Tyler Bertuzzi suspended two games for actions in Sunday game vs Colorado

What a night for the young forward in Detroit. This Sunday game Tyler Bertuzzi managed to drop the gloves vs Ian Cole as well as pull a very controversial move during a scrum that involved Dylan Larkin, Bertuzzi and Matt Calvert.

The play was a typical hockey play, Matt Calvert was gaining the red when Mike Green stepped up and hit him. Calvert ended up going upper body into the Red Wings bench, where Dylan Larkin grabbed Calvert’s stick and wouldn’t let it go. So Calvert in a sword spearing motion pushed it back at Larkin. When Bertuzzi and Larkin decided to grab Calvert and that is when Bertuzzi eventually sucker punched Calvert.

It has been a week to forget for Bertuzzi, who just the game before this was involved in the scrum between the Bruins Marchand and Red Wings scrum in which almost led to a goalie brawl.

Bertuzzi is serving a two-game suspension, in which he will miss Tuesday night vs Tampa Bay and Thursday night vs Toronto. I don’t see any push back for this suspension. There is no room in the game for sucker punches to a defenseless player, especially when the whole thing started because of something your teammate did and Calvert was totally in no way at fault here. Terrible play by Bertuzzi, he earns his punishment, but I can tell you now this will not be the last time we see Bertuzzi suspended in the NHL.


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