What Is The Trade Market For Antonio Brown?

So it seems, Antonio Brown is 100% on the next bus out of Pittsburgh. Brown has been very vocal on Twitter and Instagram. He held an Instagram live video the other day and has been pretty active on Twitter voices his opinions on why he wants out in Pittsburgh and the whole situation.

Now with that said. What is the market for Antonio Brown? Clearly he is going to be traded, clearly teams are going to be interested in him. But, what will teams be looking to give the Steelers for the top, if not the best pass-catching WR in the NFL.

I would have to assume based of Antonio Browns numbers from last year and his career he will cost a first round pick (or two) if it is not two first round picks it would probably be a 1st, 3rd, high-level prospect (someone like a JuJu) and another offensive player.

Browns recent seasons:


Some teams that are 100% going to be in the market when the time comes are the New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers, Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns the reason these are the top teams right now because they have the most cap space and with the addition of Antonio Brown a team will have to be ready to fork over a hefty contract for Brown.

If and when Brown does get traded can we except a trade that would look like:

  • Two 1st round picks, a 3rd round pick, a young top-prospect WR and a WR2/WR3

As of now there is nothing that is being rumored around Brown about where he is going and what the offer sheet is but this is just speculation.

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