MLB: Goldschmidt on the Move, Heads to Saint Louis in Trade

The Arizona Diamondbacks and Saint Louis Cardinals agreed to terms on Wednesday that would send all-star first baseman, Paul Goldschmidt, to Saint Louis in exchange for  major league pitcher, Luke Weaver, catcher, Carson Kelly, and infielder Andy Young.

Goldschmidt was a highly anticipated candidate to be traded this year seeing as the Diamondbacks are planning to enter a rebuilding phase, and after another successful year for Goldschmidt in which he slashed .290/.389/.533 with 33 home runs, his value was high, and rightfully so.

The Cardinals have finally solved their issue at first base, and can now confidently play Matt Carpenter, who had an outstanding 2018, at third base. They do, however, lose quite a bit of real estate in this deal. They’ve officially shed two major league pieces in Weaver and Kelly, which means they have some work to do to fill the spaces those two leave.

The Diamondbacks, on the other hand, must be thrilled with the return they’ve received. Luke Weaver looked excellent for a time last year, and is sure to develop into a solid starter. Carson Kelly immediately becomes the Diamondbacks go-to catcher, and Andy Young had an excellent 2018 in the minors.

Overall, the trade is what one would expect for an all-star who is one year removed from free agency. The Cardinals get a massive offensive boost, whereas the Diamondbacks take the first step on their journey through a rebuild.

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