NHL Trade Deadline 2019

My Top Buyers and Sellers For The NHL Trade Deadline

The NHL Trade Deadline is about seven weeks away, therefore usually around this time, 40+ games, teams making pushes for the playoffs and other teams doing the opposite. A lot of trade talk is about to approach so let’s get you ready for what can be a pretty exciting 2019 NHL trade deadline.

Top Buyers: 

Pittsburgh Penguins: It is no surprise here that the Penguins are again buyers. They continue to be a top-10 team in the NHL that have the tools to be a Stanley Cup team therefore around this time they usually always are involved in trade talks. There most recent trade talk has been with the Carolina Hurricanes for either Michael Ferland or defenseman Justin Faulk or Dougie Hamilton, not all three or two probably just one of the three. Either the Penguins could use another top-six winger but more importantly can certainly use a top-four or even number five defenseman. The Penguins by no surprise can score goals but they struggle to defend consistently, with a defense of Kris Letang (injury issues) Jack Johnson, Brian Dumoulin and Olli Maata they need to add another tool back there.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Much like the Penguins the Leafs are going to be buyers come the deadline, they really do not need any more forward depth due to the fact William Nylander is a third liner almost. The Leafs would have no reason for a forward. The thing the Leafs could use is a top-four defenseman, Ron Hainsey may not cut it much longer for Toronto, Morgan Reilly is proving number one capability and Jake Gardiner is a solid number four but they still another d-man, someone who is a good two-way defenseman. A Dougie Hamilton or Justin Faulk would be perfect but as of now there has not been much from Toronto. The Leafs could also use a potential back-up/fringe starter to help Frederick Anderson before the playoffs come around. Someone who can play at least half the games remaining in the year to get Anderson 100% healthy for the playoffs.

Edmonton Oilers: The Oilers need to make a move for a forward if they want to be a playoff team their current offensive roster is not going to cut it for the playoffs or a playoff run. They need one top-six forward and a borderline top-six/bottom-nine forward soon. The Oilers have tried line scheme after line scheme this season and not much is working consistently. They will probably look to the Rangers for Kevin Hayes, Mats Zuccarello, Vladislav Namestikov or the Senators for a few of their bottom-six forwards, the Blues have a slew of forwards, the Hurricanes Michael Ferland. Either way they need to be inquiring about someone.

Colorado Avalanche: With their 11 million in projected cap space the Avalanche should be shopping for a top-six, bottom six forward. They have the two best players in the NHL right now but someone else needs to supplement those two when the playoff run comes around and playoff time comes. The Avalanche have a lot of young potential but they will need some more proven success. Out there is as mentioned above, the Avalanche will be doing some necessary shopping over the next two weeks or so.

Top Sellers:

New York Rangers: Not a shock to many, the Rangers are definitely over performing considering the roster they have but they are still not a great team. Plus it does them no good to win games right now or not consider being big sellers. They have a few players to shed as well but with Kevin Hayes and Mats Zuccarello current UFA’s in 2019-2020 they will more than likely be trading those two. They have 2 million in cap space and with those two gone it will free up about 9.6 million making them a true contender for Artem Panarin this offseason.

Los Angeles Kings: They have no reason to buy and they do have a few names that can be useful elsewhere. I.e. Tyler Toffoli, Jeff Carter, Dustin Brown, and some bottom six forwards. Not a great year for L.A. but they have around $89,000 in cap space right now with three free agents in 2019 summer and Brown/Carter on unfavorable contracts.

Carolina Hurricanes: I did not expect the Hurricanes to be sellers but it seems their GM is in favor to shed Faulk, Hamilton and Ferland. Therefore making sellers for sure, they have 16 million in cap space and getting rid of two of those three would leave them with a nice dollar amount to sit on in the offseason. Plus they need to free up cap for Sebastian Aho, Teuvo Teravainen, Jordin Martinook, and possibly Justin Williams. The Hurricanes have a ton of UFA/RFA to consider in the offseason and they cannot afford Faulk, Hamilton and Aho therefore we can see these guys selling heavy come the deadline.

St. Louis Blues: I almost want to say why not sell for this team. You have Brayden Schenn, Jaden Schwartz, David Perron, Patrick Maroon, Vladimir Tarasenko, Tyler Bozak, etc. At least two of these guys or even one can go and will provide a decent return. The Blues have rumored to be in talks to shed Vladimir Tarasenko, which I mean sounds ridiculous but realistically this team is not going to win anytime soon, get a good return on the guy sooner than later.


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Phil Kessel trade rumors shut down, Blackhawks willing to trade the 8th overall pick for established NHL player…

The Blackhawks continue to make a push for an established, proven NHL player. From the sights of what happened with the Blackhawks last year, a proven NHL defenseman may be what they are considering. Which from the rumor of things with Justin Faulk the Blackhawks could very well be going after Faulk and that Jeff Skinner deal. The thing is why is Chicago so willingly to move the 8th overall pick when they could possibly land Evan Bouchard, Noah Dobson or Adam Boqvist, three proven worthy and NHL ready defenseman. In my personal opinion if the Blackhawks do move their 8th overall pick it will be a huge fault on their part. The Brandon Saad- Artem Panarin trade already looks bad, don’t make it any worse now.

(Per NHL Discussion Instagram)

Phil Kessel Trade Rumors 

The Pittsburgh Penguins have officially shut down any Phil Kessel trade rumors, for about three weeks people thought Kessel was actually going to leave Pittsburgh. This is why we do not speak too soon because those people that wrote articles saying, “Kessel would fit well on these teams….” now we can just laugh at them. Do not try and get ahead of the curve without knowing enough inside information. If you are not Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger or any big hockey insider do not go around trying to break the news that is not news.


^ Exhibit A of what not to do when a rumor comes out. Kessel to Colorado, think before you write.


^ Exhibit B of what not to do. Like stated, unless rumors come out about the Penguins actually actively shopping him and setting a price, do not go around and say oh the Penguins will only accept a trade for Kessel if it was x,y,z.


^ Exhibit C I hope the person who wrote this article has personal contact with Mike Sullivan to be writing these types of articles. Probably not, probably a Penguins fan page just trying to break news.


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Trade Talk: Jeff Skinner, Justin Faulk to Chicago? Max Pacioretty on the trade block, again.

Jeff Skinner and Faulk talk

The Hurricanes go from terrible to decent and now want to go back to terrible it seems as they have set the price for 28-year-old veteran left winger Jeff Skinner and Justin Faulk. Skinner is rumored to be a first-round and prospect, while Faulk is rumored to be around the same price. The Jeff Skinner aspect is more of a draw right now due to the fact he is a 20+ goal scorer for three years in a row and Skinner is nearing the end of his contract at 5.75 AAV right now. Ending at the end of 2019 season. Faulk is up in two years at a 4.83 AAV. The two places these two have been rumored to though is the Chicago Blackhawks. Aside from these two, Noah Hanafin and Scott Darling have also been put on the trading block, essentially everyone on the Hurricanes on the block beside Sebestain Aho, it seems Rob Brind’Amour is really trying to change the culture. Not much has been said since a week ago when this rumor came out but the Blackhawks and Hurricanes are in trade talks, so keep your eyes peeled!

Pacioretty trade talk 

Max Pacioretty we saw hit the trade block at the deadline this year in the 2017-18 season but nothing happened from that trade talk. Pacioretty is at 4.5 AAV and his contract ends at the end of this season, which is the main reason the Canadiens want to move him due to the fact Pax is a 5-time 30 plus goal scorer and will be earning around 6.5 plus mil per year, and the Canadiens clearly do not want to move forward with a long-term deal. Nothing has come up about where Pax is rumored to be going but we can expect Pax to find a new home this offseason.

Islanders and Hurricanes interest in Grubauer

More trade news, the Islanders, and Hurricanes have been rumored to reach out to the Capitals about Phillip Grubauer. The Islanders clearly need help in the goaltending department after how poorly Jaroslav Halak and Tomas Greiss completely fell through and did not live up to expectations. The Islanders hold the 11 and 12 picks in this year’s draft but if they do give up a first rounder for Grubauer, they are truly desperate. The Hurricanes are only interested in Grubauer because they have also been rumored to be trading Scott Darling. Not much has moved on this talk since it came up but let’s see where this goes.

Ilya Kovalchuk watch 

Ilya Kovalchuk watch has begun, as he was seen in L.A. visiting the Kings and then heading to the San Jose Sharks to visit them. Kovalchuk wants to win and make anywhere from 5.5 to 6 million a year, therefore, a lot of teams are off the radar for Kovalchuk. The Kings have some Russians and have harbored some Russians before in the past so that could work out. The Sharks is a bit out of left field but with the news of buying out Paul Martin, they will have the money and to see what they did this offseason Kovalchuck is clearly inclined to go to a winning team like San Jose.



Carolina Hurricanes: Carolina Eyes Playoff Push For 2017-18 Season

First, you look at Carolina’s front end and really there are no major holes to be filled. Skinner is a proven forward and top point producer when healthy. Jordan Staal has been making major strides after rough 2012-2014 outings. Staal seems to be a more reliable #1 center. Sebastian Aho avoids the sophomore worries and produces equal to similar numbers then that’s another goal scorer and play maker for Carolina. Elis Lindholm and Victor Rask paired together are perfect Lindholm is coming off a career season and so Rask. Plus both of them are in their low to mid twenty’s with plenty of years to produce great numbers. Teuvo Teravainen first season with Carolina was a successful one, as the team continues to win and grow on the front end so will Teravainen. If paired with Aho or Lindholm he can produce similar or better numbers. The Hurricanes are extremely young on the front end and with Lee Stempniak and Justin Williams in the mix as well, they have the veteran leadership to make a push this season.

  • Sebestian Aho 24G 25A, 45 points rookie season, 19-years-old
  • Elias Lindholm 11G 34A 45 points 22-years-old
  • Victor Rask 16G 29A 45 points 24-years-old
  • Jeff Skinner 37G 26A 63 pts 25-years-old best year since rookie season
  • Jordan Staal 16G 28A 45 points 28-years-old
  • Lee Stempniak 16G 24A 40 points veteran
  • Teuvo Teravainen 15G 27A 42 pts 22-years-old best season career during 1st-year w team major growth in Teuvo.
  • Key additions: Marcus Kruger, Justin Williams.

The defense is really not much of a concern too much either. With Faulk-Hanifin and Slavin-Van Riemsdyk, they have four NHL defenseman although they may not be elite level defenseman if any of these guys were your teams four defensemen you too would probably not be overly concerned. Hoping they can hold teams top lines off as their offense produces more efficiently, then Carolina can definitely make a push next season.

  • Defense: Justin Faulk 17G 20A 37 points 25-years-old. Proven top defensemen, last season was a down year but the growth of team plus bounce back season will only see better numbers.
  • Noah Hanifin 4G 25A 29 points 20-years-old
  • Jacob Slavin: 5G 29A 34 points 23-years-old. Hopefully, 7-year contract extension doesn’t ruin his game.
  • Key additions Trevor Van Riemsdyk.

The only real concern here is starting goalie, Cam Ward at age 33 cannot play 60 plus games next season and it seems Darling wants a starting role position. If the two split time it can cause some turmoil but or it can help mold Darling for the starting role job. If Darling gets the starting role and Ward plays that backup role well playing 20+ games, Darling holds up with the work load of 60+ starts next season, Carolina can certainly make a playoff push.

  • Goalies: Cam Ward 26-22 2.69 GAA. Coming off a bit more successful season. 33-years-old and is ending near of his career.
  • Scott Darling 28-years-old, looking to finally take on a starting role full time. Proved his worth in a Chicago 75 games played 39-17 2.37 GAA, during career. 3-1 career playoff record 2.12 GAA.

Carolina Case for Playoffs???

Carolina has five to six forwards that can produce on a nightly basis, four defensemen that can yield top NHL lines and two defensemen that can produce on the offensive side as well. Hoping Darling gets the starting role and holds the work load well and Ward plays the backup role well and helps mold the 28-year-old Darling. Carolina has the tools if everything works out well, this team can make a playoff push in my eyes.