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Can These Fantasy Hockey Players Bounce Back After A Slow First Half?

1. Patrik Laine: It was not a disappointing first half but it definitely was not a successful first half for Laine and Laine owners. Patrik Laine had just 34 points in 48 games (25G, 9A). He has scored just two times in the last 12 games and just four points in that span as well. Laine has struggled to be consistent this year, he has not found as much power play success and seems to be a spitting image of Alex Ovechkin early in his career. All offense no defense. If the Jets continue on their tear and take over first place in the Central Laine will definitely need to do more than he did the first half.

2. Jamie Benn: The Stars superstar forward has been facing a lot of criticism as of late from Dallas ownership and it seems like it has got to his head a little. Perhaps some time off and some time away from the game Benn can re-coop and get back at it in the second half. The Stars need this guy to turn it up a notch if they want to make a serious playoff push. Benn had 18 goals and 16 assists in 48 games.

3. Anze Kopitar: It seems as if there is no shot the Kings will make a push for the playoffs and again Kopitar seems to be a reason for the Kings lack of success, not the only reason but partial. Kopitar is having another down-year in a sense although it is not as bad as his 2016-17 year, he has not been very consistent for the Kings this year. He has 14 goals and 20 assists in 49 games this year.

4. William Karlsson: The Knights one-time 40-goal scorer and top forward on their team has not been playing like he did last year. He has just 32 points in 52 games and if the Golden Knights want to be a threat heading into the playoffs Karlsson will need to pick it up. He has struggled on the power play this year as well and has not found much success 5 on 5 either.

5. Brayden Schenn: Essentially any St. Louis player can be on this list besides Ryan O’Reilly and David Perron but Schenn had an unforgettable 2017-18 season and has come out real slow this year. In 45 games he has just 27 points compared to last year he had 70 points in 82 games. 70 points is not happening this year but he can turn it around if him and his line mates catching fire and the Blues as a whole playing a little more consistent.

Fantasy Hockey Players Under Peforming 2018

My Top-Ten Most Disappointing Fantasy Hockey Players of 2018

Man, you came into the draft licking your chomps. Thinking I am going to be steal this guy, he is going to be MVP caliber, my star, my bread and butter and boy have things gone south for you. Here are my top-ten most disappointing fantasy hockey players.

  1. Evgeny Kuznestov, where has this guy been lately. Kuznestov was solid in the first month and a half but has slowly fallen off the horse. He came into the year ranked 27, and is now ranked 113. Kuzy has just 8 goals and 29 assists on the year with 15 power play points.
  2. Anze Kopitar, when are fantasy owners going to see some consistency in this guy? Had an almost Hart Memorial trophy year last year and now is in the bottom of the barrel again. Kopitar has 13 goals and 18 assists (31 points) with 7 power play points.
  3. Ryan Getzlaf, time may be up for the big, power forward Getzlaf. A one-time superstar has slowly fallen off the ranks of the NHL. Getzlaf had some hope coming into the year, but has not lived up to projections. He was ranked 54 coming into the year and is now ranked 144. Getz has 10 goals and 21 assists (31 points) with 4 power play points.
  4. Drew Doughty, a down first half for Doughty so far, a Norris trophy winner, All-Star and top-paid d-man in the league can not be producing 25 points 40+ games into the year. Not to mention he is a 2nd-3rd round pick. Doughty was ranked 58 coming into the year and is now ranked 204. He has 4 goals and 21 assists on the year with 12 power play points.
  5. Shayne Gostisbehere, another rough year it seems like for Ghost. Someone who resurrected the Flyers season two years ago has been very sub par. The Flyers are waiting for the 2015-16 Ghost to come back but he seems to have disappeared. Ghost was ranked 67 coming into the year and is now ranked 287. He has 5 goals, 13 assists and 8 power play points in 46 games.
  6. Dougie Hamilton, my last defenseman I swear but Hamilton was a 50-point defenseman and since coming to Carolina he has not done a good job sharing the wealth on that offensive-minded d-core. Hamilton was ranked 96 coming into the year and is now ranked 256. He has just 16 points in 45 games (6 goals, 10 assists) with 5 power play points.
  7. Casey Mittlestadt, it is not like we expected this kid to be a 40 point player at this point but perhaps a little better than 13 points in 45 games. Mittlestadt has to have shaken the jittery bugs out and is getting acclimated to NHL speed, but it seems like he is having difficulty getting on the score sheet. Mittlestadt was a Calder favorite coming into the year, ranked 152 at the beginning and now 504 mid-way through the year.
  8. Zach Hyman, you would think playing with either Auston Matthews or John Tavares Hyman would be able to be productive well it has been the opposite for this kid, he is not grossly under performing and despite missing some games with an injury. Hyman should be a more efficient player just due to the fact who he is surrounded with. Yes William Nylander is on the cusp of being on this list but give him another 1.5 months. Either way Hyman was ranked 162 coming into the year he has now ranked 282. He has 7 goals and 9 assists in 35 games this year.
  9. Derek Brassard, for the same reason as Hyman, Brassard should easily have around 25+ points. He has missed a few games this year but Brassard is not finding his way in Pittsburgh and Jim Rutherford is not pleased with him as well. Do not be surprised to see Brassard on the move soon. He has just 13 points in 36 games. He was ranked 195 coming into the year and is now ranked 447.
  10. Kevin Shattenkirk, based on the contract and how unpleasing it has been for Ranger fans to see his production since coming to the Big Apple. Shattenkirk has not been able to stay healthy, let alone out of his way in the d-zone this year. Shattenkirk is a number three-four defenseman on an under skilled Rangers blue line. He was ranked 175 coming into the year and is now ranked 500. Sure he has missed games but 2 goals, 10 assists and 2 power play points in 37 games is disappointing.
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NHL: Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar & L.A. Kings early success

Los Angeles Kings 2017-18 early success

If you had said two weeks before the season, “hey I could see this Kings team being good” we all may have laughed at you and discredited your poor hockey knowledge. Well flip the script and laugh at us, well me at least. Coming into the year the Kings were a team I had seen being on the bubble for a playoff spot, with Jonathan Quick back I assumed they would string together more success than last year. Well, as we just wrapped up the first month of play the Kings are one point behind Tampa Bay for the NHL lead and post a 10-2-1 record.

Well, I was wrong. Miserably wrong. After that win over Toronto, the Kings continue to prove why they will be a team in the mix for a playoff run come April. The Kings not only beat Toronto but they toppled them 6-3 last night. Aside from this though, what has been the Kings biggest factor in their early success? Three reasons, Dustin Brown/Anze Kopitar, Drew Doughty/depth on defense and Jonathan Quick. Join me as we break this down now…

Dustin Brown/Anze Kopitar

Ok, let’s come clean and say it, these two sucked last year and it showed towards the Kings record(39-35-8), but after Kopitar got the butterflies out of his stomach after being awarded the captain and Dustin Brown stopped mopping about being stripped of the “C”, the two have combined for 28 points, Kopitar 15 points, Brown 13 points. There are five teams that have two players for more combined points than these two. Kopitar has only recorded no points in four games and Brown has not recorded a point in just five games of the thirteen games this year. The two have been on the score sheet in almost every NHL LA Kingsgame and have been the forefront of these teams success. Can they keep it up? I think we all agree Kopitar can, I mean besides last year he has consistently tallied around 65-70 points and right now he is on pace to well exceed that. Now, on the other hand, many are saying Brown will fall off, but honestly, I say otherwise. With this teams success Brown has stepped up and when a team is winning guys perform better. Now, Brown has by no means had a hall of fame career but he is a two-time Stanley Cup winner and for six seasons straight he tallied between 50-60 points. Yes, he has had some bad years in recent seasons but you never know when a players career can be resurged but at 33-years-old it is not likely. Anyways, I would not be surprised to see Brown tally 50 points this year, I mean he only needs 35 more through 69 games.

Drew Doughty/depth defense

Drew Doughty just like the two above has been off to a great start, he has 9 points through 13 games and has been the leader on the backend this season. But besides Doughty, players like Jake Muzzin, Alec Martinez, and Derek Forbort have played their roles quite well. Last season we saw both Muzzin and Martinez on the wrong side of things, but like I said before when a team wins it raises the game of everyone on the ice, and these guys have done their parts nicely after having less than successful seasons last year.  All three, Doughty, Martinez and Muzzin have proven to be top-four defenseman in the NHL and well all these guys are clicking on the back end, it makes it hard for teams to score goals.

Jonathan Quick 10 Thoughts on the 2017-2018 NHL season

The story of the Kings right here, this guy has easily been the MVP and has landed in some early Vezina talk. Last year Quick missed more than half the season and the Kings relied on Petr Budaj to step up and fill a void of an elite goaltender, now by no means did he do poorly but he just wasn’t Jonathan Quick and the Kings could not get the confidence nor, did they have the goal-scoring to be successful last year. But no worries people, Jonathan Quick is back and better than ever. I mean you take a look at this guys numbers(besides last year) from 2013 to 2016, he has consistently won, 35 or more games, posting a goals against(GAA) of 2.07, 2.24, 2.22 over those three years and a save percentage of .915, .918, .918. The fact the Kings have a guy like this in net who has posted numbers of an elite level goaltending is just more of a reason as to why they will be here come April. Anyways this season Quick is off to a “Quick start” (get it?, good one, I know) on the year through 11 starts he has 8 wins, 22 goals against, 1.99 GAA and a .939 save percentage with two shutouts. The man is carrying this team to the playoffs, 100 percent.