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NHL Picks: December 7th 2018

San Jose Sharks vs Dallas Stars

These two teams are neck and neck in terms of records. Luckily they fall in different divisions. The Stars are fourth in their division the Sharks are third. The Sharks come into this game on a two-game win streak but 4-4-2 in their last ten. As the Stars are on a three-game win streak and 6-3-1 in their last ten. It will be tough for San Jose to knock off Dallas at home where the Stars are 9-3-1 and San Jose is 5-7-3 on the road. We can probably expect very few or no power play goals from either team, as both teams penalty kills are top-5 kills and both teams average around 8.5 penalty minutes a game. As well the Stars defend very well allowing 2.57 goals against (2nd) and the Sharks should be better on the back end but do allow 3.03 a league average. The Sharks score a bit more 3.1 as the Stars only score 2.79 goals per game. The Stars struggle a tad with throwing pucks to the net if they can just shovel shots on net it will make this game easier for them. The Stars Ben Bishop and Sharks Martin Jones get the nod tonight. Both goalies are solid goaltenders so I don’t think we see a 4-3 or higher game. This game has 3-2 or 2-1 written all over it. With the Stars +120 and Sharks -140 it would draw a lot of people to go after the Stars, and it makes sense because I am doing the same. Stars for this one here.

St. Louis Blues vs Winnipeg Jets

I don’t think St. Louis has any shot really you can throw everything and the kitchen sink at this Winnipeg team they still won’t lose to St. Louis tonight. The Jets are at home, on a four-game winning streak, 6-3-1 in their last ten and 9-3-2 at home. The Blues are struggling greatly all year, on a two-game skid, 3-6-1 in their last ten and 3-6-2 on the road. The Blues allow 3.35 goals against vs a Jets offense that scores 3.44 goals per game calls for disaster. This game has potential to be a 5-2 game in Winnipeg’s favor. There is not really much to look at for this game. Especially with Jake Allen going for the Blues his 3.16 goals against does not look good vs Winnipeg plus this is the perfect game for Connor Hellebuyck to get some confidence going. The Jets are -225 and -1.5 puck spread that is +135, I would probably go puck spread here for Winnipeg.

Minnesota Wild vs Edmonton Oilers

The Wild’s Canadian swing ends tonight, they are 1-1 in their two Canadian games, they picked up their first loss 2-0 vs Calgary Thursday night and now they go back to back vs Edmonton. The Wild are 4-6-0 in their last ten and 7-7 on the road, they are struggling right now and have slowly fallen out of that Central division race. They will not be shutout once again on back to back nights but Mikko Koskinen in for Edmonton is a concern. The young goaltender has rode Cam Talbot out of net and he has done an unreal job this year. The Wild did play Alex Stalock Thursday night so Devan Dubnyk draws in the net for tonight. The Wild play a pretty quick game, transition well and try to use all four lines as effectively as possible. They score a decent amount and defend well same goes for Edmonton. The Oilers come into tonight off a win, 5-4-1 in their last ten and 7-4-1 at home. The Wild go home to stop bleeding hopefully after this, but they need a win and a big one. The Wild go home to Montreal, Calgary, Florida and San Jose not easy opponents. There is not puck spread out right now but the Wild are just +100 and the Oilers are -120. I like the Wild here tonight in a big game for Dubnyk and Wild’s offense.

Carolina Hurricanes vs Anaheim Ducks

Both teams are playing the opposite of each other right now. The Ducks are on a five-game win streak and Carolina a four-game losing streak. The Hurricanes go with Curtis Mcelhinney tonight and Ducks go with John Gibson. The Ducks are 7-1-2 in their last ten and 8-3-5 at home as the Hurricanes are 5-4-1 in their last ten and 5-7-1 on the road. Both teams score 2.4 goals per game and both teams allow 2.7 goals per game. The Ducks are just a better team right now, Canes are struggling on the road and I cannot seem them coming into tonight getting a win. I could see an overtime game honestly but the Ducks will come out with this one. The money line is Ducks -120 and Canes +100 the puck spread is Canes -1.5 (+245) and Ducks -1.5 (-300) I honestly can see the Canes keeping it to a one/two goal game. But Ducks for the win, maybe Canes for the puck spread…

FREE NHL Picks: February 23, 2018

Pittsburgh Penguins(35-22-4) vs Carolina Hurricanes(27-23-10)

The Penguins seem to be doing their typical, let’s decide to actually play hockey the second half, and since the second half has started they have won 10 of their last 12 games, posting an 8-1-1 record in their last ten and on a five-game win streak currently. Sidney Crosby, Phil Kessel have 66 points and Malkin has been on a mission as of late with 70 points. If this line up did not scare you enough, its rumored the Penguins are all in for Derek Brassard as well. See them in the Conference finals. The Hurricanes are a borderline playoff team right now, flirting with some potential playoff hopes and barely hanging on as they are one point out of a playoff spot and with the way the wild card is going, as much as you want to believe(like I once did) they are not going to make it. Carolina is 4-4-2 in their last ten with a 15-10-6 record at home coming off a road loss to New Jersey Sunday. Both of these teams are coming off a four-day rest and with how the Penguins are playing we cannot go against them. Going Penguins tonight.

Winnipeg Jets(35-16-9) vs St. Louis Blues(34-23-4)

These two have met now three times and on the season the Blues hold the advantage 2-1, last game Blues took it in Winnipeg, 5-2 which was not too long ago, exactly 15 days ago. It is still fresh in the Jets mind and I cannot see the Jets even going on the road and losing and dropping the season series 3-1. Jets on the road are 12-10-7, not amazing but they are still one of the best teams in the league. St. Louis losing their last two games, dropping their last six games and struggling as of late, Winnipeg needs to start getting some confidence and momentum going into the playoffs and I see them taking this one on the road. Blues are 19-13-0 at home but still going with the Jets coming off a tough loss to L.A., Winnipeg for the win.

San Jose Sharks(33-20-8) vs Chicago Blackhawks(26-27-8)

Day of the road dogs tonight. Not shot I see Chicago winning this game, competing yes, coming out with a win, no. Especially against a hot San Jose team, a playoff contending team and a team that has been pretty consistent all season. Dropping their last game Thursday night vs Nashville 7-1 will make this Sharks team come out with a chip on their shoulder and pissed off. IT never looks good getting blown out but getting blown out and being a playoff team that wants to earn some respect makes it worse. The Sharks are 6-4-0 in their last ten with a 16-11-5 road record as Chicago is 2-7-1 with a 14-14-3 home record. Honestly, the Blackhawks are a solid team they are just struggling with goaltending, defensive depth, and consistent scoring, have to go with the Sharks a little more consistent and a playoff team that cannot drop two straight.

Vancouver Canucks(23-20-7) vs Vegas Golden Knights(40-16-4) 

These two have met just one time of their scheduled four meetings. The first matchup came on Vancouver soil where the Golden Knights smoked them 5-2. This was in November though and a lot has changed, in a sense. The Canucks are out of the playoff race and the Golden Knights are fully in the playoff race and not to mention they are on home ice tonight. Where they are 23-5-2 at home with a 6-4-0 record in their last ten. The Canucks are 12-15-3 on the road with a 3-6-1 record in their last ten. Honestly, let’s keep it short and sweet the Canucks are not going to Vegas and beating one of the best home teams in the league. Going Vegas.