My Top-Ten Most Surprising Fantasy Hockey Players of 2018

Coming into this year these players were not expected to be producing the way they are. Some of you took a gamble on these players, some of these players flew way under the radar, some of them you picked up off free agency. Here are the top-10 most surprising fantasy hockey players this year. 

1. Elias Lindholm, what a turnout it was for Calgary when they acquired Lindholm from Carolina. Lindholm was ranked 234 coming into the year he is now ranked 10. He has 21 goals and 32 assists on the year with 19 power play points.

2. Gabriel Landeskog, after a turn around year in 2017-18 fantasy owners were skeptical of Landeskog doing it again. He was ranked 88th going into the year and is now ranked fifth. He has 52 points, 28 goals and 24 assists with 18 power play points.

3. Jeff Skinner, I’m not sure many owners expected Skinner to have 30 goals before the All-Star break nor did many of us believe he would be an All-Star player this year. Skinner surprised us all, he was ranked 90th coming into the year and is now ranked 20th. He has 30 goals and 14 assists for 44 points on the year with 11 power play points.

4. Mark Giordano, we all knew this veteran defenseman was a top d-man in the league but did we think he was going to be a Norris candidate 45+ games into the season? Probably not. Gio was ranked 128 going into the year and is now ranked 28th. He has 9 goals, 38 assists (47 points) and 15 power play points on the year.

5. Morgan Reilly, the same situation as Giordano, but these two have led the Norris talk for the entire year from day one. Reilly has surprised everyone, he especially raised some eyebrows early in the year when he was on a point-streak. Reilly was ranked right behind Giordano at 129 and is now ranked 29th. He has 13 goals, 34 assists (47 points) and 14 power play points on the year.

6. Mark Stone, on a very top heavy Ottawa team and a team with a low bar coming into the year a lot of fans were weary of Stone’s production due to his supporting cast. Well Stone has rose to the occasion this year, coming in at 139 and now ranked 37th in fantasy. Stone has 20 goals and 28 assists (48 points) on his way to a 30+ goal year.

7. Alex Tuch, remember when he got signed to a 4.75 million dollar deal and fans were saying “over paid”. Well fair to say Tuch the 224th ranked player in fantasy has blown up expectations this season as he is ranked just in the top-50 at forty-nine. Tuch has 15 goals and 22 assists (37 points) and 5 power play points this year.

8. Zach Parise, I’ll come clean here and say I even thought Parise was done and there was no way he was having a bounce back year. I’m sure many can agree, injury after injury and under performing left us very skeptical on Parise. Well coming in at 307 and now ranked 61 Parise has silenced many doubters. He has 19 goals and 21 assists (41 points) with 9 power play points.

9. Jeff Petry, The Canadiens defense revolved around this guy for a while when Shea Weber was tending to an injury. Even with Weber back Petry is still producing. Petry was ranked 326, a borderline draft pick and probably a waiver wire add week to week and is now ranked 67. Petry has 10 goals, 23 assists (33 points) with 9 power play points.

10. Ander Lee, This man had big shoes to fill after John Tavares left and he was then named captain. Lee has come in and done a fantastic job being a leader and a productive player this season. Lee was ranked 322 coming into the year and is now ranked 54th. Lee has 16 goals and 18 assists (34 points) with 13 power play points.

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