Author: Conner Fox

2-0 Avs beat Canadiens on home ice

Sheeeeeesh! Last night’s game was stressful. 0-0 going into the second period. I think the Canadiens had maybe a billion good chances to score on Varly leading to the point where Carl Soderberg scored the first goal for the. The Canadiens outshot the Avalanche 44-25. It is funny how that happens. The Canadiens absolutely take it to the Avalanche. The Avalanche cannot get out of their own way and end up shutting out he Canadiens. All credit goes to Varly. He earned his first win and first star of 2018 with a 44 save performance to shutout the Canadiens.

Both of the Goals scored by the Avs were easily stoppable if Niemi had been in position. The first goal was a rap around goal by Carl Soderberg (11). Niemi simply was not ready for the wrap. His stick was out of position and Carl was able to slide the puck 5-hole.

After a barrage of 3rd period shots and a 5 on 3 for the Canadiens the Avalanche sealed the game off a defensive zone turnover by the Canadiens with this Alexander Kerfoot goal, his 14th on the year. Niemi could have made the save on this shot too, the shot wasn’t a punishing shot. Niemi simply lost track of the puck as it bounced around front and Kerfoot ended up putting it in the back of the net.

I would say that the Avalanche did not deserve to win this game as a team, but Varly it. He stopped breakaways and a plethora of shots from high quality scoring locations.

Also this was pretty interesting play last night for the Avs. Refs apparently did not realize how delayed penalties worked.

I was wrong yesterday Niemi got the nod last night for Montreal, instead of Carey Price.

One last thing, in the post game interview with Varlamov there was a lot that could of been said about Bernier. He played great and really stepped up for the team when Varly was hurt and I have not seen him getting a lot of recognition and something could have been said. That is all.



Los Canadiens Game 56

Hopefully we are back in the driver’s seat tonight!

This evening in Denver, we have the Montreal Canadiens taking on your Colorado Avalanche! Big time tilt again. At this point in the season every single game is so important. Middle of the pack teams are jockeying for playoff spots. Thats what we have here tonight, thats what we have earned here tonight, talking big games here people.

The Montreal Canadiens, despite having beaten the Avalanche in their last meeting have been struggling all season long. Through 55 games they have amassed only 51 points and sit 26th in the overall league standings. The Canadiens are a weird team. For the passed couple years they have been floating at the bottom of the league. They are weird because the key components of their team have not changed much from when they were one of the top teams in the league only two years ago (2015-2016). If you go back and look at the last five years they alternate from being one of the best and one of the worst teams. Even last year they won the Atlantic Division,but this year they can’t seem to get it together, with no huge changes being made. Typically you see teams trend in one direction at a time, you don’t usually see seismographic trending.


I think the Canadiens have the tools to be one of the best teams in the league and where they are in the standings is very confusing. I don’t know where they go wrong every other year but tonight we should maybe find something out. This game is going to be a crap shoot. Neither team is playing consistently enough to make an educated guess on the outcome.

I feel like the Avs are playing out of trend at a 4-5-1 record in their last ten. The Candiens are playing true to their record also at 4-5-1 in their last ten. I am expecting a high scoring affair in Denver tonight. The Avalanche tend to score a lot at home but we will see with Price in net.

Canadiens will be without Weber, Shaw, and Danault tonight, virtually the same roster they had when the Avalanche played them last-time.

Gabriel Bourque wearing an A, if their is anyone on this team that deserves it for his play it’s Bourque. I have mentioned many times on here that he is my favorite person who got called up this year and I hope he stays for the foreseeable future. Another one of my favorite call-ups is coming up from San-Antonio. That’s Rocco Grimaldi ladies and gentlemen. The little speedster is due for a goal at the NHL level and I’m expecting one tonight.

Big news yesterday was that Nathan MacKinnon was on ice for practice in a “non-contact” jersey so things are going to being trending up for the Avs coming soon, hopefully.

Varly is in between the pipes!

Avs W 5-2



St. Louis Blues, again. Game 53

So tonight (2/8) the Avalanche are going to be taking on the Saint Louis blues, again.

They play this team way too much. These are uneasy games because the Blues are a team that the Avalanche don’t match up well against. They have size and speed, too much to handle. We are still going to be missing the top line for what it seems like Mikko Rantanen is a maybe for today, that means Colin Wilson and Alexander Kerfoot on the first line again. I’m expecting the same kind of game from St. Louis, why change anything if its not broken. Last time these two faced-off the blues handled the Avs well and pumped the net full. We gotta watch out for Vlad, Statsny, Steen, Schenn, and everyone.

I will say last game the secondary scoring lines really came to play. The Avs don’t really have a pure checking line, they are very skilled throughout the lineup. So its not really surprising that the guys got a few by Martin Jones of San Jose. It was nice seeing Tyson Jost getting on the board more than once and lets hope he can keep it up.

I am happy to say that Jonathan Bernier will be getting the nod tonight instead of Varly. This is good because he looks more composed than Varly and he is winning. Varly needs to ease his way back into the starting lineup, possibly split time with Bernie for a bit until begets he sea legs. I’m visualizing a trade in the near future for Varlymov.

The Avs sit behind the Minnesota Wild one point out of a playoff spot with a game in hand. The Blues still hold on to the 3rd spot in the central and have played consistently to maintain their position.

I’m not expecting much from the Avalanche tonight. I am not expecting a win. If they want to win the secondary scoring is going to have to step up.

Avs lose 3-1 or maybe even 4-1


Live Article: San Jose Sharks vs Colorado Avalanche 9 pm

The Avalanche are finding themselves at home for the first time in a long time. They are in a stretch of the season where they have 16 games, of which 3 are home. A dire situation for the Avalanche who are flirting with a playoff position. Tune in at 9 to see how the Avalanche fair.

MacKinnon is still out today he has missed the last two games with what I suspect to be a separated shoulder. Rantanen is also out tonight with a UBI as of yesterday. The Sharks will be missing Joe Thornton this evening.

The first line for the Avs will be Kerfoot, Wilson and Landeskog. This should be a doozy,  Also Bernier is going to be starting tonight so yeah, I’m expecting a loss.

1st Period Updates

There are about a billion AHL caliber players running around out on the ice again and its driving me crazy.

Bernier has been busy for the first couple of minutes so far but he looks more composed than Varly did when he came back. Not looking very good for the Avalanche so far, they are barely fending off the Sharks.

Zadorov has been getting really comfortable in his position and is really starting to bring the noise on some bodies.

Avs Outshot 14-3

0-0 after the first twenty minutes of play.

2nd Period Updates

The first line tonight has to be Nieto, Comeau, and Soderberg. They are the clear number two line with Rantanen and Mackinnon in the lineup.

GOAL! Gabriel Bourque! (3rd) My favorite call-up off a 2-1 with J.T. Compher. The Avalanche get the all-important first goal of a 0-0 game!

GOAL! Tyson Jost!! (4th) absolute ripper top shelf on Martin Jones. Fakes the pass to JT Comphre and just slings the puck upstairs. 2-0

This is a completely different team this period. Pretty typical of the Avalanche to have a strong second period. They are fourth in the league when it comes second period goals.

Joel Ward (5th) banks one of the Camera at the top of the net and after a video review we have a good goal. 2-1

3rd Period Updates

The Avalanche have 12 shots on nets far this game.

The Avalanche are back on their heels again for the first 5 minutes of the period. periodically launching an odd-man-rush but not sustained offense.

Did Colin Wilson score!? lets review! Amazing call by Wes Mccauley and incredible defensive play by Timo Meier to keep it a one goal game.

10:00 minutes left

Sharks are still on the full assault would not be surprised if the Sharks score soon. Its like wave after wave of offense.

Ava are making the best of the counter attack generating some chances but have not been able to capitalize.

Once again Bernier is being incredible.


Shots 35-18 in favor of the Sharks

JT Compher’s speed stat in NHL18 better be atleast a 92, almost blew the doors off of Burns before he even realized what was going on. I get scared every time Burns tees up a shot this game needs to be over already.

San Jose Empty Net

Bernier stones Couture in the slot!! with 31.1 seconds left. time to close out the game.

JT Compher (11) with the full ice empty net turn around slapper!

My 3 stars

1st Star- Bernier 38 saves

2nd Star- Jost 1G (GWG), 1A

3rd Star- Compher 1G, 1A

I did not think the Avalanche were going to win in the slightest.

3-1 W





Not much to see here

Saturday the Avalanche took on the Winnipeg Jet’s in Winnipeg. 3-0 Jets

Last night was all Winnipeg and I don’t think anyone was expecting anything less. The Avalanche without their top-end talent can’t really compete with the likes of Dustin Byfuglien, Blake Wheeler, and Patrick Laine. Despite not having Mark Scheiffele, a perennial 70ish point scorer, the Jet’s had this game in the bag before the puck was dropped. The three goals the Jets scored, one being with an empty net came off their top guys sticks. The first…

Patrick Laine’s Goal  His 24th, Laine has been pretty quite for some reason this year, he is doing well in the scoring category but he is not garnering a lot of attention from the media. Like the media the avalanche neglected him leaving his passing lane wide open for the first PPG of the game.

Jack Roslovic 2nd goal of the season comes off the blade of Blake Wheeler and bouncing off Jack Roslovic’s butt and bouncing over Varly for the second goal of the game.

The final goal was scored by Nikolaj Ehlers his 20th of the season on a steal with an open net in our defensive zone.

Last night was Semyon Varlamov’s first game back in between the pipes for the Avs after a brief reprieve due to a groin injury. It looked like he was uncomfortable for most of the game. Pucks were squeezing through areas later to be covered up by Varly or chipped towards the boards by the defense. Varlamov did not have a solid game but he did enough work to probably feel comfortable with his next start. Though no one can blame a goalie in a shutout loss for the game.

I think last night may have shown the Avs why they are not a top tier team. They were bullied and muscled off the puck a ton and without MacKinnon they did not find the back of the net once. MacK changes the whole dynamic of the game with his speed and shot. Not having to respect that makes the game simpler for opposing teams. The Avs can fair well against worse teams when Nate is out of the lineup but taking shots at the top of the league is a different monster.

Hopefully last nights loss galvanizes them for their next game, which is at home, against the Sharks. It is a much needed win after going 2-3-1 over the last six games.

Time to regroup


Avalanche lock up two points in Edmonton

Before we get into the nitty gritty tonight the Avalanche play in Edmonton which is close to where Avalanche forward Tyson Jost grew up with his Grandfather, father was out of the picture. His grandfather did everything he could to get Tyson to this point in the NHL and he has become Colorado’s favorite Grandpa. His Grandpa even moved to Kelowna so Tyson can play in the Program of excellence there. Introducing Grandpa Jost.

Here is his Grandfather after his first goal as an Avalanche in front of his Grandfather. Stay tuned to the end.

Good team effort some unfortunate bounces going the way of the Oilers but the Avalanche played a good game locking up 2 points. Last night the avalanche jumped back into the second wild card spot in the west. The game was a rollercoaster. The first period was very back and forth, but in the second the Avs took over scoring three goals to the Oilers one. The scoring started with a great decision by Nikita Zadorov jumping up into the play and driving to the slot and sends the puck passed Montoya.

Nikita Zadorov scores his fourth of the season.

Later on in the second period the Avs found themselves on the power play for the only time this game. This is a penalty kill that the Avalanche can take advantage of and guess what Samuel Girard ends up ripping a bomb top shelf on Montoya. His first for the Avalanche

Sam Girard scores

Connor Mcdavid scores his 16th. I mean what the hell is that? The kid plays the game on easy mode. unreal goal nothing to see here though. Oilers home penalty kill still a problem for the team, is it mental? Are you Mental?hqg-17

nearly 50% effective rate. Easily the worst in the league by a lot.

How do you call the first Drake Caggiulla goal a goal? I don’t think anyone knows what a goal is anymore. How do you even say its a goal that forces the avalanche to risk a penalty to question the refs on their wrong call, kind of ridiculous if you ask me. Actually the no goal call put Ranatanen in the box anyway so lose-lose.. NVM as I’m writing this Comeau(10) danced Klefbom and stuffs it home for the 5000th franchise goal here! Thats three shorties on the season for Blake. 29 seconds left in the second period and you score? Absolute dagger. You score a shorty in the last minute? Call an undertaker because by the end of the third the body is going to be rotting. #liveblog maybe not this game though.(written after Mcdavid tied it to go to overtime)

Looks like Drake Caggiula scores on the double deflection and gets his first of the game. It’s funny how that works out Avs lead oilers 3-2. The last goal that got called back against the Avalanche was the Auston Matthews’ goal in Toronto, he then scored directly after it too. A little food for thought. I was really hoping the goal got back because #goavsgo it looks like the goal goes off the glove of Caggiula but whatever.

With the goalie pulled the one and only Connor Mcdavid nets his 17th goal of the season to tie the game with 30 seconds left in the third period. Mcdcvid scores posted up on a sharp angle finding a rebound off the shot of Russel  from the point.

JTTTTTTJJTTJJTT COMPHER OT winner!!! huge steal by Tyson Barrie from Al Montoya, absolutely huge. Second game without MacKinnon and they still manage to get points in both games, unbelievable stuff here from the boys in white tonight.

Did the Avs do it without MacK? yes they did. Even though the Oilers are one of the worst teams in the league this year. The Avalanche found a way to win in OT Mcdavid was gassed after the game and couldn’t do much and the boys took advantage of it. On the real side of this, that is games in a row the Avs blow a late lead for the game to OT. There needs to be a level of composure that comes with the lead going into the third and this is a small sample size but a trend I’m worried about. It bares some resemblance to last year and if your familiar with hockey you understand what last year was like. Some positives from the game, Other than the goals the defense activated well in the offensive zone and got involved in driving the net and creating passing lanes forcing the Oilers defense to stay on their toes.

Ava next game is up in Winnipeg tomorrow. Hopefully the Avs take some time to rest. They are taking on the leader in the Central in what looks like a must win game. Couple nice saves for Montoya Bernier’s whole highlight real is going consist of robbing people on the back door.



Avalanche Lose Again

Last night the Avalanche took on the Vancouver Canucks and lost, but in OT. This is a bad Vancouver team, they have been bad for some time now. 3 game losing streak. The Avalanche once again went down 2-0, same deal as when they lost to the Canadiens and the St. Louis Blues. Thats three games in a row where they had to surmount a 2 goal deficit.

The first goal was scored by Bo Horvat (11) on a semi breakaway brought to us by and little bit of an over commitment by Tyson Barrie and an inability to get the puck deep by Tyson Jost. Barrie just needs to get back in the flow of things while Jost is still growing so you cant really harp too much on this goal.

The second goal of the game also by the Vancouver Canucks was scored by MDZ (Michael Del Zotto) his third goal of this year’s campaign. This shot was very savable but beats Bernier short side off the cross bar and in. There was what looked like a screen but the puck had already passed by Yakupov when he would have been in the way. It looked like a basic miss from Bernier.

The second period again is where the Avalanche started to play well again. The avalanche scored three goals in the second period all in the similar fashion.

JT Compher goal (9)

Gabriel Landeskog (18)

Gabriel Landeskog (19)

Each goal was a rebound goal, with MacKinnon likely out Avs need to focus on net front presence. It worked well in this game, people driving the net and picking up the scraps. Goals all look the same on the scoreboard. MacK will not be playing in Edmonton. Its good that Barrie is back now more than ever. He has a unique brand of offense that adds a different dimension to the game. That is something the Avs are going to need moving forward because I don’t know how long MacKinnon will be out. By the looks of this it, might be a while. I’m guessing a should separation (AC joint) but I’m not a professional.

The Canucks ended up tying the game up on the PP on a goal from Daniel Sedin (12) assisted by Henrik Sedin, which is something I was hoping i did not have to write after what I said yesterday.

After Bernier’s performance tonight, Does Hammond get in a game? I think he deserves a shot, 3 out of the 4 goals last night shouldn’t have gone in, including the over time goal by Sven Baertschi (11).

Some side notes; Beoser is a legitimate threat, takes Ovi’s spot on the PP. He can fire and dish the puck, plus even the way he moves with the puck you can tell he is deadly. Sedin’s can still find seems and pass on the power play very well even for 37 year olds. The Avalanche have fallen out of the second wild card spot for the time being but they are back one point to the Minnesota wild but the Avs still have a game at hand.

On Thursday the Avalanche take on Edmonton and try to stop the bleeding. They are riding a 3 game losing streak and need to find a new way to score with their Leading point scorer sidelined.