The New England Patriots Are NOT Underdogs in Super Bowl LIII vs Los Angeles Rams

It almost feels as if the Los Angeles Rams have already lost the Super Bowl. I really do not, for the life of me understand how the Patriots and their fans can continue this underdog story line.

Under dogs? How can a five-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and Bill Belichick be considered Super Bowl under dogs? Not to mention, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski and the other slew of Patriots players with Super Bowl experience. The Patriots are going into a game where the Rams have one of the youngest coaches in sports, a young Jared Goff, a young Todd Gurley and overall an inexperienced defense and offense.

Looking at the graphic above, can someone tell me how the Patriots can even be considered under dogs?

Regular season numbers Patriots vs Rams

The Rams finished the regular season with a 13-3 record, 527 points scored for, 6,738 total yards of offense, 6.4 yards per offensive play, 19 team turnovers lost, 368/568 of passes completed, 4,507 passing yards, 32 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, 2,231 rushing yards, 23 rushing touchdowns and 4.9 rushing yards per attempt.


The Patriots 11-5, two more loses and two less wins, wow! 436 points for (91 point difference) 6,295 total yards (443 yard difference), 5.9 yards per offensive play (.5 difference), 18 team turnovers lost (1 difference), 378/574 of completed passes (Patriots 65% vs Rams 64%), 4,258 passing yards (249 yard difference), 29 touchdowns (3 TD difference) 11 interceptions, 2,037 rushing yards (194 yard difference), 18 rushing touchdowns (5 RTD difference), 4.3 rushing yards per attempt (.6 difference).

OK, now take a moment to look over these numbers and tell me how in god the Rams are so MUCH better than the Patriots. These are regular season numbers alone too, not even talking the playoffs. The Rams by no means dominated the Patriots in terms of numbers in the regular season.

Playoff numbers Patriots vs Rams

Let’s look at playoff numbers than, fine if you asked for it!! 

The Patriots have a 71.1 percent completion percentage, 691 yards, 7.7 average passing yards, 345.5 passing yards per game, two touchdowns and two interceptions, 38 first downs, 39 points per game and 78 points total, 331 rushing yards, 4.0 average rushing yards, 165.5 rushing yards per game, and eight rushing touchdowns.


The Rams 59.4 percent completion percentage, 487 passing yards, 7.2 passing yards per play, 243.5 passing yards per game, one touchdown and one interception, 25 first downs, 28 points per game and 56 points total. 350 rushing yards, 4.7 rushing yards per play, 175 rushing yards per game, and four rushing touchdowns.

Patriots are NOT underdogs, stop.

The Patriots clearly are better than the Rams in the playoffs in the air and about equal on the ground. The best advantage the Rams have is their defensive line and linebackers. If the Rams can pressure Brady, have their front four-five press all game and cause chaos and Brady to move out of the pocket than yes the Rams can win this game. A lot easier said than done. The Rams are not going to out play the Patriots on the offensive side of the ball, the Patriots will manage the clock as they always do, they will make timely first down plays, run the ball and pass the ball equally well and probably dominate the Rams in terms total yards.

After looking at these numbers from the regular season and playoffs, looking at the Patriots Super Bowl/playoff experience, Belichick vs McVay, the story line of Gronkowski probably playing his last game in the NFL, Brady nearing the end of his career and looking at the POSSIBILITY of this being his last Super Bowl. The Patriots being in their fourth Super Bowl in five years.

I think you have to be on crack to think the Patriots are even the SLIGHTEST bit of under dogs heading into this game.

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