I’m Not A Patriots Fan & Tom Brady Is The Best QB Of All Time & You’re Ignorant For Thinking Otherwise

This is a very lively discussion, ask any Patriots fans and they agree but ask any other fan whose team plays in the AFC and they would say otherwise. Love or hate Brady I think there is at least one common ground all fans can come to is that Tom Brady is the best quarterback we have seen since 2000.

Tom Brady entered the NFL in 2000, which seems like a lifetime ago and sounds weird to type out “2000”, anyways. Brady was drafted in the sixth round 199 overall. He was one of the last 100 players to be drafted in that year but has become the best player of that 2000 draft class and on.

Currently Brady sits 4th all-time in passing yards (70,154), third in passing touchdowns (517), has five Super-Bowl rings (most among any QB), four Super Bowl MVP’s (most among any QB), has the fifth most completions among all QB’s (6,004). Brady has been in the top-five for passing yards and touchdowns ever since he began his run in the NFL. He has a QB rating of 97.6 in his career, a 64 percent completion parentage in his career, averages 262.1 passing yards in his career. While doing so, most of his best years and last three Super Bowls have come in the last five years at the ages of 36-41 years old.

Therefore if you are a Brady hater or dislike Brady on any level you are probably (A) a Jets, Dolphins, Bills, Steelers, Ravens, Chargers or Chiefs fan (B) are a 30-40-year-old wash up and never actually amounted to much in life after being the “high school football star” (C) probably have listened to the media way too many times and are easily swayed in one direction (D) never actually competed in anything in your life/never played sports (F) Your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/dad/mom probably said Brady sucks so you agree (G) are an ignorant person and cannot appreciate greatness when it is in front of you.

I am an Eagles fan, and the Eagles lost to Brady in the Super Bowl and beat him in the Super Bowl. But the fact the guy is in his 9th Super Bowl, his fifth in eight years and is 41-years-old still wining games, destroying the AFC, leading QB’s in passing yards, still the best player on his team and showing no signs of slowing down from year one to nineteen is incredible. Not to mention his switch to vegan mid-career and still being one of the best.

Brady faces an awful lot of criticism for being one of the greatest, if not THE greatest of all-time. It is sad to see people hating on someone for every good thing they do right. And cheer against someone whenever they do something great. Also he is a great role model off the field for young players, seems like a respectable father and husband, an all-around grade A guy that faces way to much heat for being so good. I mean just recently he went out of his way to go and congratulate and say how much he admires Patrick Mahomes after the AFC Championship game. If you deny any argument in this article or dislike Tom Brady. You’re an idiot.

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