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NHL Picks: December 6th, 2018

Colorado Avalanche vs Florida Panthers

The Panthers are coming off a 5-0 win over Boston and this is their second of eight straight home games. This is a chance for the Panthers to revive their season and get back in the hunt. The Avalanche are coming off a loss in Pittsburgh and head to Florida, weird travel schedule for the Avalanche but, they are 7-1-2 in their last ten, 10-5-2 on the road as the Panthers are 6-4-3 on home ice and 4-4-2 in their last ten. The Panthers and Avalanche offense are both high scoring offenses, Panthers average 3.31 goals per game (10th) as Avalanche average 3.64 goals per game (2nd) as both power plays are both top 10 in the league. Colorado is first with a 32.2 and Panthers are 6th with a 27.2 percent. The Panthers defense is not as good as the Avalanche though as they allow 3.42 goals per game vs a Colorado 2.79 goals per game. It seems based off a 5 goal performance from Florida last game and a strong Colorado offense we can expect a 4-3, 5-4 game realistically. The Avalanche are under dogs tonight which makes me really want to go heavy on them the puck line is +1.5 in favor of Colorado. I think after a loss to Pittsburgh and Panthers riding a little high right now, I am going to go Colorado.

Columbus Blue Jackets vs Philadelphia Flyers

Columbus comes into another metropolitan division team on a two-game skid and slowly slipping away from the top three in the division. The Blue Jackets are coming off a terrible loss to Calgary on home ice. They allowed 9 goals, no empty netters either. The Blue Jackets ae 6-4-0 in their last ten, 8-5-1 on the road as the Flyers are 4-5-1 in their last ten and 5-7-1 on home ice. The Blue Jackets score around 3.56 goals per game compared to the Flyers league average 3 goals per game, the Blue Jackets power play though is not great nor is the Flyers which is a good sign because both penalty kills struggle as well. If this game ends up going to special teams it may favor the Flyers in their own building. The Blue Jackets play 5 on 5 they can beat the Flyers straight up. The Flyers have Michael Neuvirth going for the first time in god knows how long (October 27th). With the Blue Jackets and Flyers money line basically being a toss in the air (both -110) the Blue Jackets are favored +1.5 on the puck line that is -300 so it provides very little draw. I would say an over/under of six is possible but I would still take Columbus money line.

New York Islanders vs Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins are coming off a big win vs Colorado as the Islanders are coming off a loss vs Winnipeg. The Islanders have had plenty of days to rest as the Penguins had a day rest and are back at it. Tomas Greiss gets the start once again and Casey DeSmith for Pittsburgh, two goalies we are kind of sure what to expect from them on most nights. The Penguins come into tonight 6th in the Metro, 4-4-2 in their last ten and 6-6-2 at home this season. As the Islanders are 5-4-1 in their last ten and 6-6-1 on the road. The Islanders score just 2.92 goals for as the Penguins score 3.42 goals, the Islanders allow 2.81 as the Penguins allow 3.27. A total 360 for both teams, the Islanders used to score a lot and allow a lot now it is the other way around. The Penguins really need every point they can get until the All-Star break comes they get some rest and recharge. There has been a lot of speculation about trades and Jim Rutherford seems to be moving everyone but Crosby and Malkin, an uneasy locker room it seems in Pittsburgh. The Islanders want to continue on this play of theirs as they are 3rd in the Metro and trending up. Tonight the line is Islanders +180 and Pittsburgh -210 and over/under is 6.5, I don’t know about the over/under but this line really makes you want to take New York. They beat the Penguins at the beginning of the month 3-2 which kind of indicates to me that they will probably lose and the Penguins win.

Minnesota Wild vs Calgary Flames

This could be the under dog game of the night. The Wild are falling off since their great start they have not played too well, dropping six of their last ten (4-6-0) and 7-6-0 on the road. The Flames are playing hot right now, winning their last three, 7-2-1 in their last ten and 8-3-2 at home. The Flames just got off a game where they scored nine goals in regulation, they are clearly capable of winning this game. The Flames score around 3.57 (5th) and allow 2.89 goals against (14th) as the Wild score 3.19 (12th) and allow 2.85 goals against (12th). I cannot see this game being a high scoring game although both offenses are solid, both defenses are just as good. I want to say we see a 3-2 game I’d be shocked to see a 5-4 or higher game. Both teams penalty kills click at around 76 percent, both power plays click at 23 percent these two teams are very similar. Once I saw this line I had a feeling Minnesota was going to win. The Wild are +120 and +1.5 to start as the Jackets are -140, I like the Wild here tonight honestly, straight up money line going Wild.

Washington Capitals vs Arizona Coyotes

The story of Adin Hill has to end somewhere right? The young goaltender is 4-0 with a .56 goals against and .977 save percentage. Do Ovechkin and Kuzy get to the young goaltender? I’d be surprised if Hill keeps the Capitals and Ovi to less than two goals this game. The Coyotes are hot right now, on a four-game win streak, 5-4-1 in their last ten and 6-6-1 at home as the Capitals are on a two-game skid, 7-3-0 in their last ten and 7-5-1 on the road. The Coyotes defense plays a large part in their success as they allow just 2.58 goals per game (4th) but their offense scores only 2.58 goals per game (28th) the Capitals are the opposite as they score 3.59 goals per game (4th) and allow 3.22 goals per game (22nd). This game worries me because the Coyotes strong suit is their penalty kill and the Capitals strong suit is their power play, this goes to special teams it may not change the course of the game too much. The Coyotes are at home +115 and +1.5 on the puck line as the Capitals are -1.5 and -135, to be safe I’d probably go Coyotes puck line.

Other games on tonight: 

Detroit vs Toronto: TORONTO SHOULD win.

Montreal vs Ottawa: Worries me too much. Too inconsistent, stay away.

Nashville vs Vancouver: Not worth it but Nashville.

Devils vs Kings: Both too inconsistent and unpredictable right now.

Boston vs Tampa Bay: Boston coming off a terrible loss may spark a fire in them.

Chicago vs Vegas: Chicago sucks, Vegas.

Parlays tonight (money line)

Wild, Penguins, Blue Jackets

Jackets, Avalanche, Predators

Predators, Wild, Blue Jackets

Parlays (puck spread)

Coyotes, Islanders, Red Wings

Coyotes, Wild, Predators

Coyotes, Wild, Kings


FREE NHL Picks: February 22, 2018

Ok, ok we are sort of rolling here, Chicago won in a shootout, bull cr*p win. Other than that other two teams hit. On the week we are 7-6-2 now, with a ton of games tonight, but I will be giving my four in-depth picks and the rest just straight up picks. Four good matchups the rest are nothing that will make you jump out of your seat. 

New York Islanders(29-26-6) vs Toronto Maple Leafs(37-20-5)

The Islanders are on a slippery slope guys, after dropping last game to Minnesota, they head to Toronto to face one of the hottest offenses in the NHL right now. The Leafs have been clicking offensively, the young guns are finally producing consistently and everyone is chipping in. The Islanders now sit one point out of a playoff spot and face a team that is 8-2-0 in their last ten, while scoring 37 goals over the last ten games. A matchup between two high powered offenses, but the Leafs definitely are the favorites here tonight. 20-8-2 at home vs the Islanders 13-15-2 record on the road, four points behind Tampa Bay for a top spot and Frederick Anderson’s yet again underrated performances have been clutch as well. The Leafs are going to handle the Islanders just fine, they won’t have any trouble with the Islanders defense or goaltending. Expect to see Halak in net, which means the Leafs are slotting four home. Going Leafs by a margin tonight.

Columbus Blue Jackets(0-25-5) vs Philadelphia Flyers(31-19-10)

A free game on the NHL mobile app? Petr Mrazek’s first game as a Flyer, Columbus battling for a playoff spot, Philly battling for that number three seed. Yes, watch this free game tonight. These two also last played just six days ago, which went to overtime and the Flyers won. The Flyers now return to home ice where Columbus has yet to play this season. The Flyers are looking to be legitimate playoff contenders especially solidifying a number one goaltender, the Flyers are looking to carry this momentum into April. The Blue Jackets have been streaky, a streaky offense and streaky goaltending have lead this team to only one point in a playoff spot. Columbus has the pieces to get it done and make a playoff run but they need to be a bit more consistent. Over their last ten the Blue Jackets are 3-6-1 and on the road they are 13-14-3, while the Flyers are 7-1-2 in their last ten on a three-game winning streak and 15-9-6 at home this season I like the Flyers here tonight, new goalie, expect to see Mrazek play well tonight, it always works out like that. Going Flyers tonight.

San Jose Sharks(33-19-8) vs Nashville Predators(36-14-9)

The Sharks are for sure one of the most underrated teams in the leagues right now, securing a playoff spot, being the number two seed in the Pacific for months now and on a three-game winning streak. The Sharks are coming to play this year even with Joe Pavelski only totaling 45 points and 15 goals. The Sharks have also already beat Nashville this season in San Jose though. The Predators are getting all the hype behind them being Stanley Cup favorites, and most likely to secure a big trade deadline rental player right now. The Predators are also one of the best home teams in the league, winning their last two games, with a 6-2-2 record in their last ten. This will be a great game, do not overlook the Sharks ability to make this a nail-biter, and they will be contending for the long haul too come April. I cannot go against the Predators although they have disappointed me once before at home, it is hard to go against a team that is 20-7-3 at home. I am going with yet another home team, go Preds go?

Dallas Stars(34-22-4) vs Los Angeles Kings(33-22-5)

Silent assassins of the trade deadline the L.A. Kings acquiring exactly what they asked for a somewhat cheap price, acquiring Dion Phaneuf who has recorded 3 goals with the team already, a mid-level winger, Tobias Rieder. The Kings are putting the pieces together for a playoff run and that is what they will do. They are putting all faith in Jonathan Quick now trading away Darcy Keumper. It won’t come easy thought tonight as the Stars are going back to back here tonight they have dropped two games in a row and dropping a third is problematic, but the Kings are on a three-game win streak coming off a win vs Winnipeg. The Kings are 6-4-0 in their last ten while the Stars are 6-4-0 as well, two teams that are battling for a playoff spot, Dallas barely has that three-seed locked up and the Kings are tied for a wild-card spot. If the Kings win, Wild lose, Blues win their next game than these two will be battling for the final wild-card spot. The Kings have been pretty solid at home this season I want to go with another home team but for some reason I see Dallas coming into this game playing a pissed off game, playing desperate and a little hungrier than L.A. going with the road dogs tonight Dallas.

Other games on tonight…

Flames vs Coyotes: Flames got shacked last night, but Coyotes are on a four-game winning streak, playing great hockey as of late, this is a tough one. Sticking with Coyotes in a Calgary back to back.

Avalanche vs Oilers: Oilers.

Capitals vs Panthers: Capitals

Sabres vs Red Wings: Detroit, the offense is more consistent, have been clicking lately too.

Lightning vs Senators: Senators last beat the Lightning 6-3 in January, Lighting cannot let that happen again, be embarrassing, Sens in a back to back, going Lightning.

Wild vs Devils: Wild beat the Islanders on the road Tuesday, stay on the road once more and I can see them taking this game tonight too. Going road dogs.

Rangers vs Canadiens: Preview (around 2pm)