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Quarterfinal Prediction / Take

The First Round just rounded out with some great games were witnessed as teams gave it their all in order to proceed to the next round; taking another step further towards deciding who will be crowned this year’s National Champions.

Prediction Recap

Released earlier in the week, my predictions went 7-1.

The scores were scattered all over the place but the general decisions were more or so correct. Each team in the tourney has a shot of winning the title, making this year’s Quarterfinal a must see.

Saturday, May 19th

#6 Loyola vs. #3 Yale

Both are great teams here. Yale played a great UMASS team and came out the victor as the Bulldogs battled to score on Sean Sconone as he who made 10 saves to keep UMASS in the game.

Loyola kept the pace against Virginia, setting a lead at half 10-5. A late Virginia surge was stopped as Loyola went on to win 14-12.

Loyola’s offense has been great all season. The Loyola defense has to be locked down if they want to beat that dynamic Yale team. I’m going with another close game, but I’ll go with Yale to advance to the Semis. 15-13

Denver vs. #2 Albany

This will be another great game. Denver should be buzzing off their upset against Norte Dame.

If the Pios can find a way to stop that Great Dane offense, they’ll be able to win. However, I don’t think that will be the case.

Albany will also be up against Trevor Baptiste, the best Face-Off player in the country. He will matchup nicely against TD Ierlan, who is widely considered the #2 to Baptiste. It will be a true battle of who will win the face offs considering the legitimacy of both specialists. I’m going with Albany. 13-8

Sunday, May 20th

Cornell vs. #1 Maryland

Cornell is coming off an amazing win at the Dome, knocking off a talented ranked Syracuse team. Cornell played lights out, capitalizing on Syracuse’s mistakes.

Maryland did not have an easy game against Robert Morris University.

Being outplayed by a hungrier team is not something the talented Terps are used too.

RMU took a 6-3 lead to half as the Terps looked shell shocked by the effort RMU had given them, winning on offense and defense against the nationally ranked #1 Maryland team.

Maryland stormed back scoring 6 in the third, out-scoring RMU 6-1. It was all Maryland from that point as they went in to win 14-11, closer than everyone expected. If Maryland comes off lazy against Cornell, we could be looking at another major upset. I don’t think Maryland will come out that flat again. It will be a great game but Maryland should bounce back against a very good Cornell team. Maryland 13-10

If Jeff Teat isn’t contained, the Terps will have a tough matchup ahead.

#5 Johns Hopkins vs #4 Duke

Duke controlled the game against Villanova the entire way, going up 11-4 at half and ultimately winning the contest 17-11.

Hopkins is coming off a tight comeback win against Georgetown in OT. JHU underestimated the firepower that G-town has.

Down 8-3, Johns Hopkins found the will to win to tie it at 9-9, winning it in OT from Shack Stanwick.

Duke is looking real good. I don’t believe Hop has what it takes the beat the juggernaut that is Duke Lacrosse. It’ll be a battle of offenses, but Duke should win this one. I’ll go 14-10

The Cavs are back

The Cleveland Cavaliers made a blockbuster series of trades that now has them in the driver seat in front of the Eastern Conference. The Cavs traded away Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade, Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Channing Frye, and Iman Shumpert. They basically dumped a good portion of their team. They acquired in the process young and upcoming NBA stars such as Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr. Along with established players Rodney Hood and George Hill.


LeBron James was the main reason for this rebuild, and I don’t want to hear what anyone else thinks.

The Cavs have a new GM in Koby Altman who basically submitted to LeBron’s terms and asked him about his thoughts in a 1 on 1 sit down about the current team and how they could be better through trading.

LeBron was the focal point in a last minute rebuild that has the entire league upside down. This way LeBron is provided with that depth of solid production that can boost his talents in order to take the Cavs back to the NBA Finals. It’s no secret that Dan Gilbert and LeBron have a rocky relationship, but is it that rocky to the point where LeBron won’t consider coming back?

LeBron came back to Cleveland because he had felt that he owed the city a championship. LeBron felt that Northeast Ohio and the kids that grow up their should have a personal role model; an inspiration from the city of Akron. He came back because he is providing for the city that provided for him. Akron, Ohio. That’s why I deep down believe LeBron isn’t going to leave. Especially now after the trades.


There’s even an article, when LeBron originally came back to Cleveland; his underlining reason as to why he’s coming back:  Credit to Sports Illustrated in 2014- LeBron: I’m coming back to Cleveland

After winning a ring with Cleveland, does LeBron feel a little less inclined to help he city of Cleveland from a business perspective? He shouldn’t. The beauty of being the best player in the NBA comes with all the money that can be provided. But it sounds like it isn’t about the $ with LeBron.

Could LeBron make the leap to the young and upcoming Lakers? He might, considering California is big for wine. LeBron does love his wine. He’s always on instagram promoting his affection for it. But Isaiah Thomas may drive LeBron off because of his horrible defense. That’s another discussion that I don’t want to get into.

LeBron ultimately controls the Cavs at the end of the day. If the Cavs couldn’t trade LeBron, then they traded in order to keep LeBron. With this new roster, and the prospects of the draft; LeBron will stay, asking for money that even Dan Gilbert would have to give LeBron himself, along with the Cavs bankroll.

Where do the Cavs matchup against the NBA’s Top 5?

This trade was greatly executed by GM Koby Altman off of LeBron’s suggestions. I think this puts the Cavs at the #3 spot. I don’t think they can beat the Warriors. They can make  push against the Rockets, but Houston has too many weapons that can rattle off. The Cavs definitely overtake the Celtics unfortunately. Without Gordon Hayward, the Celts are missing that one big that can grab boards and score buckets. That’s why they got blown out by the new look Cavs, because of that missing piece.

The Celtics could even push off the Cavs if the Cavs go into a slump again. The Celts are an extremely close 2 to the Cavs being #1.

Of course, it won’t matter if the Rockets are better than the Cavs because the Cavs are in the East. The only competition the Cavs need to worry about for that NBA finals bid, is the Celtics.

The Toronto Raptors, however, as of February 14th, 2018 control the 1st place spot in the Eastern Conference. You bet I have them at #4, not being better than the Celts. The problem with the Raptors is that they are average on the road, and amazing at home. That will guarantee a first-round exit in the playoffs. They’re 16-12 on the road. Which is fine, if you want to lose. The Celts are 21-10 at home. They are just as good on the road, going 19-8. I don’t talk about the Raptors cause it’s not worth talking about honestly. Yes, the Raptors will win a home playoff game, but 2? Not sure.

The 5th best team per my opinion is the Timberwolves. The Timberwolves and the Spurs matchup very similar. But if the T-wolves played the Spurs, I think the T-wolves would be too much for an aging Spurs team that lacks that spark plug on offense.

I am very excited to see what will happen with this new Cavs team. The playoffs will definitely be worth watching this year considering all the talent in the NBA today. I personally think the Warriors will win it again, the talent within is just too ridiculous to lose. I’ll be hoping to see the Celts in the finals. LeBron James should never be counted out, (maybe with the old Cavs team). But with a new Cavs team, the matchup will be extremely cool to watch. (Yes, Cavs/Celtics Eastern Conference Finals).






Free NBA Picks for February 10th, 2018

Last night we saw the Celts fall behind after coming back from 20+ failing to cover their spread taking the L. We saw 2 of our picks succeed as the Jazz beat the Hornets by 12. The Rockets did as they were supposed too and beat the Nuggets by 26.

6-3-1 over the past 3 days. 3 picks here tonight

Wizards -6.0 vs the Chicago Bulls


The once red hot Wizards travel into Chicago on a 6-4 run the past 10. The Bulls are 2-8 the last ten, posting a 12-14 home record. The Wizards lost a close one to the East’s best team in OT. They could be tired tonight, but the Wizards have been playing better without the focus of John Wall. I think they could be gassed, but they are too talented to not cover against a young-injury riddled Chicago Bulls team. I see the Wizards winning by 6 or 7. Take the points if you can. I don’t think it will be a blowout, it should be a close one.

The Wizards won by 4 the last time they both played, under different circumstances of course.

Warriors -11.0 vs the San Antonio Spurs

Golden State Warriors Memphis Grizzlies game at Oracle Arena in Oakland

The Warriors are at home as they face the injury riddled San Antonio Spurs. The Warriors are 20-7 at home this year. The Spurs are 13-15 on the road. The last time these two met, the Warriors won by 22.

The Spurs will be missing Tony Parker and DeJounte Murray, going against the Warriors amazing starting lineup. Without Kawhi Leonard, the Spurs will be exposed to all sorts of  misery as I can see Dub Nation going 15+ over the Spurs. Roll with the best team in the NBA.

Lakers +2.0 vs the Dallas Mavericks


The Lakers ride into Dallas on a 4 game winning streak. The Lakers are 8-2 the last 10 games. The Mavs are 2-8 the last 10. Despite the trades, I believe the Lakers should have enough fire power to beat a Dallas team which can be streaky at times. If the Mavs hit their shots early, they hit the shots throughout the game.

The Lakers should win this won by 5 or 6. If the Mavs play terrible it could be worse. The Lakers could also lose by 2 or 3. Which also covers the spread. Take the points here as well, it should be a close game.




NBA Free Picks for February 8th, 2018

Last night we saw the Rockets fight the strong Miami wave of attack as the Rockets covered by 8. We also saw the Spurs absolutely destroy the Suns. What I tell ya? Booker makes that team. At one point the Suns were down by 40. The Pelicans somehow rained out being postponed.

2-0 since yesterday. I have 4 picks again tonight. I feel like tonight may be the strongest for the favorited teams.

Raptors -13.5 vs the New York Knicks


The Knicks are coming off the heart breaking game against the Bucks where they lost their superstar Kristaps Porzingis. The Knicks have gone 3-7 the past 10. The Raptors have gone 7-3. If Porzingis didn’t get hurt, the spread would be a little outrageous. Without KP, the Knicks are an even worse team that struggles to find a main point in scoring for their offense. They struggled even with KP. I expect the Raptors to continue their dominance at home possibly by a 20 point blowout here. The Raptors are 22-4 at home.

Hawks +1.5 vs the Orlando Magic

The Magic and the Hawks enter on a 2 game winning streak. The Magic have a terrible record going 17-36 this season. They are their “best” at home going 10-14. The Hawks also have a terrible record going 17-37. They are 8-21 on the road this year.


Apparently Elfrid Payton was just traded. That impacts the Magic on offense terribly. They acquired a pick in exchange from the Suns, which will help the Magic next season just not this season

The Magic will be without Aaron Gordon, Nikola Vucevic, and possibly Jonathon Simmons as well so do your own research before the game. Without all of these players, the Hawks have a good shot to beat the Magic tonight in what should be a close gam between 2 struggling teams.

Celtics+1.5 vs the Washington Wizards

The Wizards have been playing absurdly better without John Wall. The Wizards have won 4 out of the last 5 games, the same for the Celtics. This matchup honestly could go either way here.

kyrie-irving-24e90a39cddeba23Kyrie Irving is rumored to come back tonight. If he does, the Celts should win this in a back and forth game.

It will definitely be a challenge as the Wizards have been hot as of late. They are home tonight too. The Wizards will cool off eventually, maybe starting tonight against the East’s best in the Celtics. The Celtics main concern is the big man game. The Celts will need heavy production from their bench to top the Wizards tonight.

Mavericks +13.5 vs the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are the best team in the NBA right now. However, every once in a while the Warriors find themselves at times dazed from teams that are awful. The Kings upset last year, this year against the Nuggets.

Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves

The Mavs are 2-8 the last 10. The Warriors have also struggled considering their talent going 6-4. The Warriors are looking to stop a 2 game skid, which should probably happen against an injury riddled Mavs team. KD is also questionable for tonight but as I stress, you should always do your own research. I see Dub nation getting the W easily here, but will they cover the spread? The Warriors are bad this year ATS going 23-30-1 this season. I say the Warriors win by 8 or 9 with the Mavs losing the entire game while coming back to threaten the Warriors slightly. If you can take the points, add them here against the NBA’s best team.


Reaction to the 2018 Super Bowl

Nick Foles, a Super Bowl hero

Nick Foles and the Eagles captured their first Super Bowl in franchise history. Nick Foles played his heart out, leaving it all on the field throwing for 373 yards and 3 TD’s. He also threw an unlucky INT after Alshon Jefferey tipped it in the air.


The Eagles O’ kept pace with Tom Brady. Brady most of the game seemed unfazed to the Eagles pass rush, throwing all over the Eagles. The Eagles made up for it on offense countering Brady’s blows as well confusing Patricia and his defense.. Doug Pederson and his play calling was out of this world on Sunday. Mixing trick plays, plenty of RPO’s, and having plenty of trust in Nick Foles and his execution. Zach Ertz had a field day which helped the Eagles wrap up the Pats in LII.

It’s all about the critical turnover that turns a game upside down, and it ever so greatly happened to the New England Patriots. The strip sack initiated by Brandon Graham and then recovered by Derek Barnett put the nail in the coffin, sealing the W for Philly.

The Pats Defense was exposed the entire game. Tom Brady did all he could to support the Pats until the very end. The Eagles executed the game plan exceptionally well which prevented that stop the Pats D’ needed to finish the game.

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons

The Pats offense looked exactly the way it usually has been, unstoppable. If it wasn’t for Brandin Cooks being ruled out, the Pats could have spread the field better as the Eagles accounted for Cooks and his talent and speed. But with Cooks out, Amendola and Hogan had to be relied on more which in the end wasn’t enough.

What usually works for the Pats, fell apart completely.

Matt Patricia couldn’t solve the dynamic running between Jay Ajayi and LeGarrette Blount. Corey Clement made huge plays to also bolster that dynamic RB core. Nick Foles released the ball with ease and quickness over short passes, opening up the Pats D sensitive for the run. Usually the Pats make the correct adjustments after the first half. Teams don’t look the same going against the Pats D because they play so smart, behind great coaching as well from Matt Patricia.

Pats fans never had to worry about their offense as Tom Brady continued to be the GOAT throwing for 505 yards and 3 TD’s. It wasn’t enough to fly with the Eagles. Both Danny Amendola and Chris Hogan contributed as much as they could, both having 125+ receiving yards. Gronk also had over 100 receiving yards, making that 3 different receivers with over 100 yards.

There will be plenty to look forward too as the offseason sets it. Will we see the Eagles or the Pats back next year in the Super bowl? I can see the Eagles, most definitely. Plenty of key pieces are locked up through 2020 and they get Carson Wentz back.

It’s stupid to say the Pats won’t be the same, but new coordinators on both sides of the ball CAN be difficult depending on players relationships with the newly hired coaches. I can see the Pats being elite again next year like they always are. Brady will gain Edelman back with the corps of Cooks and Amendola, and the Pats will look to add pieces to the puzzle that will help Brady. If Gronk does actually retire, that will hurt Brady harshly as Gronk remains Brady’s best Red-zone receiver. If Gronk doesn’t retire, well you can make your best bet.

By benching Malcolm Butler the Pats were exposed throughout the game on defense. Not even Tom Brady throwing for what could be his best game of his career could have helped. Did Malcolm Butler deserve to be benched for his off the field decisions? Yes. But the whole Super Bowl?! Belicheck should know some players respond differently in game situations. Is it fair to say Butler deserved some kind of punishment? Absolutely.

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks

But you don’t bench your best CB in the last game of the season the entire game. Butler could have been the Super bowl hero New England needed against Seattle a few years back.

Malcolm Butler could have did awful in the first half and you still had Eric Rowe. It just doesn’t make sense. I hope he finds a team in free agency that can use him the fullest of his talent even with the off the field issues.

It was a great feeling watching the Eagles win their first Super bowl. It was even greater seeing the Pats lose. For any Jet fans, some hope should come from this. Not only did the Pats lose again in the Super bowl, but they were EXPOSED. 41 damn points hung on that defense. Can you see the Pats putting up 33 against that Eagles D without Brady?

I don’t think so. But you are all entitled to your opinions.

Congrats Philly, you deserved it






Ranking the QB’s from the 2017-18 NFL Season Part 3

#18. Dak Prescott

Dak lead the Cowboys to a 9-7 record, throwing for 22 TD’s and 13 INT’s. It was certainly the sophomore slump for Dak as he underperformed without Zeke mightily. Without their top tier RB Ezekiel Elliot, Dak managed to walk away with a 3-3 record while Zeke was suspended. Without having that constant RB threat, it exposed Dak more often. Dak threw the ball without precision in many games, which lead to his high INT count. The year previous, Dak had 4 Interceptions.

Hopefully Dak has a better season next year without having to worry about living life without Zeke.

#17. Derek Carr

Derek threw for 22 TD’s and 13 INT’s, leading the Raiders to a 6-10 record. A huge step back for Carr here as the once playoff bound Raiders blew it in 2017.  Amari Cooper underperformed and so did Michael Crabtree. Crabtree may be cut in the offseason, leaving a new WR spot for the Raiders.

Jon Gruden should change the culture in Oakland, as well develop Derek Carr into that elite QB status which I believe Derek Carr has the potential to be. Just a bad season for the Raiders in 2017, should be exciting to watch in 2018.

#16. Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota had a questionable 2017 for the Titans. He lead them to a 9-7 record throwing 13 TD’s and 15 INT’s. He played hurt for most of 2017. Could it have affected his play that much? Maybe. We will definitely see a different Mariota next year, hopefully a more confident one.

The Titans most likely will move on from DeMarco Murray an aging star. Derrick Henry will help Mariota as Henry moves into that primary position. The Titans need to add more receiving options for Mariota as clearly the options right now aren’t enough.

#15. Kirk Cousins


Cousins threw for 27 TD’s and 13 INT’s leading Washington to a 7-9 record. Cousins didn’t have a bad 2017 as he did what he could to steer the dumpster fire that is the Washington Redskins. Cousins sometimes would mess up his mechanics which usually happens every year for him, calling attention to his footwork. His WR’s lacked the true talent needed for Cousins to be successful.

Cousins should have a potential top 10 2018 season depending on the team he goes too. Rumors have it the Broncos seem to be the main team which would make great sense with receiving options like Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. There are also rumors they could be gone as well, which could spell trouble for the Broncos in 2018.

Cousins will have plenty of teams to choose from as free agency slowly but surely makes its way.

#14. Blake Bortles

Bortles had an interesting year throwing for 21 TD’s and 13 INT’s. He lead the Jags to an AFC Championship where they eventually lost to the Pats. The Jags went 10-6 based off the average play of Bortles.

The Jags Defense helped Blake immensely as the D gave Bortles chances to elevate his game basically every game. With Allen Robinson coming back next year, the Jags face an interesting offseason filled with many questions on how to build around Blake Bortles and continue to develop him. They could also try and find a franchise QB around their up and coming team.

#13. Jimmy Garoppolo


Jimmy G only threw for 7 TD’s and 5 INT’s in 2017. After learning from TB12 in New England, Garoppolo was traded to the 49ers, a franchise desperate for a QB under new head coach Kyle Shanahan. I believe Jimmy G is better than Blake Bortles and Tyrold Taylor, which is why he’s #13 for 2017 in my opinion.

Jimmy G lead the 49ers to a 5-0 record to close out 2017. The 49ers were 1-10 before he showed up. Jimmy G showed his youth with the close TD/INT ratio. But he threw for over 275+ in 4 of the 6 games he appeared in.

2018 will be an interesting year for the 49ers as they hope to continue the success they’ve mounted with their new QB. They could also find themselves in playoffs if Jimmy G continues to lead them like a veteran on and off the field like he did with the short amount of time he had.

I can even see him landing in the Top 10 if Garoppolo continues his success next year.

#12. Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod threw for 14 TD’s and 4 INT’s as he lead the Buffalo Bills to a playoff berth for the first time since 1995. The Bills went 9-7.

I don’t like Tyrod Taylor. I don’t think he’s that good of a QB many portray him to be.

He threw for under 200 yards in 9 games. He also never threw more than 2 TD passes this season in a game. I think Tyrod is a very smart QB. The Bills Offense focuses on Tyrod being smart, making smart throws putting his team in the best position to win. With LeSean McCoy, Tyrod can pace the offense by giving LeSean more carries, or even checking down to him in order to avoid the big mistake down the field. You won’t EVER see Tyrod throw the ball for over 300 yards in a game, which differentiates average QB’s from Elite status. The Bills even traded Sammy Watkins. Was it because he was a bust? Maybe. Or maybe the Bills knew that even with Watkins, Tyrod still wasn’t going to throw all over the place. There is certainly room to improve and grow in Taylor’s game. With options such as Jordan Matthews and Zay Jones, Tyrod could grow into that eventual elite QB status.

Being safe and comfortable will only get you so far as a QB, like a first round playoff exit type far.

#11. Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben threw for 28 TD’s and 14 INT’s leading the Steelers to a 13-3 record. Big Ben didn’t look a typical Big Ben. looking more uncomfortable in the pocket, with nagging attention to footwork.

He did however have a good season. Plagued from a horrific game against the Jags where he threw 5 Interceptions. Big Ben has amazing WR talent with AB and JuJu Smith Schuster. Martavis Bryant even seemed to comprehend the Steelers and their game plan for him. The Steelers D anchored down Big Ben in an average way, letting Big Ben have the upper hand in scenarios important to the game.

The Steelers O is loaded with talent for 2018. If Big Ben finds the fountain of youth, the Steelers will be back in the playoffs playing for another Super Bowl.

#10. Jared Goff

NFL: Preseason-Los Angeles Rams at Minnesota Vikings

Goff had a bounce back year throwing for 28 TD’s and 7 INT’s. Leading the Rams to a 11-5 season.

Goff looked like the first overall pick the Rams invested in as Goff lead the charge with some above average receivers consisting of first and second year products. Todd Gurley also helped Goff develop as teams had no answer if Gurley got off to a good start, which was basically every game in the regular season. Todd Gurley was the #2 to Kareem Hunt for the rushing title.

Jared Goff looked really good this year. He made smart decisions down field, he used the RPO (Run, Pass, Option) all season which helped Gurley go off.

Goff threw to Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods all season. Rookie Cooper Kupp also was incorporated. They all played above average enough for Goff giving him better confidence in his throws. As opposed to last year’s Jared Goff stats.

5 TD’s and 7 INT’s. I expect the Rams to be better next year. The Rams stopped producing in the playoffs. They are so young. If the Rams draft more youth and make plays in free agency, the Rams could find their way back or even better.

Tomorrow’s Rankings


The XFL is Coming Back

A Second Chance

The Xtreme Football League ran by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is coming back to television and job opportunists in 2020.

The league will be run accordingly, setting up “more suited” for society in modern day 2018. No player with a “criminal rap sheet” or “charged with a crime” will be allowed to play. Closing the door on ex NFL stars who ran into trouble with the law such as Ray Rice and Justin Blackmon.

The WWE Business won’t have a say in the XFL, paving a no-nonsense theme around the league, trying to hype up the competitive nature around it

The XFL could be successful in today’s time as opposed to the 20th-century society. With all the prospects that failed to contribute at the highest of pro levels, this will gather enough hype to surround the league with undefined talent. Failed prospects getting a second chance, in the most extreme league just sounds like a good show needed for 2020, a softer society in comparison to 1999.

The XFL will draw the attention of many fans concerned with the well-being of players.

Some could view the XFL and it’s extreme football rules harsh, but in 2020, the league will have to focus on the viewers and their desires in order to be successful.


The XFL could lay the groundwork for other players that didn’t fit right into the system of the NFL.

I would love to see Manziel in the XFL. Just to see if he still has the college star in him one last time.

I’d also like to see other former NFL breakout stars turned NFL busts.

Other players such as Josh Freeman, Hakeem Nicks, JaMarcus Russell, LaRon Landry, Trent Richardson, Jake Locker, RG3, A.J Jenkins, etc. All of these players had started off the right path, wandered off the right path and right off a cliff.

The XFL presents a new horizon for NFL fans who feel that the NFL has lost its luster, or for fans protesting the league over the national anthem. It also opens doors to many ex NFL players who left the league because of trouble with law enforcement or any rap sheet players.

The XFL could also cause a lot of controversies in regards to injuries and the nature of how violent hits are. Since there are more and more studies coming out about CTE, I hope the XFL models a no-spearing to the upper body type rule or any head to head contact.

The XFL will require players to stand for the national anthem. This could strike some prospects the wrong way and prevent them from returning to football, others will see just another opportunity to make money playing the sport they love.

This could also cause protests as many could see this as a harsh rule in order to play football.

The XFL was started in 1999 and pulled in 2001 just after one season.

Let’s hope the XFL provides solid entertainment while also providing solid talent on the field as well. All the same, keeping the health risks involved with playing professional sports.