just 2.11 (31st) and allow 3.04 (16th) as the Coyotes score 2.6 (28th) but allow just 2.64 goals against (5th). The Kings have one of the worst power plays in the league and penalty kills as the Coyotes have the best penalty kill and 26th ranked power play (15.5). The Coyotes are +1.5 and +100 as the Kings are -1.5 and -120, the money line is nothing here tonight but the Coyotes puck line I like a lot. The Kings barely score goals as it is no way they cover 2 and win by three goals. The Coyotes will not make it easy for the Kings, first back to back for Jonathan Quick this year, coming off a shutout, it will be a low scoring game for sure. Going Coyotes puck line for this game.

Other games on tonight: 

Toronto vs Buffalo: Not for me, please.

Tampa Bay vs Detroit: Edward Pasquale first career start, I’m good to risky.

Winnipeg vs New York Islanders: Ehh, I like the Jets they should win but the Islanders coming off a high from the Coliseum may give them momentum.

Minnesota vs Vancouver: Minnesota, SHOULD win.

Parlay’s for tonight

Coyotes, Flames, Capitals puck line

Senators, Avalanche, Flames puck line

Flames, Avalanche, Coyotes puck line


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