Fantasy Hockey Players of the Week (Dec. 17th- Dec.23rd)

Fantasy Hockey Top Players Of The Week (Dec.17th- Dec. 23rd)

Bryan Rust: The Penguins picked up some wins and so did Rust in terms of fantasy value. Rust plays a very similar style game to Patric Hornqvist, realistically when Hornqvist age starts to show they will not need to worry about replacing him. Rust had himself a big week collecting 4 goals and 2 assists (two game winning goals) in four games this week. Rust has now tallied 8 goals in the last seven games. On the year he has 9 goals and 9 assists. This is a player you will won’t to monitor all year.

Brad Marchand: Marchand is probably happy to have Patrice Bergeron back, the first game back with Bergeron Marchand collected 1 goal and 2 assists, on the week Marchand had 2 goals and 6 assists. Marchand now has 12 goals and 29 assists on the year.

Cam Atkinson: The Blue Jackets only 20 goal scorer and top forward is doing what he does best. Atkinson scored 4 goals this week in four games, two coming vs Philadelphia. Atkinson now has 23 goals and 15 assists on the year. It seems like a 40-goal year for Atkinson.

Morgan Reilly: What a week for Reilly, he sure is making his case for the Norris heard this year. Reilly had 3 goals and 6 assists in four games this week, picking up 4 assists vs Florida and a point or more in every game this week. Reilly has tallied a point in every game for the last 12 games besides one. Reilly now has 13 goals and 31 assists on the year.

Andrea Johnsson: With Zach Hyman hitting the injured reserve (IR) Johnsson was playing with John Tavares and Mitch Marner, picking up more minutes and a bigger role. On the week Johnsson had one goal and 3 assists in four games this week. Johnsson had all four points come in the last two games of the week. He now has 8 goals and 9 assists on the year.

Jordan Eberle: To snap a six-game drought, Eberle collect a goal and an assist vs Colorado (Dec. 17th), on the week Eberle had one goal and three assists. Eberle went pointless in the Islanders Sunday game vs Dallas but he picked up a point or more in every game from Dec. 17th to December 20th. Eberle now has 7 goals and 10 assists on the year.

Free Agents Trending up: Alex Iafallo, Nick Schmaltz, Dylan Strome, Alex Galchenyuk, Eric Gustafsson 


Boston Bruins Trade Rumors

Are the Boston Bruins in the market for depth up the middle?

What an idea it has been from Bruins´ head coach Bruce Cassidy! His Bruins lost three in a row for the first time in the season without getting at least a point. And with one simple move, a move many asked for: play David Krejci as a top line center.

And since then, the Bruins won their last three games and the newly created top line has been delivering big-time. David Krejci has one goal and five assists for 6 points and +7 plus/minus, David Pastrnak has the same numbers, but +6 rating and Brad Marchand benefited form this change the most, Marchand collected three goals and five assists with +6 rating in last three games.

Brad Marchand just recently ended his 7-game goaless drought and right after breaking that streak (against New York Islanders two weeks ago) he went three games without a point. After David Krejci´s promotion to the top line, Marchand is suddenly playing his best hockey of the season.

Bergeron´s chemistry with Pastrnak and Marchand was arguably the best in the NHL, but since Bergeron´s injury (12 games as of now), it has not been pleasant for either Pastrnak or Marchand, whatsoever with having Colby Cave centering them… But David Krejci is not Colby Cave, he is still a top-quality center in the NHL.

Good center might be the missing piece for the Bruins

Well, this has something to tell the Bruins. First, keep that top line together, of course. Secondly, the Bruins need a quality center, even with Bergeron back. Boston´s fans have been calling for reenforcement up front since forever. But who should the Bruins aim, Rick Nash-type player to combine as a right-winger with David Krejci, or someone else?

Yes, the Bruins should acquire quality center. Fluto Shinzawa from The Athletic talked about the possibility of trading for Charlie Coyle from Minnesota or Jeff Carter from Los Angeles. Bingo. That´s what the Bruins really need. When Bergeron will be back, top line should stay hot.

David Krejci has a very formidable season and Jake DeBrusk was having quite a run before being out with unfortunate concussion. But what about the third line? What about the potential scenario of Krejci´s or Bergeron´s injury? Acquiring a good quality center (like Coyle or Carter, maybe even Nugent-Hopkins) would do the trick.

Bruins showed what could they do with improved center position

Why? The Bruins have so many great young wingers, Danton Heinen, Jake DeBrusk, Anders Bjork, or Peter Cehlarik and Zach Senyshyn from Providence. David Backes or Ryan Donato showed that they are playing their best hockey on the wing and Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson has been solid in the middle, but not quite what the Bs are looking for on a consistent basis.

Without Bergeron and yet without any trade being realized, the Bruins are still able to deliver with just one good center, just what they showed in last three games. And what about having three of them? The Bruins are a play-off team with ability to deliver and get some results even with so many injuries. If they want to have legitimate chance to win the Stanley Cup, aside from not having injuries, Boston needs a help in the center position.

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Headlines: Is EVERYTHING a suspension?

People all of sudden it becomes playoff hockey and everyone and their grandmothers are calling for a suspension on every hit or play. For example, the Drew Doughty scenario, ok yeah he clipped Carrier a little high and it was a blow to the head, but cmon, Doughty did not go into that play with the intention, let me crush Carriers head. He was trying to separate the man from the puck and it looked worse then it was.

Ok, now a bad one was the Nazem Kadri suspension. Yes definitely worthy of a suspension, no need for that hit. The player was defenseless and Wingels was already falling down Kardi was frustrated and did something stupid. He reaps the consequences now with a three-game suspension. The Corey Perry incident, with his hit on Karlsson, yeah definitely a little dirty but the argument is that Karlsson was battling for the puck. Although it looked like Perry was clearly looking for head contact and to run Karlsson that could have been suspension worthy.

The funniest ones, in my opinion, are the PK Subban one where he separated Nathan MacKinnon from the puck by a sort of punching motion to his chest to turn him the other way. If you’ve ever played hockey and the puck is in the skater’s feet along the boards, stick between the feet and you do what you can to separate the man from the puck. Subban was playing good defense and there is no need for even a discussion of suspension. Another funny one was Brad Marchand, yeah he swung his stick at Jeff Gardiner but cmon if that is all Marchand is doing out there, please let it go. He can do and has done much worse, relax people. Another borderline was Andy MacDonald hit on Hornqvist, from behind yes, but it was such a quick play and I am going to give MacDonald benefit of the doubt by saying he did not push him hard from behind it was a light tap saying I’m behind ya, and Hornqvist did not expect it, was far from the boards, to begin with, and sold it a little bit. We know Hornqvist for doing those things also.

Another HILARIOUS one is Forseberg hit on Duncan Siemens in game one, absolutely destroyed Siemens and people are saying Forsberg was head hunting. Give me a break it is playoff hockey he is setting the tone and playing physical. The Eric Staal and Josh Morrisey one is pretty bad but Morrisey was trying to just latch onto a man in front and happen to come up high with his stick he got suspended so relax people. He did not mean to do that on purpose at least not to the head.

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

But the latest one was Nikita Kucherov hit on Sami Vatanen in game four. Kucherov absolutely destroyed Vatanen and the only reason people are throwing their arms in the air is that there was no call on the play. The hit was clean, a little blindsided but hey that’s hockey, keep your head on a swivel at all times. Kucherov’s elbow may have come up high at the end but that’s the motion of the hit, he came in with the shoulder and naturally you end up finishing the check a little high, we’ve seen it time and time again. If Kucherov gets suspended for this, the NHL may be on the path to making this sport soft. Snowflakes and their typical rants after a big hit. It was clean, a hockey play and a player playing with emoton and intensity. He’s a compeitior and wants to win therefore he is going to set the tone and do whatever it takes to gain an advantage. The fact we see one of the best players in the league laying hits like that is awesome. Terrible to see Vatanen out rest of the game, but I am sure he will be fine, for the rest of the series. If not, sorry to him, but stuff like that happens and we cannot throw our arms in the air after every big hit.

Here is a video of Kucherov’s hit, you be the judge. 

Now the Doughty hit on Carrier, similar but Kucherov’s was definitely cleaner. 

NHL News

Should Brad Marchand be suspended or not?

After reading the title you are aware of what Brad Marchand did last night, I assume. Maybe I am wrong to assume but Marchand did his usual. Taking a cheap shot to a defenseless player and before you even defend Marchand. I do not want to hear “Oh he didn’t mean it, he was battling hard and the elbow just came up, he couldn’t control it”. First off, I have no idea what fantasy land you are living in because Marchand is a repeat offender, has been suspended or fined on multiple occasions and knew exactly what he was doing. Second off, the play was dead it was a whistle in front and Marchand for some reason had to continue the play with an elbow to Marcus Johansson’s head. Lastly, suspend this rat and give him two games or more.

If Marchand does not get suspended then the NHLPA is on some sort of new drug I am unaware of. Remember, take into consideration they just suspended a player with no history or anything for doing something very similar. This will add to the laundry list of suspensions and fines for Brad Marchand, well I hope so because the hit is worrisome and it comes at a pivotal time with the latest suspension and fines in the NHL coming recently and very similar in nature to Marchand’s terrible play Tuesday night.

For those that missed it here is the hit, you be the judge of what should happen.

Skip to 35 seconds. I don’t even have an explanation for what Marchand was trying to accomplish here.

Marchand is scheduled to have a hearing today with the NHLPA so by the end of the day or within the next few hours or so we will know what happens to Marchand in terms of a suspension, fine or nothing.

NHL Boston Bruins

NHL: Troubles in B-Town? Bruins youth able to step up…

I think we may have bid way too high on the Boston Bruins this year, I know it’s early in the year but I wrote them off as a playoff team before the season started, my hopes were high for this team and I had them cracking a playoff spot. Unfortunately, after five games, the Bruins are worrying me a little bit. I understand it is early but take a look at this roster…

Brad Marchand- Patrice Bergeron- Andres Bjork 

Jake Debrusk-David Krejci- David Pastrnak

Tim Schaller-Riley Nash- David Backes 

Matt Beleskey-Sean Kuraly- Frank Vatrano 

I mean besides Pastrnak, Marchand and hoping Bergeron can bounce back the Bruins are not deep and or scary on the front end, the back end I’ll admit is good and that will be the main reason they may see the playoffs. But it is quite evident that the Bruins have seen some offensive struggles through five games, in those five games they have fourteen goals in five games and if they did not play Arizona(whoopie!) they would have eight goals in four games.

Bergeron’s health…

Now the reason I am skeptical is that well Bergeron battled through a major injury last year and his production took a toll, to hope he can bounce back and do more right after that injury is tough to do. Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak are going to have to carry this offense, and I feel like teams in the league will realize the Bruins have no depth so if they match lines well with Pastrnak and Marchand they can shut the two down and do fine.

Bruins youth need to step up…

Screenshot 2017-10-17 at 6.47.43 PMSecondly, I know this team has two top 25 players in the league but their roster is young, Bjork is 21, DeBrusk is 21, Kurlay is 24(rookie still), Vatrano is 23, McAvoy is 19, Carlo is 20, that is six players under the age of 24-years-old and they all play a role on this team. Bjork and DeBrusk play a top-six role, McAvoy and Carlo play a top-four defenseman role and these players will have a ton of weight on their shoulders this season. Also, last thing(sort of), if Bergeron goes out, Riley Nash becomes the #1 center and I’m sorry but if he is holding that spot for longer than a month, count me out on this team.

Last thing (for real) now I did not mention Tuukka Rask because I believe he is a top 10 goalie in the NHL but he himself has shown signs of struggle at times. For three straight season, he posted 2.05 goals against or lower and yes he is a Stanley Cup goaltender but that was four, five years ago! I am not fully sure how much I can trust Rask, I believe he can hold this team up but I also can see him falling to pieces. I hope I’m wrong and the Bruins defense can help Rask, but if Rask is not on fire game in and game out the Bruins will struggle, I know that for certain.