Nick Foles Future With Eagles Goes Right Through Alshon Jeffery’s Hands

If you are an Eagles fan (like myself) it was definitely tough to see it end like that, because you know the magic Foles could produce in that last two minutes. Now the biggest question needs to be addressed, because there was no doubt in anyone’s minds that Foles had a legitimate shot to stay in Philadelphia. Foles won the MVP last Super Bowl, led the Eagles back to the playoffs this season and a dramatic win in the wild card round last week vs the Bears. Foles has been something many fans nor reporters can wrap their heads arounds. Is he a legit number one? Do the Eagles play better with Foles in the pocket? Does Foles style of play go better with the Eagles offense? Could he lead this team in a 16-game season? A lot of questions and no answers really.

Well, after the Eagles recent 20-14 loss to the New Orleans Saints in the Divisional Round. The Carson Wentz, Foles decision may now be a little easier. Yes, Foles has pulled off some magical come backs, game-winning drives, and three straight wins for an Eagles wild card berth but behind Foles is always going to be Wentz. The Eagles 1st round 2nd overall pick, the Eagles beloved Quarterback. The man who brought life back to the Eagles in 2017 until he got hurt with an season ending injury. There is no doubt that sure Wentz is a better QB, more mobile in the pocket, can turn nothing into something, able to scrabble and can throw the ball quite well too. But there is a certain poise, patience and confidence Eagles fans feel in Foles when he steps in, a certain confidence that is sometimes not there when Wentz is in and the Eagles are down by a touchdown late in the game.

Both QB’s have been successful during their time in Philadelphia both are beloved by Eagles fans an all Eagles fans would love to see Foles stay. But due to the nature of a QB heavy league Foles is very valuable to many teams which means he will not settle for a 4 million dollar contract when he can make 9+ million elsewhere being a starter for an NFL team.

The reality is this, now if Alshon Jeffrey ends up catching that ball and the Eagles march on for a late touchdown to win the game. Foles thickens his case to stay, they go onto win vs L.A. he essentially solidifies his case to stay, they win the Super Bowl again he comes back I believe. But the future of Nick Foles as we just saw it went right through Alshon Jeffrey’s hands. The Eagles won one playoff game this season and while Foles won a Super Bowl last season. That was last season and when next year starts that will be two seasons old. Looking at this objectively, Wentz is 26-years-old turning 27 next season the prime years for a QB. Foles is 29-years-old turning 30, entering the not so prime years for a QB. Therefore being realistic, the Eagles are going to go with the younger QB, the QB with more upside, more years to develop, grow and a QB that can definitely lead them to a Super Bowl, if healthy. As bitter as it is, and it is tough to stomach Nick Foles will not be back with the Eagles next season, there is a very slim chance he returns to Philadelphia for the 2019-2020 season.

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