Quarterfinal Prediction / Take

The First Round just rounded out with some great games were witnessed as teams gave it their all in order to proceed to the next round; taking another step further towards deciding who will be crowned this year’s National Champions.

Prediction Recap

Released earlier in the week, my predictions went 7-1.

The scores were scattered all over the place but the general decisions were more or so correct. Each team in the tourney has a shot of winning the title, making this year’s Quarterfinal a must see.

Saturday, May 19th

#6 Loyola vs. #3 Yale

Both are great teams here. Yale played a great UMASS team and came out the victor as the Bulldogs battled to score on Sean Sconone as he who made 10 saves to keep UMASS in the game.

Loyola kept the pace against Virginia, setting a lead at half 10-5. A late Virginia surge was stopped as Loyola went on to win 14-12.

Loyola’s offense has been great all season. The Loyola defense has to be locked down if they want to beat that dynamic Yale team. I’m going with another close game, but I’ll go with Yale to advance to the Semis. 15-13

Denver vs. #2 Albany

This will be another great game. Denver should be buzzing off their upset against Norte Dame.

If the Pios can find a way to stop that Great Dane offense, they’ll be able to win. However, I don’t think that will be the case.

Albany will also be up against Trevor Baptiste, the best Face-Off player in the country. He will matchup nicely against TD Ierlan, who is widely considered the #2 to Baptiste. It will be a true battle of who will win the face offs considering the legitimacy of both specialists. I’m going with Albany. 13-8

Sunday, May 20th

Cornell vs. #1 Maryland

Cornell is coming off an amazing win at the Dome, knocking off a talented ranked Syracuse team. Cornell played lights out, capitalizing on Syracuse’s mistakes.

Maryland did not have an easy game against Robert Morris University.

Being outplayed by a hungrier team is not something the talented Terps are used too.

RMU took a 6-3 lead to half as the Terps looked shell shocked by the effort RMU had given them, winning on offense and defense against the nationally ranked #1 Maryland team.

Maryland stormed back scoring 6 in the third, out-scoring RMU 6-1. It was all Maryland from that point as they went in to win 14-11, closer than everyone expected. If Maryland comes off lazy against Cornell, we could be looking at another major upset. I don’t think Maryland will come out that flat again. It will be a great game but Maryland should bounce back against a very good Cornell team. Maryland 13-10

If Jeff Teat isn’t contained, the Terps will have a tough matchup ahead.

#5 Johns Hopkins vs #4 Duke

Duke controlled the game against Villanova the entire way, going up 11-4 at half and ultimately winning the contest 17-11.

Hopkins is coming off a tight comeback win against Georgetown in OT. JHU underestimated the firepower that G-town has.

Down 8-3, Johns Hopkins found the will to win to tie it at 9-9, winning it in OT from Shack Stanwick.

Duke is looking real good. I don’t believe Hop has what it takes the beat the juggernaut that is Duke Lacrosse. It’ll be a battle of offenses, but Duke should win this one. I’ll go 14-10

First Round Predictions for the NCAA D1 Men’s Lacrosse Championship

Diving into a sport that some of you may not know of, Lacrosse baby.

We are finally at the time of the year where the D1 Men’s Lax bracket has been established. Some great matchups early on will make some of these predictions tougher than I thought it would be..

Saturday May 12th

#1 Maryland vs. Canisus/RMU

Maryland Here. Too nasty on O, D, Goalie, and FOGO. I think RMU will beat Canisus, but lose to Maryland 12-5. #1 seed for the past 4 years. Talk about a powerhouse

#4 Duke vs. Villanova

A good game to watch but I’ll go with Duke 13-8. Duke should come out ready to go

#5 Johns Hopkins vs. Georgetown

Close game here. Hopkins coming off a massive dub against #1 Maryland, but G-Town also coming off with a massive dub against Denver. I’m going Hopkins 14-13.

#8 Syracuse vs. Cornell

Cornell won the IVY upsetting #3 Yale in an impressive fashion. If they play with the same intensity against Cuse, it’ll be close. 13-10 Syracuse.

Sunday May 13th

#3 Yale vs. UMASS

I think it’ll be a good game. I’m going with Yale 12-8.

#7 Notre Dame Vs. Denver

Could be the best game on the docket. I’m going with an upset, Denver over ND 11-10 in OT.

#2 Albany vs. Richmond

Richmond is a very good program, Albany just has too many weapons + Colarusso is a brick wall. I’m going with the Danes 14-5. Tehoka Nanticoke is an absolute monster. If you don’t watch lacrosse, watch #1 in white come Sunday.

#6 Loyola MD vs. UVA

Loyola at home should have the advantage here. Another good game. Going Loyola 14-10

Should be an exciting first round, my personal favorite North Carolina didn’t make it this year so I have to find another team to support to make it all the way. I’m going with Maryland to probably win it all. But I’ll be rooting for Albany considering I’d love to see Connor Fields grab a ring in his final year.

Celtics/76ers Series Take

The Boston Celtics open up the semifinals against the Philly 76ers, setting up for a surely epic matchup.

After the past 10 games, the 76ers are 7-3 going up against the Celts who posted a 6-4 run the last 10.

The Celtics square up decently against the 76ers, but they will really need find that dominant player on the offensive side of the ball.


The 76ers offense moves at its smoothest with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, which does not poise well for the injury prone Celtics already playing without Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, and possibly Jaylen Brown. Players like Terry Rozier, and Jayson Tatum, give the Celtics hope each game with massive contributions from the other starters and role players.

If the Celts were healthy I’d say the Celts in 6 but unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

If the Celtics do play without Jaylen Brown, then the 76ers should have no problem beating the Celts barring any late minute comebacks. With Kyrie, the Celtics would be even better, making a harder push against the 76ers which is amazing considering the Celtics are already good without all their star pieces missing. The Celtics are a great team and hopefully prove me wrong.

I can see the Sixers losing early to the Celts due to the home court advantage. The young Sixers will be nervous, trying to combat the crowd and the solid play that the Celtics can give teams, especially at home. I still think the 76ers will pull out the victory in game 1.

At some point the 76ers will slip up due to their youth (maybe Game 1) but I’m going with the 76ers in 6 here.

The Sixers seem to always start the game as the underdog, trailing in the first half but it’s always W at the end of the game.


Game 1 in Boston – 76ers

Game 2 in Boston – Celtics

Game 3 in Philly – 76ers

Game 4 in Philly – 76ers

Game 5 in Boston – Celtics

Game 6 in Boston – 76ers

Reaction to the 2018 NFL Draft Round 1

It certainly was an eventful Thursday Night. The NFL Draft felt kind of different this year, considering there was 5 QB’s taken in the first round, 4 being top picks.

The BROWNS drafted Baker Mayfield which surprised some fans wether they were Browns fans or other fans. It makes sense to me. With adding Jarvis Landry to an already set Josh Gordon, I think Baker will actually develop into a great QB. Baker could be the answer the Browns have been long searching for. He reminds me of Russell Wilson. Small, mobile, underrated. He has earned his hardware, but I think he can make the transition to a valued QB. I give it a A-

The GIANTS pulled the trigger on Saquon Barkley, which didn’t surprise me one bit. The man was wearing Giants apparel a month before the draft I’m pretty sure. It was so clear, the Giants don’t need a QB this year. If the G-men are committed to continuing to building around Eli, then adding Barkley should have been a no brainer. This keeps Defenses off balanced in situations accounting for Barkley on the ground, and OBJ/Shepard over the middle. Great pick. A+

The JETS passed on Josh Rosen with the 3rd overall and took Sam Darnold from USC. Sam Darnold was the highest rated prospect in this years class at the QB position. I think he needs to be polished heavily to become a great QB to compete in the NFL. I think Rosen will still be great, but Darnold will need some prep. Threw a ton of interceptions and fumbled the ball a lot, I’m a skeptic, real hard considering like Darrelle Revis; I am a huge Josh Rosen fan. If the scouts love Darnold, then let’s pray.. A

The BROWNS had the 4th pick as well, selecting Denzel Ward out of Ohio State. The CB was a great playmaker to go along with the Ohio State Defense. I love the pick. I think Ward going was a bit early, but the Browns need CB help. That #1 CB spot could soon be Ward’s if he’s not a bust. Which I don’t think he should be. A-

The BRONCOS picked Bradley Chubb out of N.C. State. I like this pick, goes well with Von Miller, will help the defense. Still plenty of wholes to fill on the Defense. Keenum was the reason no QB was targeted by the Broncos in round 1. Round 2 or 3, we’ll see. A-

Quenton Nelson went to the COLTS. I had him going here in the mock draft. I thought the Colts would target O-line considering Andrew Luck is getting healthier. This will made Andrew Luck very happy, in efforts to kickstart the great young QB who still hasn’t even flexed his muscle in the NFL. A+

Josh Allen went to the BILLS. I love it. I love it because the Bills fell for the trap. Josh Allen is not worth a Top 10 pick and I think most NFL exec’s would agree, I’m not sure. Josh Rosen was left on the board when the Bills made the pick. I am extremely happy that Rosen won’t be in the AFC East to haunt the Jets if he does truly pan out to be great. I think he’ll be amazing on the Cards, helping that team immediately. But for Allen, a lot of developing will have to go on here. Certainly has potential, but not worth the 7th overall selection. It makes me happy to see the Bills make this pick, I think he’ll be the next Brock Osweiler. I could be wrong, we’ll see. B+

The BEARS went with Roqan Smith with the 8th pick, a LB out of Georgia. It’s a great pick. The Bears Defense has not been great whatsoever and with a young QB in Mitch Trubisky, a Defense is absolutely needed in order to compete. This guy will be all over the field working hard for the Bears. A+

The 49ERS selected a lineman with the 9th overall pick in Mike McGlinchey. The scouts say this guy is an animal. He’s from Norte Dame which usually produces amazing lineman. I think this guy will be a surprisingly great pick for the Niners. Not flashy, but with an already franchise QB, there’s no panic to build around the O, considering they have more options to go in the draft. A

Finally, with the 10th pick, the CARDINALS traded with the RAIDERS and selected their QB of the future in Josh Rosen, which makes amazing sense. The Cards got Sam Bradford to bridge Josh Rosen along until Rosen is ready. Caron Palmer broke his arm and retired, developing a gaping hole in the QB spot for the Cardinals. Rosen fell to the Cards due to the fact that the other teams before the Cards already have franchise QB’s with a heavy amount of value invested into them by these teams. The first QB needy team, was going to take Rosen. The Bills BLEW IT. And I couldn’t be happier. I hope the guy kills the NFC West, he’s truly a great QB. He’ll prove them wrong. A


DOLPHINS – Minkah Fitzpatrick. A-

BUCS – Vita Vea. A

REDSKINS – Da’ron Payne. A

SAINTS – Marcus Davenport. B+

RAIDERS – Kolton Miller. B+

BILLS – Tremaine Edmunds. A-

CHARGERS – Derwin James. A+

PACKERS – Jaire Alexander. A-

COWBOYS – Leighton Vander Esch. A-

LIONS – Frank Ragnow. B+

BENGALS – Billy Price. ATITANS – Rahsaan Evans. A

PATS – Isaiah Wynn. B+


RAVENS – Hayden Hurst. B+

FALCONS – Calvin Ridley. A

SEAHAWKS – Rashaad Penny. B+

STEELERS -Terrell Edmunds. A

JAGUARS – Taven Bryan. A-

VIKINGS – Mike Hughes. A

PATS – Sony Michel. B+

RAVENS – Lamar Jackson. A+

NBA Playoff Picks for April 27th, 2018 / LeBron take

The NBA playoffs have been an absolute rollercoaster keeping fans drawn to the TV

Creds to theshadowleague.com

LeBron’s game winner against the Pacers was epic. No matter what you consider LeBron to be, #1 or #2; he’s an absolute national treasure. Is he supremely cocky? Of course, I would be too if I was rich by the time I graduated high school. Being considered an all time great just fuels the fire as well. LeBron pulling the struggling Cavs team along just proves his dominance as well. We’ll see just how far he can take it..

Washington Home against the Raptors

The Raptors are insanely good at home. They’ve had no problem whatsoever handling the Wizards at home in the series. On the road, it’s a scary sight. Losing by 19 on 4/20 as well by 8 on 4/22.


I think since the Wizards are home, roles will reverse just for tonight. I think it’ll be a close game considering the Raptors skill level. They will probably just miss a ton of shots. I can see the Wizards by 4 or 5 let’s find out.

Pacers at home vs. the Cavs

Creds to yardbarker.com


The Cavs are coming off a nice last minute game winner from LBJ to put them ahead in the series 3-2. It’s a great thing for the Cavs, giving them some breathing room to win the series.

I think they will lose one however, tonight. The Pacers in Cleveland controlled the game in the first half, ultimately losing it in the second half. I think if the Cavs struggle to score, the Pacers will win and tie the series, setting up a pivotal Game 7.

Jazz at home vs. the Thunder

OKC +6.5

The Jazz at home in the playoffs are 7-3 the last 10. The Thunder definitely have the firepower to try and beat this in-form Jazz team, but I still think it won’t be enough to win tonight against the Jazz. I can see the Jazz sending Russ and company home, in a terrible fashion. The Thunder will hopefully keep it close, considering they are facing elimination on the road. Take the points if needed.

Good luck!

Thoughts leading to the NFL Draft

As we inch closer to the NFL Draft, the scenarios for each team in the first round has been absolutely wild. Mock drafts keep our imagination going as this is Christmas time for many NFL fans, inching closer to the 2018-19 season.

The first 10 picks have been differently mocked by many analysts as well other sport fan fanatics. Over the last few months, players have been shuffled across the board. From Josh Allen going 1, to rumored Baker Mayfield: here is what I think will go down with the first 10 picks.

1. Browns – Baker Mayfield

CC: insidethepylon.com

Mayfield leaped across the boars with his leadership and fearless attitude. He’s so confident, it comes across cocky. I think the Browns are also considering Sam Darnold at the 1. The Jets may be screwed here. Mayfield seemed to be a lock at 3 considering the Giants appeal to Rosen and Barkley. I think Josh Allen’s lack of experience as a glorified QB scared them away from the #1 pick, causing him to slide. With Jarvis Landry and Josh Gordon, Mayfield will make things interesting in Cleveland when it’s time. It’s Tyrod Taylor’s spot to lose until than.

2. NY Giants – Saquon Barkley

I think the gmen go Barkley here. The Draft is loaded with QB talent and the Giants could make a push for a QB if the matchup is right. If they are truly committed to developing around Eli for his remaining years, a solid run game with boost the G-men on offense giving teams the consideration of stopping Barkley. With a solid run game, you could see the G-men repeat their performances with a glorified #1 RB once more. (Tiki Barber, Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs). If the Giants don’t go Barkley, Darnold could be a major play as well Rosen.

3. NY Jets – Josh Rosen

I am a huge biased guy when it comes to the Jets. I firmly believe if Rosen is there at 3, the Jets could take him. The Jets fit Rosen in with their Mixed West Coast Offense. I think Rosen is the most accurate QB in the draft and you can’t teach accuracy. It would be sick if the Jets take him. The Jets could make some trades benefiting to get ahead in this draft as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets took Darnold over Rosen. The Jets are notorious with these kind of picks. They hit the mark last year, let’s hope for even better this year.

4. Browns – Bradley Chubb

The Browns have stacked their offense adding Landry as well a QB for the future. I think the Browns will go Defense here with Chubb. Chubb is an excellent player who could help that Line with Myles Garrett. The Browns got rid of Danny Shelton so I think the browns are going to hard reset on that D-line. Lookout for a possible CB or LB if the browns don’t go DL. Minkah Fitzpatrick could also go early to Cleveland.

5. Broncos – Minkah Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick would fill a huge need with the depleted Broncos secondary. Losing Talib to the Rams will hit the Broncos hard considering their already concerning QB needs. Case Keenum is a solid starter that will benefit along with Thomas and Sanders. Even though Talib is an aging star, Talib was the rock that Broncos Defense needed. Keenum will lead the transition until Lynch is ready to go. The Broncos could possibly go Josh Allen also I think, or trade back. Denzel Ward could also be a target this early

6. Colts – Quenton Nelson

Cc: knbr.com

The Colts are in desperate need of O-line help to protect their QB for the future in Andrew Luck who has struggled with injury through his whole career. The colts D is also a major concern, but Nelson is too good for the Colts not to pick him. If not Nelson, a Defensive player in Bradley Chubb would be good also if available.

7. Tampa Bay Bucs – Vita Vea

The Bucs added JPP along with the already established Gerald McCoy. Vita Vea would cap off that good D-line. The Bucs have a decent secondary that is being built slowly considering key vet Brent Grimes signed another 1 year deal with Tampa Bay. Wouldn’t be surprised if Tampa Bay goes for Denzel Ward this early, but I think it’ll ultimately be a D-lineman.

8. Bears – Denzel Ward

CC: thelantern.com

Ward is a great CB that the Bears desperately need to help their young Offense. The Bears have a lot invested in the Offense, and haven’t really touched their defense. A star CB would help along with a possible d-lineman, but I can see Ward going here.

9. 49ers – TRADE – with Bills or Cardinals to acquire Sam Darnold – Or, they take Marcus Davenport.

The 49ers could trade with these teams in order to gain more additional picks to add to their arsenal. The 49ers don’t need a QB. They need Defensive help sure, but these teams are desperate for a QB and I personally think Darnold and Allen could slip if the Jets don’t take Darnold or the Giants don’t. Or Allen and Darnold slip to these teams somehow. The Top 10 teams in the draft all have Qb’s for the future so why not the trade? Just my take, I don’t think it will end up happening anyway but I feel like this would be a good scenario.

10. Raiders – Calvin Ridley

With Jon Gruden at the helm, I feel like he will try to help Derek Carr develop along with Amari Cooper. I also think this is a long shot but with Crabtree gone, I think the Raiders will like the upside at #10 with Ridley and the other players left on the board. Names to also watch: Trumaine Edwards, Roqan Smith, Orlando Brown, and Arden Key.

I think Josh Allen slips through the Top 10….