NFL TNF preview: Miami Dolphins vs Houston Texans

NFL Thursday night preview: Texans look to extend win streak to five-games vs the Dolphins and Brock Osweiler

The Houston Texans are 4-3-0 ranked 1st in the AFC South, after starting the season 0-3, the Texans have won four straight, wins coming against the Colts, Cowboys, Bills and recently their most glaring win of the season vs Jacksonville. A game where they literally forced Blake Bortles out of the game. The Texans started winless through three games, and a lot of this was due to Deshaun Watson and his rocky start as well as many other factors but it’s easy to blame the quarterback. Every other commentator does, I might as well to. But, it seems the Texans have shook off the rust and are back to where everyone predicted them to be at the start of the season.

As for the Dolphins, a team who started out opposite of how the Texans did, winning their first three games vs the Titans, Jets and Raiders then losing to New England, Bengals and taking a big home win vs Chicago week six, and most recently falling short to Detroit last week, 32-31. The Dolphins have been tough to read this year they have won some good games but have also lost the games they are “suppose” to lose. With Ryan Tannehill out and Brock Osweiler filling in for the last two weeks, the Brocketship will continue his hot play with hopes of upsetting Houston on the road.

Dolphins vs Texans: Who has the upper-hand?

Nobody likes to look at numbers all day, god bless the analytic warriors who do it for a living and those nerds who all they care about is every .1, .2 percent, but nowadays you have to throw in some numbers or you are not “credible” cause god forbid you wrote an op-ed article. Automatically called a zealot.

Anyways take a look at these numbers losers.

  • Dolphins average 329.1 yards per game(27th) compared to Houston’s 372.1 yards,
  • The Texans also edge the Dolphins in passing yards per game 258.4 vs Miami’s 222.3.
  • The Texans hold the advantage in rushing as well 113.7 vs Miami’s 106.9
  • Texans edge the Dolphins by a hair in the points per game category Miami’s 22.1 vs Texans 21.6.
  • As far as defense goes this is no shocker to any fan but the Texans clearly hold the upper hand in that category, basically across the board in everything. At the moment they have a top-10 defense compared to the Dolphins bottom of the pack defense.
  • The Texans allow 329.9 total yards a game(9th) Dolphins allow 405.3.
  • Texans allow 237.7 passing yards a game vs Dolphins 268.6.
  • Texans allow just 92.1 rushing while Dolphins allow 136.7 yards per game.
  • As we can tell numbers suck and completely ruin articles because now I don’t even want to read that, sheesh.

My take on the Thursday night game

The Dolphins have been an inconsistent team since their first three wins and their first three wins came against mediocre teams at best so a lot of fans were on their high horse after the Dolphins came out flying 3-0. They then got put back down to Earth vs New England. Sure, Ryan Tannehill is out and that does not help but Brock Osweiler has not been bad at all thus far and how good can we say Ryan Tannehill is? Is the guy ever healthy? The Dolphins struggle tremendously on the ground going plus going against one of the bets rush defenses in the league, it will be hard for Frank Gore to get much going. The guy is 40-years-old so we can’t expect much form him. Along with Kenny Stills out, and really only having Danny Amendola, Rakeem Grant and Devante Parker the Dolphins are not so strong through the air either. While the Texans have a decent run game vs a bad rush defense and Deandre Hopkins and Will Fuller, Deshaun Watson should have his way tonight in the air and scrambling out of the pocket. The Texans are an all around better team, while the Texans lost a terrible game at home to the Giants, they should be 3-0 on home field.Texans at home vs the pretenders Dolphins, my choice would be Houston tonight.

A look at the QB’s:

Deshaun Watson: 152/241 1937 yards passing, 10 touchdowns, 7 INT 89.9 QB Rating, 63.1 completion percentage, 4 games with 300+ yards passing, averaging 276.7 yards per game.

Brock Osweiler: 54/80 654 yards, 6 touchdowns, 2 INT, 107.0 QB rating, 67.5 completion percentage, 1 game with 300+ yards passing, averaging 218 yards per game.

A look at the RB’s 

Lamar Miller: 95 carries, 371 yards, 3.91 yards a carry, 1 touchdown, 61.8 yards per game and one 100+ yard game.

Frank Gore: 72 carries, 332 yards, 4.61 yards a carry, 0 touchdowns, 47.4 yards per game, 10 and one 100+ yard game.

Kenyan Drake: 58 carries, 282 yards, 4.86 yards a carry, 2 touchdowns, 40.3 yards per game.

A look at the WR’s 

DeAndre Hopkins: 47 receptions, 707 yards, 15.04 yards a catch, 4 touchdowns, 101 yards a game.

Will Fuller V: 27 receptions, 379 yards, 14.04 yards a catch, 3 touchdowns, 63.2 yards a game.

Kenny Stills: 16 receptions, 281 yards, 17.56 yards a catch, 4 touchdowns, 40.1 yards a game (Will not play Thursday night, with groin injury, week to week.)

Danny Amendola: 30 receptions, 294 yards, 9.8 yards a catch, 1 touchdown, 42 yards a game.