Trevor Lawrence Shoves Kid To Floor During Intramural Basketball Game

I applaud Trevor Lawrence for this kind of compete level and disrespect for kids on the court that think it’s game seven of the NBA Championship. But Lawrence did make this kid go viral and whoever this kid is will forever be known as the kid who got tossed by Lawrence for setting a pick.

This is why some kids should not be allowed to play Intramural sports, the try-hard who set screens not even in the offensive zone. The kid who set a pick on Trevor Lawrence set the pick as the other team (not Lawrence’s) was heading up the court, therefore he set a pick in the back court. Lawrence may have overreacted but still this kid definitely is taking a little too serious.

I think the reason this has gone a little mainstream is because it is a five-star recruit playing Intramural basketball, the QB of a big school who just upset Alabama in the National Championship pushing another kid in an pick up game. Usually we see this type of stuff from the high-school wanna-bee’s who think they could of went D1 if they just got their chance. We typically do not see this stuff from a D1 Football player at a big school, playing on the best team in the nation. Either way I tip my cap to Lawrence. If I was him in this situation I would have done the same thing. It’s unusual to see D1 NCAAF players show a little personality outside of football, therefore I don’t mind stuff like this.

The best part about this is Lawrence commented on one of the videos posted to Instagram saying:

“He wanted to talk the whole game lol. Still probably unnecessary. Sorry folks. #ROYTeam”

Yeah, 1000% good enough apology for me. Carry on.

All in all, have to tip my cap to Lawrence. Even off the field and not playing for a National Championship his competitive drive is there. From my stand point it shows he clearly wants to win another championship this season. I do not know the truth behind this but he could be gunning for the only QB to win a National Championship and Intramural Championship in the same year.

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