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Names JJ Santagata, I am Senior Communications; Journalism major. I have been heavily invested in sports since diapers. Played every sport imaginable but hockey compares like no other.  Spewing out fantasy hockey/football advice to the fans, NHL picks is my game. Follow along with all content! I play on the line but never over it.


Eric Bozzi, I am a Senior Mathematics major in which I utilize my mathematics skills to work on advanced analytics for the NHL (AKA Corsi God). Hockey and sports in general is in my blood having a long line of baseball players in my family and being the first to play ice hockey and falling in love immediately. I follow anything numbers related since I am a verified nerd. Follow my content to learn more about NHL news, NHL statistics, and much more. If it has numbers I will like it, and I love making big claims


My name is Mark Fisher and I am a Junior at Rider University. I study Sport Management and Marketing. Sports has been in my blood for as long as I can remember. Becoming exposed and involved within all different sports communities when I was younger really made me love the atmosphere of the sports world. Baseball, soccer, basketball, you name it. Hockey is the one sport I am still currently playing competitively at Rider.

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