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Ducks General Manager Bob Murray Steps In As Head Coach “To Find Out Problems”

The Anaheim Ducks continue to circulate the media world for all the wrong reasons though. If this is new to you the Ducks have been one of the worst teams in hockey the last two months.

Anaheim’s Last 21 Games…

Th Ducks have won just two games since December 18th 2018, went on a 12-game losing streak December 18th to January 15th after winning back to back games and their only two wins in the last 2 months. They are on a current 7-game losing streak and being out scored drastically in this 7-game span. The Ducks have scored 8 goals in seven games while allowing 37 goals against in seven games. Looking at the bigger picture of the Ducks 21-game disaster they have allowed 82 goals against, while scoring 34 goals for. The Ducks have been shutout five times, average 1.62 goals for per game over the last 21 games, 3.9 goals against per game. In this 21-game span they have a record of 2-15-4 a -48 goal differential, -105 shot difference, 12.7 percent power play and 78.9 penalty kill.

Clearly things have not been well in Anaheim and their small pre-All Star break/deadline moves did not do anything. It was inevitable that the Ducks were going to can Randy Carlyle, a head coach of his stature, Stanley Cup experience (winning one with Anaheim) etc. not getting the job done the end decision was firing him before the season ended. We are all surprised he lasted this long though, either way we all knew he was going to get fired. Stuff has been sh*tty to be blunt. I don’t think anyone expected the Ducks to have their GM Bob Murray step in and be the head coach though. Murray has no NHL coaching experience and this will be the first time we will see a GM behind the bench and making executive decisions at the same time.

Murray Feels It Is Necessary To Be Behind The Bench

In a recent article on NHL.com with Mike Zeisberger, Murray addressed a lot of concerns fans have. He said he feels as if this is the best way to figure out what is going on and get to the bottom of the problems right now. He agrees that he should be “in the trenches” with the team during this rough patch. He also said he does not think it is fair to bring someone at this point in the season and how rough it is in Anaheim right now.

Captain Ryan Getzlaf said he understands why Murray is coming to coach and supports his decision fully. He believes it may be beneficial to see what the locker room is like and hopefully give them a spark.

The Ducks play the Vancouver Canucks Wednesday night. Murray will have two and a half days to fully prepare for what his first day behind the bench will look like. Wednesday night vs Vancouver could end the Ducks dry spell, we have seen new coaches come in and be successful their first game and following weeks after it. (Ken Hitchcock in Edmonton, Doug Weight in New York) I would not be surprised to see a Ducks win Wednesday night. Things cannot get much worse for Anaheim than having tickets being sold for as low as $17 and fans wearing brown bags to games.


How one game changed Pittsburgh’s and Anaheim’s seasons in unexpected ways

It was Monday night, December the 17th and the Pittsburgh Penguins were hosting the Anaheim Ducks in PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh. The Ducks came back from a two-goal deficit to win the game 4-2. Nothing serious happened you would say, but this game turned out to be potentially season-changing.

Let’s take a look at what happened next. The Ducks lost seven straight games and the Penguins won eight in a row. And now that’s something. But it wasnt just a coincidence, not at all. Going into that game in mid-December, the Ducks were streaking hotter than any other team in the league and the Penguins were not.

Anaheim turned from red-hot to cold soup

Going into that game in Pittsburgh, the Ducks won ten of their last twelve games in the mean time. That comeback win over the Penguins meant their sixth straight win on the road, which tied their franchise record. And they won 11 out of 13 games played. The Ducks, however, didn’t play their best hockey that night and the Penguins players were trying to excuse their loss as they said it was just unfortunate.

Anaheim lost the very next game with giving up a shorthanded goal with just 40 seconds remaining in the third period in Madison Square Garden against the Rangers. The Ducks were miserable that game, still they scored first and were up by one ahead of a final 10-minute stretch of the road game. The Rangers tied it up and won the game while shorthanded with 40 seconds remaining on the clock in that third period.

Maybe the Ducks started to think that now as they are pretty hot and good, they will start to win with low efforts, but that turned out to be huge mistake. They are still in a play-off spot in the Western Conference today, which just documents how much that streak helped them. On the other side, that lost finally woke up the struggling Penguins.

Pittsburgh found blessing in tough loss

The Pens lost 14 out of 23 games going into that game on home ice against the Ducks. They blew a two-goal lead and lost the game, but didn’t feel like they were playing bad hockey. Since then, Pittsburgh won eight straight games and they gave up just nine goals in those eight straight wins, also getting a lot of help from heavily criticised goaltender Matt Murray.

That win by the Ducks in Pittsburgh was probably a lucky one. But no one ever thinks when they win in the NHL, you just need to be lucky sometimes. Luck is just relative and very temporary. If you are headed to the right direction and you still find a way to lose games, just stay with it and you will prevail at some point (i.e. Pittsburgh). Now it’s Anaheim who thinks that they are conceding unlucky losses as of late. But they keep coming.

Tonight, the Ducks host the struggling Oilers in Honda Center, Anaheim, unlike the Penguins face a mighty curse as of now. Pittsburgh faces off against Chicago, a  tea, they have not defeated for nine games in a row. The Penguins will be hoping to end that losing streak and earn their ninth straight win to go to the top of the Metropolitan division.