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Take note NHL! Buffalo and Colorado climb to the top from the bottom in 19 month

The Buffalo Sabres are at the top of the league. And it is not a joke. Colorado Avalanche went from the worst team in hockey to one of the best in just few months. We take a look at the standings and looking back just to the April of 2017… It is quite unbelievable.

When the regular season 2016/17 ended in the April of 2017, the Avalanche were dead-last in the standings, posting only 48 points, being -112 in the process. The Sabres were not much better, they finished fifth from the bottom with 78 points. In just 19 months circumstances have changed drastically. Buffalo is leading NHL and Colorado has 30 points to sit sixth overall in the standings.

Buffalo has missed every play-off opportunity since 2010, the Avs had miserable year in 2016/17 being 21 points short of 29th place overall. Now Colorado is a play-off team from last season and it seems like they are not stopping anytime soon. The Sabres have won 9 straight games in attempt to battle their franchise records. A team not being a play-off team for eight years is leading the league and it is beyond Thanksgiving.

From bottom-pit to the very top in a flash

It is always so nice to see new teams with fresh young players dominating the game. But these stories are nearly jaw-dropping. You may be very honest with yourself and admit, that whenever your team plays the Sabres or the Avs, you say ´Oh, come on! We have to win, it´s just Buffalo!´.


But it has been quite opposite so far this season. Sabres are firing on all cylinders, leading the standings, winning NINE games in a row, scoring ton of goals… They are used to play exciting style of games, they scored 76 goals and gave up 66, it is not like Buffalo dominates hockey, but they never give up and always seem to find a way. Like yesterday in Detroit, Sabres won that one in 7th round in the shootout.

Colorado is being led by its´ terrific top line. Nathan MacKinnon, Gabriel Landeskog and Mikko Rantanen have combined for 99 points during current campaign. Rantanen is leading the league race in points with 38 points, just three points ahead of… Nathan MacKinnon. Gabriel Landeskog leads the league field in plus-minus with +16, his linemate Rantanen is +14.


Everything has been like in one sweet dream for Colorado and Buffalo so far this season. Will it continue? Will they always find a way? How will they respond to tough challenges like injuries or bad luck? One thing is for sure – they are young and here to be self-confident and courageous enough to overcome any kind of trouble.

NHL Power Rankings: UPDATED

The last time we spoke about Power Rankings was I believe a month ago, well here we are now, a lot has happened in a month, well not really because teams had their bye weeks and some nights only consisted of one two games, but the NHL is coming back in full swing and before we hit the All-Star break. We must get into the NHL power rankings before teams break for five to six days. Here is the last power rankings article… 

The last time we did this was January 9, and since then there has been sixteen days in between but not a ton of action, not much will probably change but, on January 9 we had… (refer below).

  1. Vegas Golden Knights (+1) 
  2. Tampa Bay Lightning (-1)
  3. Boston Bruins (+7)
  4. Washington Capitals (Even)
  5. Winnipeg Jets (New)
  6. Los Angeles Kings (even)
  7. New Jersey Devils (-2) 
  8. Toronto Maple Leafs (+1) 
  9. Dallas Stars (New) 
  10. Colorado Avalanche (NEW)

Now, fast forward sixteen days and the only things I can really change is maybe the ordering of some teams, the Leafs, Kings, Devils gone and Nashville gets back in the conversation as San Jose emerges. Here are the new updated NHL rankings…(refer below).

  1. Vegas Golden Knights (even)
  2. Boston Bruins(+1) 
  3. Winnipeg Jets (+2) 
  4. Tampa Bay Lightning (-2) 
  5. Washington Capitals (-1)
  6. Nashville Predators 
  7. Colorado Avalanche (+3) 
  8. Dallas Stars (+1) 
  9. Calgary Flames (new)
  10. San Jose Sharks (new) 

Maybe a little controversial but, I mean besides Vegas, everything else can be debated. Look now, the Bruins are climbing the rankings only five points away from the league lead, the Lighting has dropped five of their last ten games, the Capitals just drop one because the Lightning dropped, Nashville emerged here because last time around they were playing mediocre borderline .500 hockey but have found success recently. The Avalanche well we know about them and their ten game win streak. The Stars are a silent assassin this year as they are just nine points away from the league lead and one point away from a top three division spot. The Flames have not lost in their last ten games but have dropped three straight in overtime. The Sharks have been chipping away since their poor start and deserve some recognition.