Did Ryan Reaves cross the line Tuesday night vs Capitals’ Tom Wilson

It was of course going to be an emotional game. The two former Stanley Cup teams re-matching for the first time since Washington walked out of Vegas Stanley Cup champions. We all knew this was going to be a bruiser but I am not quite sure we saw what was to come in this game. Ryan Reaves threw a nice hit on Tom Wilson in the high slot in the Golden Knights defensive zone, which Wilson came back after Reaves and tried to hit him but it did not work out.

Yet, it was not over for Reaves because late in the game, Reaves took some “liberty” into his own hands and threw a blind side hit on Wilson that eventually left Wilson to be held out for the rest of the game and listed as day-to-day now. I understand a lot of people dislike Wilson and he got a “taste of his own medicine” but was Reaves out of line? I don’t know if Reaves was out of line but he may have stepped over the line, this is Reaves’s role for the Golden Knights but he stepped over the line with his blindside hit on Wilson. Yes, Wilson has his history of doing this but this does not mean Wilson necessarily deserves this kind of treatment in the NHL. The league already hates him and he has a huge target on his back and I know this article may not be a popular opinion but Wilson has been shaken down by the league for some questionable things and some non-questionable hits. Reaves is a tough player but it was an ugly hit on Wilson regardless of who it was people.

Here is the blindside hit of Reaves on Wilson.

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