NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

Washington shuts the door on Tampa to force a game 7

Yesterday I wrote an article Washington Capitals in do or die game six: Lightning eye 2nd Stanley Cup appearance in four years it talked about some keys for the Capitals to ensure a game 7 victory. Now I don’t want to go and tout my own horn here but yeah I called three of these keys, and the Capitals executed every one and they won. Therefore I am essentially Bob McKenzie and everyone can call me a genius.

In actuality, the Capitals scored first and when they scored first look what happened. They limited Tampa to two power play chances and Tampa went 0/2, and last but not least Braden Holtby although only stopping 24 shots, made some key saves late in the game, especially when Tampa was pressuring in the middle of that third period in game six. Three keys I called and a Capitals win. I’m onto something, maybe I’m not all that bad at this.

Game 7 history… 

Now, the Capitals head off to Tampa for a game seven, the Capitals have played zero game sevens this playoff series and neither have the Lightning. The Capitals history heading into game seven dates back to 1985 vs the Islanders, the most recent one that has bad memories for Capitals fans is Penguins last season in the second round. The most fond memory the Capitals have in game seven was back in the 2008-09 season when they won a game seven vs the Rangers in round one and the Islanders in seven in 2014-2015. Besides that the Capitals have lost 10 series in seven games.

The Lightning have been around as a franchise since 1992-93 and since coming into the league the Lightning have been to six game sevens before and the most recent memory is losing to the Penguins in seven during the Conference finals two years ago, other than that the Lightning have come out on top from game 7’s vs the Flames in the Stanley Cup in 2003-04, the Penguins in 2010-11 in the first round and the Red Wings and Rangers in 2014-15 the year they lost to Chicago in the Cup.

Game 7’s have treated these two teams well, clearly the Capitals have a bit more experience they have been a franchise a bit longer but both teams know what it is like to play in a game seven and the Capitals certainly know what it feels like to lose a game seven in a heart wrenching way. Capitals fans I hate to do it but Derek Stepan game 7, 2015 second round, in overtime. The Capitals definitely didn’t forget that feeling and nor did Braden Holtby. Let’s just say that loss will play a huge factor into Friday nights game seven.

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised!