Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara makes young fans Christmas dream come true!

It was something unusual from a truly unusual person. Zdeno Chara is not just a casual hockey player, he is not only future NHL Hall of famer, or a former Stanley Cup winner. Chara has a big heart and is always ready to offer his everything in order to help the Bruins community.

One hockey fan wrote in November to Bruins fan page in Chara’s home Slovakia. It was a Dad of a young 10-year-old hockey player. Young guy was dreaming of one thing – being as good as Zdeno Chara one day, defenseman is his biggest idol.

Christmas was around the corner and the young guy asked his dad for a simple thing, yet very difficult to obtain. He wanted something with Zdeno Chara, maybe even the most little stuff on Earth with a signature of Big Zee. Dad knew it was going to be very, very tough to fulfil this dream, but eventually he has done it!

Sorry for spoiler, but you can sense the meaning of this great story right from the start and it was not to disappoint one big dream of the little man from Eastern Slovakia. Bruins fan page was there to provide help and wrote an email to Zdeno Chara.

His team was so kind that they responded within half-hour! They asked for the young guy’s address and name. One week before Christmas, Dad received a very nice notice from the post office, it was something from Boston, MA United States.

Zdeno Chara provided the young kid with four signed cards with his own signature and special greetings for the young boy. The promising hockey player could not believe it, he truly thought it was a Christmas miracle and he still thinks it.


Now this young boy in Slovakia can continue to practice, play hockey and work hard knowing that there is someone, who knows him, and it’s no one bigger than Zdeno Chara (and that is true!). Nice gesture from Big Zee to find a little bit of his time to sign and sends some piece of papers, which mean a world to someone else.

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