Murray State Ja Morant

Ja Morant And The Phoenix Suns Are A Match Made In Heaven

The Phoenix Suns have been abysmal halfway through the NBA season. They rank dead last in the Western Conference with an 11-48 record.

The young Suns are still learning how to win as a team. With the core of Deandre Ayton and Devin Booker, the Suns should be a competitive team in the next couple of years. Unfortunately, they are still missing some pieces to turn them into a championship contending team.

With their projected top 5 pick in the upcoming draft, the Suns should do anything by any means necessary to acquire Ja Morant, the Murray State point guard that is dominating college basketball.

At 6’3, 175 pounds, Ja Morant is going to be the next promising young point guard in the NBA.

Morant is a physically gifted, and all around polished player. His playmaking ability, athleticism along with his ability to create his own offense will complement Devin Booker in the backcourt and make scoring at the basket easier for Deandre Ayton.

The Suns have been looking for a point guard to help lead the team to championship contention ever since the departure of Steve Nash. The Suns need a dynamic point guard, someone who is going to score the basketball and be a playmaker.

At one point, the Suns had 3 point guards on the team that was all-star caliber players in Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe and Isaiah Thomas but the Suns eventually traded these players away. This created a hole at the point guard spot that they have been trying to fill ever since.

Ja Morant is everything they need in a young point guard to complete their core. Ja has soared up the draft boards this year and is leading a lower tier school in Murray State to a 20-4 record. Morant is heavily compared to the likes of De’Aaron Fox and Russell Westbrook.

With a playmaker being their biggest need, it just so happens that the best playmaker in this draft, Ja Morant, may fall into their laps. A Morant-Booker-Ayton duo would be an interesting big 3 to watch for years.


On Tuesday, November 14th, it was announced that UCLA teammates Cody Riley, Jalen Hill, and LiAngelo Ball would all be allowed to leave China, after they were placed under house arrest for several days. The three ballplayers were forced to stay in their hotel room after they were caught stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store in China. Reportedly, these player’s release came after President Donald Trump intervened and requested their release after meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.


Originally, UCLA was in China to play Georgia Tech on November 10th for the Pac-12 China Game. UCLA went on to play this game, but they were without Ball, Riley and Hill, since they were confined to the hotel at this time. However, UCLA still won the game 63-60 after solid play from Jaylen Hands and Kris Wilkes.


The release of these players couldn’t have come at a better time because this Wednesday will be UCLA’s home opener and second game of the season. All eyes will most likely be on Ball, to see if he can live up to the expectations put on him by his dad. Ball has a lot of doubters and has already gotten off to a rocky start, but the college season is long and if he plays the way his dad claims he can, he will be just fine when the NBA draft comes in June.