Dallas Stars ownerships credits Stars poor play to “f*cking horeshit play” by Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin per Sean Shapiro

Well talk about a headline for you here. The Stars general manager and ownership seem very unpleased with their two superstars, Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn. The Stars are one point ahead of the Vancouver Canucks and two ahead of the Edmonton Oilers for the final wild card spot in the Western Conference. The Stars are three points behind Colorado for the three seed in the Central division and five behind Nashville for the second seed in the Central. They are in a playoff spot and very close to a top-three spot in their division. Yet the Stars ownership seems to still be very unpleased with how Seguin and Benn are playing.

Seguin and Benn performances

Seguin has recorded 3 goals and 4 assists over the last 12 games, he went four-games with zero points and is currently on a three-game drought. On the year Seguin has just 11 goals but also 21 assists making that 32 points in 38 games. A 0.84 point per game average which by NHL superstar standards that is certainly a “horse shit” performance. Looking around the top players, in which Seguin gets paid like one and is one, he should be in the top-15 or higher for scoring in the NHL. Now looking at Benn who has 5 goals and 4 assists in the last 12 games. On the year Benn has 15 goals and 15 assists on the year which is 30 points in 38 games. Again by superstar standards that is even worse than Seguin’s point per game average where Benn is at 0.79, the Stars two superstars are surely underperforming. By the NHL superstar standards the Seguin-Benn tandem combine for just 62 points in 38 games is probably worthy for the owner to call their game “f*cking horse shit” at the moment.

What this outburst from Stars ownership means…

On the bright side, the Stars are still within a playoff spot and very close to a divisional top-three spot with Seguin-Benn playing poorly. The Stars ownership certainly came out and said this for two reasons. (1) To rile up the superstar players for the Stars, this was most definitely aired out there for the public to see so Seguin and Benn take a look in the mirror and go, “well yeah we do need to pick it up”. (2) To show the Dallas Stars other players that the ownership has a certain standard for these guys and if they are not performing or not playing well night in and night out it cannot just be the Stars coach and ownership speaking up to these guys, other veterans and leaders need to speak up and say something as well.

I think with this recent out burst from the Stars ownership will propel Seguin and Benn to go on a tear and the Stars to play a lot better. For now let’s wait and see… it will be interesting to see what the reporters say to Seguin and Benn tomorrow during the morning skate and after their game Saturday night vs Detroit.

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