Why Exactly The Pierre McGuire And Kendall Coyne Encounter On NBC Rivalry Night Went Viral…

If you are not aware of what occurred Wednesday night during the Pittsburgh Penguins vs Tampa Bay Lightning game here is a brief run down. Pierre McGuire the on-ice between the boards analyst was the usual Pierre McGuire beloved hockey fans know. Except he one-upped himself this time. Pierre was accompanied Wednesday night by Kendall Coyne Schofield. Coyne is a USA National Women’s Hockey team gold-medalist (5x), World Championship All-Star, World Juniors top player, the accolades run endless for this women’s hockey superstar. More recently Coyne joined the NHL All-Star game skills competition in place for Nathan MacKinnon during the fastest skater competition which she recorded a 14.346 time, milliseconds behind Connor McDavid.

As you can tell Kendall Coyne Schofield has a history of being a pretty amazing hockey player and has competed on the national level numerous times, not to mention she is a Northeastern D1 Women’s Hockey player and graduate, and a member of the Minnesota Whitecaps of the NWHL(National Women’s Hockey League). Therefore if you know anything about this women you would know she knows hockey pretty well and knows it probably better than most analyst. Yet, Pierre McGuire that bald-headed, rat looking freak had to ruin the women’s moment on national television. Below is going to be a video of Coyne and McGuire’s encounter during the game that is being spoken about.

SHEESH, Pierre, make it any more awkward. “We’re paying you to be an analyst, not a fan tonight.” On top of deliberately pointing out where the two teams are. As if she does not know who the Lightning or Penguins are nor what bench the home and away benches are. Credit to Coyne though for holding up so well after that encounter and not making a disgusted facial expression. As you can tell the encounter was horrid. Some people have come to Pierre’s defense saying Pierre made a joke because Kendall Coyne said the experience was overwhelming. Well, no cr*p the experience is overwhelming, it is her first time on national television being an analyst you are not going to walk in there and be all relaxed, mellow, mono-tone. If that is Pierre’s way of making a joke or easing the tension, god help him. Maybe a “no worries, let’s get into it, be yourself, what do you have to say for tonight’s match up?” Not “Tampa is over here, Pittsburgh is over here!”

A lot of people are saying oh because Coyne is a female it is a big-deal, well yeah absolutely. That does not discredit the fact that Pierre McGuire completely treated this situation poorly. Yeah we know the #metoo movement, women being more involved in a “man’s society” that is a major reason this has broke viral and has been such a big deal but that still does not deny the fact that Pierre McGuire is a terrible analyst, and continues to be public enemy number one for his terrible commentating and awkward and gut-wrenching encounters with players and other media personal.

I totally agree this is getting blown out of proportion and it is not such a big deal and I am not on Pierre’s side one bit, I am just defending the fact that more people need to be aware of their surroundings, their audience and the people with them. Kendall Coyne is one of the best women hockey players in the world, I don’t think that was a necessary way for Pierre to go about “easing her overwhelming feelings” the way he did.

Below is Pierre McGuire’s statement following the incident

“I’ve known Kendall for years and have had the privilege of covering her as a member of Team USA at the past two Winter Olympics,” McGuire said in the statement. “We were all thrilled to have her join our coverage last night, but at times my excitement got the better of me and I should have chosen my words better. I have the utmost respect for Kendall as a world-class player, analyst of the game, and role model.”

Kendall Coyne did release her own statement after about the whole situation, and showed some true professionalism and some true heart and back bone. Any women could have taken what Pierre did and spun it to be an attack against women. But Kendall did not, which shows another example of how she is such an amazing role model and example for all young women out there.

“I’ve known Pierre McGuire for years. I know he respects me as a hockey player, a woman, and a friend and that is why I didn’t think twice about our on-air exchange when it happened,” Coyne said in a statement on Twitter. “I didn’t give it a second thought until after the game when I received countless messages. I went back and looked at the video. I understand why people would think it was inappropriate; if I were watching it at home and saw a man say this to a woman athlete, I would have been offended. But what I also know is how excited Pierre was for me and to be a part of this moment. While I wish it came out differently, I know Pierre doesn’t question my hockey knowledge.”

Not to mention she broke the game down pretty well when she spoke to Mike Millbury and other analyst after the first period.

All in all Kendall Coyne Schofield has had a roller coaster of a week. From the All-Stars competition to NBC Analyst and now this. Anyways, amazing job by Coyne in the All-Star game and NBC analyst gig. The situation is not as big as it needs to be, but Pierre McGuire is something else and this is my opinion/take on the whole encounter.


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