Anthony Duclair Traded

Will A “Fresh” Start In Ottawa Help Anthony Duclair Find Consistent Time In The NHL?

Anthony Duclair was never a projected to be a top-talent in the NHL but he was expected to be better than he has currently panned out to be. Duclair was drafted in 2013, 3rd round 19th pick (80th overall) by the New York Rangers.

Duclair played 18 games in 2014-15 with the Rangers collecting 7 points, he was quickly sent to Arizona part of the Keith Yandle trade. With Arizona he played 172 games tallying 74 points (his longest tenure), then was sent to Chicago for Richard Panik. He played 23 games collecting 8 points. He was released by Chicago and quickly picked up by Columbus, playing 53 games for 19 points.

Now as we know he was sent to Ottawa in the Ryan Dzingel trade. Duclair will look for a fresh start in Ottawa as he begins to play with his fifth team in five years. His third team in two years.

John Tortorella has been very clear and up-front about Duclair’s struggles in Columbus. For a player that is 5″11 and 190+ lbs and has a very similar structure to his game like the Wild’s forward Jordan Greenway. Duclair has really struggled to stay consistent in the NHL. Duclair has the speed and size, he works hard in the offensive zone and works well along the boards but it seems from what Coach Tortorella said about Duclair is that he does not play both sides of the puck well nor is situationally aware and lacks the hockey IQ.

As John Tortella said four days ago about Duclair:

“I don’t think he knows how to play, I don’t,” Tortorella said. “It seems to me he’s like a player who feels he can get the puck because he’s tremendously skilled. He can skate. He has all those things you guys know. I just think he thinks he can go do whatever the hell he wants to do on the ice. You can’t do it in the National Hockey League.

“We have spent a lot of time trying to teach him, trying to teach him situational play, away from the puck. All the stuff we do with players. Sometimes, it looks like he is understanding. So to answer your question, I don’t know. I don’t know if he can’t comprehend it or if he’s just stubborn. But he is running out of time.”

Per The Athletic Tom Reed.

Will Ottawa be a good place for Duclair? Who knows, he grew up in Pointe-Claire Quebec so perhaps heading back “home” to Canada to play for a Canadian franchise could be good for Duclair. It worked for Max Domi and Jonathan Drouin but Duclair will not have much on his roster to help him really propel his game. Although with Ottawa basically a guaranteed first overall pick team right now and having not many to no super stars it may be good for Duclair. Duclair is only 23-years-old and has plenty of time to get an identity to his game and fix his weak areas but like Tortella said his time is definitely running slim.


Mark Borowiecki Suspension

Mark Borowiecki suspended 3 games for illegal check on Vegas Cody Eakin

………And the NHL has gone full on soft as baby sh*t mode. I mean seriously, another suspension for a hit? Sure, Mark Borowiecki may have hit Cody Eakin a little hard but if you listen to the video released on why Borowiecki got hit, it is actually mind blowing how they came up with this suspension.

Mark Borowiecki suspended 3-games (click for video)

If you have not seen the play, check it out and tell me that is worthy of a 3-game suspension. The play started like this, Ottawa had the puck down low, the winger went high to cycle it down low, the pass got broken up and on the stick of Cody Eakin. During this time Borowiecki was pinching in for a pass in the high slot once he saw the puck change hands, he continued his momentum forward and went to hit Eakin. Eakin was looking down at the puck, and was slumped forward as Borowiecki came in for the hit. Ok, now yes Borowiecki could of hit him on the shoulder but I don’t think Borowiecki is all to blame here. Eakin had his head down coming out of the zone, lunged forward and was not aware of his surroundings. I believe the game misconduct was enough here but I guess I see the disciplinary  because this was Borowiecki’s first game back from his first suspension this season and he did this.

John Tortorella comments about state of NHL

I see both sides of this no suspension and suspend him but I don’t know, it just seems like the NHL is really trying to push hitting out of the game and make it a big hug fest as John Tortorella said. Speaking of that, I believe Torts is 100% right with what he said, there is no hate, fear, intimidation in the game anymore, sure there is a line and you should not cross that line but guys talking in between whistles and laughing at each other and smiling. Sounds like basketball to me, it just seems that the NHL is trying to really just make the game one big offensive power house where it is all toe drags, highlight reel goals and eliminating all the hits and physicality from the game.

NHL Preview: Columbus Blue Jackets 2017-18; Panarin Expectations, Wennberg Growth, Jones Success

Columbus Blue Jackets(50-24-8, 3rd Metropolitan):

Columbus has been a basement/middle of the pack team for the last 15 years, with the Blue Jackets 3rd place Metropolitan division finish and John Tortorella’s shift in leadership the Blue Jackets have found themselves among some of the better NHL teams now. After a re-surged Nick Foligno, Cam Atkinson’s career year, some youth stepping up, Sergei Bobrovsky Vezina trophy season the Blue Jackets set eyes on yet another postseason run. 

With the addition of Artemi Panarin and the departure of Brandon Saad, the Jackets roster remained intact this off-season. Panarin will add a ton of power play production to an already quite successful powerplay. With Zach Werenski and Adam Wennberg playing full-time last season, another year under both their belts will do major dividends to their production and help Columbus on both the offensive and defensive side of the puck. Cam Atkinson we all knew was good, but with Columbus success now his true goal scoring ways are finally showing, as we can all expect another rather successful year by the 28-year-old forward. Nick Foligno must continue to progress after a disappointing 2015-16 season, last season Foligno finally broke through as Columbus will be relying heavily on the captain. “Bob” Sergei Bobrovsky did win his second Vezina in four years and posted a 2.06 GAA with 41 wins last season the 28-year-old Russian goaltender will be starting right where he left off last season. But what four players can we expect to make the biggest impact for Columbus next season and play a new and or improved role for the Jackets success next season.



Alex Wennberg: Wennberg played two full seasons with Columbus prior to this season but perhaps you are just hearing about him now because he was not as successful in years past. With Wennberg’s breakout season and 19 point increase from 2015-16 to 2016-17, the 22-year-old has finally emerged on the Jackets roster and will be looking to make a major impact next season. With the #1 center position more than likely locked up we’ll see Wennberg in critical game situations, more powerplay minutes and averaging 18 minutes per game plus with being alongside Artemi Panarin, Wennberg will be on task for another career year.

Artemi Panarin: Panarin will be leaving Patrick Kane which is a major concern for his production and numbers but still with the Jackets tools and successful powerplay we can expect Panarin to produce 70 points again. Perhaps a decrease in assists due to not playing with one of the best goal scorers. But Panarin will be expected to come in and push this team deeper into the playoffs. Panarin seems to know what is expected of him coming into Columbus and may be playing the same if not a more pivotal role for the Blue Jackets next season. Panarin will be facing some new faces this season traveling from the Western Conference to the Eastern Conference.

Seth Jones: The trade Ryan Johansen for Seth Jones in 2015-16 was a huge eye-opener for fans, many said Blue Jackets got the better end due to Jones age, but with how successful Johansen and the Predators have been, who’s to say Nashville did not win that trade. Jones did play 6 fewer games and scored 9 more points last season compared to 2015-16. Jones did not have a ton of powerplay success last season (7 PPP) which is where we can expect him to start taking more of a command and leading the power play one unit. But with Jones youth and plenty of room for growth, the Jackets will have a #1 defensemen in him for years to come. As Jones and Werenski continue to grow the Jackets blue line growth remains bright.

Sergei Bobrovsky: Ok I think it’s fair to say, there’s not much of a chance Bobrovsky repeats his 2016-17 season numbers again this upcoming season. To post similar numbers is a tough feat to repeat, but production, reliability, and consistency Bobrovsky will continue to bring. 2012-2013, when he won his first Vezina Bob, posted a 2.00 GAA 21 wins(37 games started), .932 save percentage after that the following year he posted 32 wins, 2.38 GAA, .923 save percentage. His numbers dipped a bit but he still posted good numbers for a starter. The Jackets will need Bobrovsky to continue his Vezina type performances and continue to be a consistent, top tier goalie in the NHL to help make that push for a deeper postseason run.

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