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Lightning head to Washington in desperate need for Game 3 win: 3 Keys for Tampa Bay success

The Lightning have been pumped the first two games this series, 4-2 and 6-2, nothing to be proud of when it comes to the Eastern Conference finals and being the number one team in the East. The Lightning were written off as a favorite for this series before it even began. Now, after two games the Lightning have a chance to be swept and eliminated in their second Eastern Conference final in the last four years. The positive for Tampa is that they bounced back greatly from missing the playoffs last year to this now. Negative though they were favorites to win the Stanley Cup at the beginning of the year along with the Predators. Now fast forward to being down 2-0 the Capitals are now favorites to win it all.

What has been the Lightning’s biggest reason for their poor start though? A few things. Andrei Vasalevskiy has been subpar at best, getting yanked in the first game to allowing six goals in the second game. Kucherov has been almost non-existent besides the assist to Stamkos on the power play in game one and two. Tyler Johnson and Yanni Gourde have been nowhere to be found, their top performers and depth guys went from scoring to now nothing. Their defense has been pretty bad, to say the least. Allowing 32 shots on goal the first game to 37 the second game, and allowing a combined 10 goals in two games is not great. Victor Hedman and Ryan McDonagh have not been able to figure out a balance to the Capitals line up and the Capitals are exposing the Lightning’s defense when both Hedman and McDonagh are not on the ice.

BUT, there is still room for improvement on the Lighting’s side. Three keys to the Lightning’s success…

3 Keys to the Lightning’ success tonight…

(1) Ryan McDonagh, Dan Girardi need to step up and be more consistent. Coming from New York they know this Capitals team very well. They should be more than capable of stopping these guys and knowing what they are going to do. We will need to see these two really take charge and lead the way tonight. As Hedman is the guy, McDonagh and Girardi know the Capitals, use their experience and relay it to the rest of the team.

(2) Depth guys. Need to show up. Tyler Johnson, Alex Killron, JT Miller, Yanni Gourde, Brayden Point need to come up big this game. Not meaning only on the scoreboard but make it hard on the Capitals forwards and defenseman. A defense with Michael Kempny, Brooks Orpik, and Christian Djoos should not be this hard to score or even get some pressure in the offensive zone. It is not all about scoring, but it is about showing up and doing something each shift. Some of these guys have not even been noticeable on the ice meanwhile guys like Alex Chiasson are causing havoc out there even though he is not scoring every goal. Make it difficult, cause some havoc and put some pressure on the Capitals defenseman and forwards.

(3) Andrei Vasilevskiy needs to make a save or 30. Through 2 games he has allowed 9 goals, has been pulled once and has not looked like the Vezina goalie he was nominated to be. They are going to need Vasilevskiy to steal a game here tonight. In Washington, up 2-0 the crowd will be going nuts, and it will not be easy for the Lighting forwards to get much going, therefore Vasilevskiy needs to come up big tonight.

Aside from the first three keys, the Lightning needs to stop the Capitals from quick starts and start winning puck races. They will most certainly need Vasilevskiy to play one of the best games of his career but it is a team effort and they need to help the goaltender out back there. By doing so, they need to win some puck battles. The Lightning have lost every puck race it seems like and the Capitals have scored in the first minute two games now! Stop the Capitals from scoring first, pop the first one, eliminate the Capitals power play chances, win puck races and we may see a different outcome.

A look at what Vegas is saying…

Clearly, Washington is the favorite here, after winning the first two and heading home they are clearly the favorite. The opening line right now is Tampa Bay+100 and Washington -120, the over/under is 6 goals and the other sites are also saying for Tampa to be around +100 to +105, while Washington is -120 to -115 across the board. Clearly, the books are saying Washington here, but the odd thing is based on some bets thus far it has been 52 percent Tampa and 71 percent Washington, as of now. The line is standing at Washington -120 and Tampa +100. As the day goes on the line can change based on the number of bets coming in for each team. Therefore monitor it and I will check back on the line later. To find out the line, follow me on twitter @santageetee

Week 4 NFL Picks

Week Four NFL Picks of the week! Going through FIVE, only five of the most favorable and noteworthy picks among the NFL this week. This week starts the bye weeks so take that into consideration as well.

Sunday 1:00 P.M. Jacksonville Jaguars(2-1) vs New York Jets(1-2)

NFL Week 4Despite the Jets being home, they have nothing going for them. Josh McCown looks as good as a High School quarterback starting his first game ever. The Jets defense although they have upside are out there on the field way too much for them to produce, therefore teams have found a way to expose them. After Jacksonville put the beat down on Baltimore 44-7, Blake Bortles and the Jaguars look to continue that once again. Easy choice go the Jaguars here, and even with a -3 spread, they will cover that no need to worry.

Sunday 1:00 P.M. Carolina Panthers(2-1) vs New England Patriots(2-1)

New England may be -9 in this game and although they did not cover the spread last week vs Houston, this Carolina team has not looked great. On the bright side though their defense does rank #1 in the NFL while the Patriots defense ranks #32, but the Panthers offense ranks 28th while the Patriots rank 1st. It’ll be a battle between Tom Brady and this Panthers defense, Cam Newton and the Panthers offense has not been able to help out at all this season and I’d rather put my fortune in Tom Brady’s hands. Go Patriots but not covering the spread.

Sunday 4:00 P.M. Philadelphia Eagles(2-1) vs Los Angeles Chargers(0-3)

NFL Week 4The attendance has been horrendous in Los Angeles, for this to be considered a home game is comical. It’s more of a meet up on the West Coast for these two, don’t let the Chargers home field advantage get into your head, there is none. With Melvin Gordon questionable and the Chargers offense led by Keenan Allen and Phillip Rivers, the Eagles defense has the ability to hold them off. If the Eagles protect Wentz and establish the passing game then it’s a possible Eagles win. The Eagles offense is ranked 9th while their defense is ranked 21st, the Chargers are an average team with a 18th ranked offense and 13th ranked defense. The Chargers hold the advantage here out of the last three matchups the Chargers have won two of the three dating back October 2005. Go with the Eagles, especially since the Chargers are minus two.  

Sunday 4:25 P.M. Oakland Raiders(2-1) vs Denver Broncos(2-1)

Despite the Raiders being 2-1, they have not been great on either side of the ball this season as their offense ranks 23rd and their defense ranks 26th, going up in a divisional game here Derek Carr will have a lot to prove to show his worth as a starting QB. Trevor Siemian has shown signs of reliability back there for Denver and has not played poorly at all, Denver’s offense is 10th and their defense is ranked 4th. At home in Denver, this will be a good matchup for the Broncos and a chance to take an edge over Oakland in the division. The Raiders hold the advantage here in their last three matchups the Raiders have won two of three dating back to December 2015. Go Broncos, covering the spread as well.

Monday Night Football 8:30 P.M. Washington Redskins(2-1) vs Kansas City Chiefs(3-0)

NFL Week 4Kansas City’s offense in Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce has been off the charts they seem to find the open field and exploit defenses like it’s nothing. After shocking the Patriots in a come from behind win week one victory, the Chiefs have been steady sailing since then. The Redskins have seen their struggles in Jordan Reed, Terrelle Pryor and Kirk cousins along with finding a starting running back. The Redskins offense is nothing that scares one but with the Chiefs defense being ranked 28th in the NFL it may be a favorable matchup for Washington. The Chiefs offense is though ranked 3rd in the NFL going up against a defense that is ranked 5th. This will be a dual between the Chiefs offense and Redskins defense, whichever one edge the other one out could come away with this game, don’t sleep on Washington. Chiefs are looking to remain undefeated and I think that happens this week, go Chiefs but covering the -9 spread but be a bit difficult.