Current NHL Bad Contracts

Current NHL Contracts That Have Not Paid Out…

David Backes: Since coming to Boston it has not been all glamour for Backes. He has missed time almost every season and it is obvious the speed of the game is changing too rapidly for him to be the Backes we once knew. Last season he missed 25 games and in his 2.5 years in Boston he has played in 169 games. He was recently named a healthy scratch as well for Boston’s game Saturday night. Backes has played in 169 games collecting 83 points plus 18 playoff games and 7 points. For 6 million a year the Bruins probably would like to be using that money elsewhere.

Frans Nielsen: The Red Wings got a little excited when Nielsen scored 52 points with the Islanders the season before, the Red Wings brought him during free agency heading into the 2016-17 season and he scored 41 points in 79 games but since then Nielsen has tallied 33 points in 79 games in 2017-18 and currently 26 points in 45 games this season. For a 34-year-old aging out of this league with still four years left on his contract the Red Wings could have used 5.25 million a year on some defenseman.

Bobby Ryan: Ryan has dealt with some injury issues during his time in Ottawa since sighing that 7.25 million dollar deal. After his two 50-point seasons the Senators basically had to give Ryan a nice contract. Well, it has turned around to bite them, since his contract signing heading into the 2016-17 season, Ryan has tallied 62 points in 169 games and has missed 40 games in two seasons. For 7.25 million ending in 2022-23 the Senators really are kicking themselves with this one.

Ryan Callahan: After Callahan’s 77 games played and 54 point year he earned a 6 million dollar deal but with the game speed changing so quickly, the Lightning getting a lot of young stars on the rise and Calhan dealing with injuries that contract has not paid out. Callahan has played in 196 games in the last 3.5 years collecting 62 points in that time plus 31 playoff games and 7 points. I am sure the Lightning would like to get this one back so they can feel a little more secure on singing their young players right now.

Brandon Dubinsky: Dubinsky’s contract of 4.5 million before this 5.85 million not to mention the signing bonus would have been better but for 5.85 million dollars signed in 2016. Dubinsky has played in 175 games collecting 67 points plus he was mainly brought for his playoff experience and veteran ship but that has not panned out either. As he has played in 11 playoff games with 2 points since his contract signing. I’m sure Columbus would like some free cap for Artemi Panarin this off-season.

Johnny Boychuk: Since being signed to a 6 million dollar deal with a salary cap of 7.5 million Boychuk has definitely not lived up to those expectations. Boychuk has played in 170 games since 2016 contract signing collecting 53 points. He is off to a better start this year not having missed a game (knock on wood) but Boychuk’s 0.31 points per game for 6 million dollars does not look good.

Marc Staal and Kevin Shattenkirk: It is puzzling to many what made the Rangers give a defense who had trouble putting up 20 points in his career to a 5.75 million dollar deal but that is what makes this article interesting you get to see what teams were thinking. Staal had three 20-point seasons in his career, since signing his deal in 2016 he has tallied 28 points in 190 games. The infamous eye injury is what many think has ruined Staal’s career but we can all be honest he never deserved 5.75 million a year at any point probably. At 0.15 points per game Staal is living it up in the nicest part of New York probably while the Rangers are trying to figure out how to get rid of this contact. I also put Kevin Shattenkirk on this list because since coming to the Rangers in 2017-18 being their big free agency signing Shattenkirk has been extremely disappointing to watch. He has missed major time and has only played in 84 games in 1.5 seasons with 36 points. He is on the list because he nearing that mark of contracts teams wish they could re-do.

Andrew MacDonald: Again much like the Marc Staal situation I am not sure what made the Flyers management decide to sign MacDonald to a long term 5 million dollar deal. MacDonald has collected more than 20 points tree times in his career and since his contact signing in 2015 he has a total of 52 points in 192 games. MacDonald’s 0.27 points per game at 5 million dollars does not look good, luckily his contract is up next year.

Ryan Kesler: These two are known for there bad contract, the Ducks have to be itching their heads right now looking back at these contacts. I am sure they would like a re-do after all that has happened this season. Kesler signed with Anaheim in 2017-18 coming off back to back 50-point years he was due for 6.875 million a year I suppose but since signing he has played in a total of 88 games collecting 20 points. For Corey Perry signing in

Milan Lucic and Andrej Sekera: Milan Lucic has had a tough time getting in the swing of things but when he is signed to a 6 million dollar deal and is producing like a 2.5 million dollar guy right now it is tough for Oilers fans to justify his 6 million dollar deal. Sure he had a good year in 2016-17 when he collected 50 points but he went on to tally 34 points in 82 games and now has 11 points in 46 games. He went a full year without scoring a goal as well. Andrej Sekera is the type of player you could have forgot was on the Oilers if you did not pay attention to hockey. Sekera has missed more time than he has played with Edmonton. Since signing in 2016-17 coming off his second best season the Oilers signed him to a 6.5 million dollar deal. Sekera has missed 85 games. Playing in just 43 games since his contact.

Loui Eriksson: Even coming off a 24 point 64 game season the Canucks still signed Eriksson to a long-term 6 million dollar deal. Since his contract Eriksson has played in 99 games collecting 43 points, this contract will look a lot worse in two years when he is 35-years-old and on the cusp on retirement with still a year to go on his contract. Eriksson’s .43 points per game does not look bad but when he was 60-70 points with the Bruins/Stars the Canucks definitely got the short end of the stick here.

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