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NHL NEWS; NHL Players Attorney Concussion Lawsuit To Be Settled For $18.9 Million

If you follow Elliotte Friedman on Twitter, this morning he was sending out tweets about some formers players lawsuit that could be settled today. This is the first that many are hearing of what. What is this case? and where did it come from?

The case was filed by former NHL players who suffered concussions while playing for the NHL and are asking for settlement money claiming that some NHL teams did not do their best to help those injured and battling a concussion. The players are claiming that the league and the team did not ensure the players safety and believe they should be held responsible for these players today. The case is looking to be for around 18.9 million dollars, the players would receive $6.9 million around 22,000 per player (according to Forbes.com).

The deal is not finalized the NHL has to look it over but it seems they are going to move forward and accept the settlement. The NHL received the claim sometime recent it appears and the accompanying party involved dealing with the players here believe that the deal is to be accepted soon. In the claim as reported by Forbes.com it states

“any claims you had, have or might in the future have against NHL or any NHL related person or entity, having to do with health or injury, are forever waived.” As discussed, most if not all such claims for individuals in your position would be argued by NHL to be already precluded by statuses of limitation- that is, the claims are too old or that they were barred by some other legal rule.”

As reported by Forbes.com

Nothing is finalized yet but it seems the NHL is going to be paying for concussion like related injuries sustained to players who played in the NHL and believe that the league and the NHL teams did not do their best to properly access the safety and the well being of the injured players. This could be a milestone for NHL players, for so long the game and former players have lamented their frustrations about how the NHL treats them when they are out of the league and we have seen time and time again many NHL fighters and enforcers go onto deal with mental illnesses and battling drug/medication addiction due to their playing careers.



NHL News: Gary Bettman & NHL players remarks on recent athletes protest

Yesterday I posted an article regarding the whole NFL kneeling situation, I proposed the question to readers about what if this happens in other sports such as the NHL, MLB and quickly the question was answered.

As of today, CBC Sports published an article about the NHL’s attitude and feelings towards this whole kneeling situation. Hockey fans that are fed up with NFL players kneeling, don’t worry it appears none of that will be making its way into the game of hockey. In the limelight of this, all the Golden State Warriors have denied a visitation to the White House, as the Pittsburgh Penguins have accepted one. NFL and NBA athletes, teams, owners, coaches continue to protest, but for the NHL it’s been quiet.


Via CBC Sports

Although, it was rumored that Joel Ward has not ruled out the option of kneeling during the National Anthem. As of now though, Gary Bettman, NHLPA, and NHL players seem to be on the same page and hold the same remarks on this situation. It starts from the top down which is why the NFL has such a problem controlling and or communicating with its players and coaches, simply because no one respects Roger Goodell, not even fans.