NHL Picks: December 11th 2018

Arizona Coyotes vs Boston Bruins

You are probably thinking, oh Bruins easy one for sure. Well, it won’t be that easy for Boston. Sure they have a better team but the Bruins are hurt, and I know they beat Toronto but the Bruins always beat Toronto. The Coyotes have been a tough team to play against this year and I would not be surprised one bit if they took this game. The Coyotes are 4-5-1 coming into tonight on a two-game skid and 7-5-1 on the road. While the Coyotes score just 2.57 goals for, the Bruins only score 2.67 goals for per game. The Bruins are coming into tonight on a two-game win streak, 5-4-1 in their last ten and 10-3-0 at home. The Bruins and Coyotes are a very similar team, they both struggle to score but defend well as the Bruins allow the least goals per game (2.53)  in the league and the Coyotes are not far behind being ranked 4th (2.71). With Adin Hill starting out hot and “struggling” a bit his last two starts we will see another test for the young goaltender. The thing that makes me want to take Arizona here is that they are due for an upset win and the Bruins may take their opponent a little lightly. I like the puck spread for Arizona tonight plus +1.5, but they are also +155 as the Bruins are -185, the over/under is something I could see hitting. I’d be surprised to see either team score three plus. Arizona puck spread tonight.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Carolina Hurricanes

Even though Toronto is on the road they are still the favorites go figure as the Hurricanes are 7-4-3 at home and 5-4-1 in their last ten but the Leafs are 11-4-0 on the road and 6-3-1 in their last ten. Clear favorites and there is probably not much need to go deeper into this conversation. The Hurricanes starter situation is a huge question mark right now. Sure they may keep it close but the Leafs will come out with a win tonight. The Leafs are -135 and -1.5, and the Hurricanes are +115, honestly not as big as a spread as I imagined, I’d still go Leafs here tonight.

Buffalo Sabres vs Los Angeles Kings

What a turn of events for Buffalo go from the hottest team in the NHL to the worst team so quickly. The Sabres are on a five-game skid against one of the worst teams in the NHL and the Sabres are home, I am expecting a 5-2 win from Buffalo. They do not come out on top in this game and lose six straight it will be feel like the world is on the Sabres shoulders. They need to get over this hump and it comes at a perfect time vs the Kings. The Sabres are 5-3-2 in their last ten and 9-3-2 at home as the Kings are 4-6-0 in their last ten and 4-9-0 on the road. The Kings are going with Cal Petersen tonight as the Sabres go Carter Hutton. The Sabres are 19th in goals for (2.93) and15th in goals against (2.93) the Kings score the least amount of goals in the league (2.16) and allow a league average of 3.03 against per game. The enticing line here tonight is the puck spread, the Sabres are -1.5 at +145 instead of going money line where the Sabres are -190 I would rather bank on the Sabres winning by two goals and winning like I said 4-1, 3-0, 5-1 either or really are all possibilities. Going Sabres puck spread.

Florida Panthers vs St. Louis Blues 

Just a disgusting game to gamble on tonight, almost makes me sick writing this game. The Blues are struggling and it seems they will not be getting any better any time soon especially after Todd Bortuzzo and Zach Sanford are fighting each other in practice. The Panthers while they are coming off a shootout lose they scored five goals and are capable of blowing the Blues out of the water. The only concern is that Vladimir Tarasenko came out and apologized to the fans about playing so poorly at home, so the Blues may actually come out buzzing. The Blues are 3-6-1 in their last ten and 6-8-2 at home, the Panthers are 3-4-3 in their last ten and 5-6-2 on the road. With the Panthers 3.29 goals per game and Blues 2.79 goals per game vs the Panthers 3.5 goals against and Blues 3.32 goals against, with Jake Allen in net you really never know which way this could go. It can be a 4-0 game or 2-1 game. I see the Panthers coming out on top so go money line.

Edmonton Oilers vs Colorado Avalanche 

This is probably game of the night. Since the addition of Ken Hitchcock the Oilers have been a wagon, 7-2-1 under Hitchcock and completely turning around their season. With the emergence of Mikko Koskinen the Oilers have propelled into the discussion for a wild card spot in the Pacific division. The Oilers are coming off a huge win vs Calgary in the battle of Alberta and they are 7-2-1 in their last ten, 7-8-1 on the road as the Avalanche are 7-2-1 in their last ten and 6-2-3 at home. This has the making to be a low scoring game I feel like. It will be tight defensively and we will not see either team take too many chances early on. Although the Avalanche score 3.6 goals per game the Oilers allow 2.9 goals per game. The Oilers though only score 2.7 goals per game and Colorado allows 2.9 goals per game, this could be a game where the under hits, but over/under in the NHL is never something to go after. Tonight the Oilers are +1.5 and +125 as the Avalanche are -1.5 and -145, the puck spread for Edmonton may be a good choice despite the small pay out but I really think the Avs stop the Edmonton hot streak early in its tracks and play well at home. Avalanche for the winner.

Other games on tonight: 

Detroit vs Washington: Washington

Ottawa vs Nashville: Nashville

Chicago vs Winnipeg: Winnipeg

Vancouver vs Columbus: Columbus

Montreal vs Minnesota: Minnesota

Bet I took tonight was: Arizona +1.5, Winnipeg -1.5 and Buffalo -1.5 

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