Carter Hart Pulled In Second Consecutive Game… Flyers Fans Don’t Panic

It was another rough game for Carter Hart and the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers lost 5-1 to Montreal Thursday night and lost to 5-2 to Tampa Bay. Granted these are two good Atlantic division teams but still back to back games allowing five goals and Hart getting pulled is not good.

Carter Hart got pulled in Tampa Bay after allowing three goals on nine shots and Thursday night vs Montreal again allowing three goals on nine shots. Carter Hart has now lost two straight games and has been pulled within 10 minutes of the game in back to back starts.

Is there concern from Flyer fans? Probably they are notoriously known as the most knee-jerk reaction fans of them all. Either way the Flyers need to pump the brakes on Hart a little they have been over-using him thus far and it is starting to catch up to him. Yes, he is a very good goalie and has a bright future but they need to be smart with him now. He is young with a ton of potential there is no need he should be trying to make a playoff push for the Flyers. Realistically (and I know most Flyers fans aren’t) if Flyers do SQUEAK into the playoffs they are going to be bounced in the first round.

Since being called up in December 18th Hart has played in 22 games. Of the Flyers 30 games played since December 18th, Hart has started in 22 of them. That is way to heavy of a work load for a young, first-time goaltender. Now that Hart has been pulled in back to back games and has only lasted 10-minutes in both games, allowing some pretty soft goals needs to take a break, sit down, watch some game film, practice and continue to work on his weak areas instead of being thrown into the fire right now expecting to propel the Flyers into a playoff position.

If the Flyers continue to overuse Hart this could be detrimental to his mental toughness/mental health. Hart needs to take a break, watch Cam Talbot/Brian Elliott and slowly get back into the crease. The Flyers have Pittsburgh, Columbus and Buffalo to finish the month. If he starts one of those games I’d be surprised.

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