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The Artemi Panarin Saga: What Is Going On Now?

The past two or so days has been filled with Artemi Panarin news. There doesn’t need to be much explanation as to why, Panarin is a free-agent and a franchise player. He has played 294 career NHL games with 293 points, there are not many players who have a 0.99 point per game in their career. In his four years in the league he has produced 70+ points in every year and is on pace again for a 70+ point season this year.

Further more, Panarin has been in the news a lot lately due to the trade deadline coming up and how he switched his agent to the same agent as Sergei Bobrovsky. This news of switching agents is not ground breaking honestly because all signs are pointing to Panarin testing the free agency market come the off-season.

Panarin has been involved in many media interviews regarding his future in Columbus and he has made it clear in one recent interview that he really wants to test the market and see what he is worth and see what teams are willing to go after him.

This seems clear as day to me, he wants to test free agency and see what it is all about. Now taking that into consideration that does not mean the Blue Jackets will not trade Panarin though. With this news it means the Blue Jackets should consider trading Panarin even more now.

There has been a lot of news circulating around who will and should go after Panarin but not much is concrete. The only real recent truth we have surrounding a Panarin rental deal is Nashville Predators GM David Poile has been in talks about trading for Panarin.

Also not to mention the Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello has met with Panarin’s new agent in the past couple of weeks. All of this is speculations but I would not be surprised to see Panarin moved before the deadline in light of his recent desire to peruse free agency.

Teams that can land Panarin before the deadline: 

  • Nashville Predators
  • New York Islanders
  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Boston Bruins

Teams that can land Panarin in free-agency

  • Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • New York Rangers
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • Vegas Golden Knights

Five Teams That Could Use Derick Brassard

Derick Brassard has been under performing a bit since coming to Pittsburgh, but his two years in Pittsburgh are not indicative of who Brassard is as a player nor what he can bring to a team. Brassard is center/left winger, not the fastest player but he holds his own in the quick nature of the game today. At 31-years-old Brassard has 90 playoff games and some Stanley Cup playoff experience.

Brassard started his career in Columbus where he played in 304 games with 169 points until he was shipped to the New York Rangers in 2012 where he made his name in the league. Brassard played 254 games with the Rangers collecting 174 points. Brassard had three seasons in a row with 45+ points until he was sent to Ottawa where he played 139 games with 77 points. Now he is in Pittsburgh bouncing back and forth between the third, second and fourth line. Brassard has spent 1.5 seasons with Pittsburgh 51 games and 22 points later and the Penguins are ready to move on from the aging forward.

Despite his struggles in Pittsburgh Brassard is still a potential 35-40 point player. The pressure in Pittsburgh has been a lot for the forward to handle and he is surrounded by so many great players that he may feel as if he is not getting his fair share. His confidence is surely low, he needs a shake up some new scenery to perhaps give his career one more shot until teams really start giving up on the tenured forward. At 31, 753 regular season games and 90 playoff games, these five teams could use Brassard.

  1. Edmonton Oilers: The Oilers are on a full-court press to make the playoffs. Brassard is not exactly what they are looking for but look at him as a piece to a puzzle, he will fit but they still need one more guy. The Oilers lack forward depth and scoring depth, plus anyone who plays with Connor McDavid is sure to revive their career. Brassard can still score, he has a good shot and is more of a grinding, defensive forward. Which he can come to Edmonton and probably score 25 points along side McDavid. Edmonton would also only need to give up Alex Petrovic, Matthew Benning or a Kyle Brodizak/Zach Kassian type player (one or two of these guys) The Penguins need defense and forward depth.
  2. Columbus Blue Jackets: The Blue Jackets are familiar with Brassard and so is John Tortorella. Not to mention the Blue Jackets could certainly use another left winger or center, they have a pretty deep line up but Brassard could slide in with Alex Wennberg/Anthony Duclair or Boone Jenner and Nick Foligno. Columbus could send Anthony Duclair or Josh Anderson over.
  3. Boston Bruins: The Bruins dealt with some injury issues early in the year and could have used Brassard down the middle in November. Still the Bruins are so solid in their top-three but their next two lines are not consistently productive. They have to do a lot of line-swapping to make things work. But Brassard can slide in on the second or third line easily in Boston. Boston can send over one of their bottom six forwards and a pick, the issue is the Bruins are probably weary to get another veteran winger after Rick Nash last year plus they only have 3.8 million in cap space.
  4. Winnipeg Jets: The Jets are a playoff team and a team on the cusp of a Stanley Cup run they need more depth and consistency on their line up. Plus a veteran like Brassard never hurts, his experience goes a long way in the locker room. Brassard can slide in on line three at center with Mathieu Perreault and Branden Tanev. The Jets have a slew of forwards to send, or maybe even Tyler Myers…
  5. Nashville Predators: Much like Winnipeg, Nashville’s is a Stanley Cup team. They are right there, and there time is fading away in my eyes. The Predators have very solid forwards, a good line one and amazing back end but from forward six to nine they could use some work. Brassard can fill in at line two to center Kevin Fiala and Craig Smith. Penguins could get Ryan Hartman or Colton Sissons in return as well.



What A Trade Between The Flyers And Nashville/Winnipeg Would Look Like For Wayne Simmonds

It came out just a little under 24 hours ago that the Nashville Predators and Winnipeg Jets have inquired about Wayne Simmonds. The Flyers made it public that they were interested in trading forward Wayne Simmonds. In return they want a top-five defenseman, top-six forward or a goalie. Therefore let’s look at a possible trade scenario for both teams.

Winnipeg Jets: Receive Wayne Simmonds, New Jersey Devils 3rd Round Pick

Philadelphia Flyers: Receive Tyler Myers

This seems realistic, no? Both are up for new contracts, Myers cost a little cheaper than Simmonds, the Jets have Josh Morrisey, Jacob Trouba, Ben Chariot and Dustin Byfuglien already on their back end. Plus the Jets are probably not willingly to resign Myers if Trouba is going to want 6.5-7 million for a long term deal. Myers is a former first round, 12th overall pick, 28-years-old, has years under his belt and a top-four defenseman in the NHL. The Flyers get what they want and they already have a third round pick so why not sweeten the deal with a third and Simmonds for Myers. Possibly even a second.

Nashville Predators: Receive Wayne Simmonds

Philadelphia Flyers: Receive  Craig Smith and Matt Irwin

Another realistic trade option. The Predators have Smith to a 4.25 million dollar deal ending in 2020-2021 the same year Roman Josi’s 4 million dollar deal ends and we know he is going to get upwards of 8 million therefore it would be in the Predators best interest to get rid of Smith while his price is relatively high, take Simmonds for a cup run and then let him walk in free agency next year. Matt Irwin is no Ryan Ellis but he would honestly fit well in Philadelphia plus that is the only Nashville defenseman you are touching besides Dan Hamhuis who is too older to bother for. This trade gives the Flyers a top-six forward, a borderline top-five defenseman and frees up cap space.


Best NHL plays of Tuesday night; Sharks win over Nashville, Red Wings first two-goals, Oilers win over Montreal

This was a pretty exciting night, some upsets, some high scoring games and some games we all expected. This will be a new edition, and this does not mean “top plays” as in top goals, or passes it means the top plays as in what lead to the goal. I will break down about 3-4 games and highlight how that goal happened and the important aspect/teaching point. 

Game 1: Predators vs Sharks; 5-4 Sharks won. This was a crazy game from start to finish. The Sharks opened up with three first period goals and the Predators score 4 unanswered goals after that. The one play I will be highlighting is the fourth goal for the Predators and Sharks. The 4th goal for Nashville came off the stick of Rocco Grimaldi, all he did was outwork the defense man get inside position on him and bury his chance. Hard work, desire for the puck, is all you need to be successful. Fourth goal for San Jose came off the stick of Joe Pavelski but the play started with Joe Thornton taking a hit to make a play, Burns filling in, making a questionable pass, Sharks forward staying with the puck and instead of Pavelski going hard to the net he stays in the soft area in the high slot, bangs it home. 

Game 2: Canadiens vs Oilers; Oilers won 5-2. I am going to highlight two Oilers goals here and their first two, for one reason puck movement and simplicity. You probably here time and time again, do not force passes and use the perimeter, open the ice and get the defense man to open up and move. The Oilers did exactly that on their first goal. It started with a good fore check/terrible play by Canadiens defenseman. #91 for the Oilers came in hard forced a turnover, held it for a second, created space, Draisaitl popped behind the net, McDavid slid to the hash marks on the other side of the goal, Benning foot inside the blue in the middle of the ice, it was bang-bang, #91 to Draisaitl to McDavid to Benning for a goal. Simple, open the ice and create space. Goal #2 for the Oilers is my favorite, McDavid is so good at this, not forcing anything to the middle staying wide and creating offense that way. A lot of kids and players nowadays like to come down on a defenseman and go to the middle thinking they will beat him that way, all defenseman are programmed to push you wide and ride you into the boards, McDavid does exactly that, goes wide and uses his speed to blow by the hit. All young players out there, you have a slower defenseman on the ice, use your speed and go wide, just like McDavid’s play and the Oilers second goal. 

Game 3: Coyotes vs Red Wings: Red Wings won 5-1. This was a game the Coyotes probably expected to win. They have been playing pretty decent hockey this season, a lot better than years past but the Red Wings scored three quick goals and it was game from there. The Red Wings first two goals will be highlighted though. The Red Wings first goal is like a dream come true watching it, it was so slick and perfect. Pass from the defenseman to the forward swinging through the neutral zone, one touch pass to the supporting forward there with him, back to the forward with speed up ice and the Red Wings Anthony Mantha, used his speed, pushed the defenseman back, Frans Neilsen, forward two pushes the defenseman back to the goal, leaving Mantha on a 1 v 1 vs a forward, all he does is keep his feet moving, shooting off his stride cross the body of the goalie. Goal #2 is a coaches dream, Red Wings on the power play, puck gets moved from the right side to the left side, shot from the point Justin Abdelkader slides right in front of the net, takes the goalies eyes away and shot beats the goalie clean. Red Wings up 2-0. Watch up until 2:00 minutes to see the highlights. 

Offseason outlook for Nashville, Vegas, Washington

Washington Capitals

Additions: Nic Dowd, Jayson Megna

Subtractions: Jay Beagle, Tyler Grovac, Phillip Grubauer, Barry Trotz

Offseason outlook: The Capitals are coming off a Eastern Conference finals win, Stanley Cup win and the best year in team history. The Capitals were notorious for their second round exits, playoff failures and constantly losing to the Penguins. The Capitals got the better end of the stick this year and when they eliminated the Penguins in the second round this year, a lot of people sensed it was going to be a different year for Washington. Which we all know was. Well now after a month and a half since the Stanley Cup win the Capitals had to address some offseason concerns. Luckily they signed back all star defenseman John Carlson to a nice $8 million AAV, Devante Smith Pelly back and in discussion with Tom Wilson. With the Capitals relatively staying put for the year so far, the loss of Trotz is big but luckily the Capitals have the right veteran leadership to help deal with that loss. The Capitals compete in a tough division, but with the Penguins not adding much, the Blue Jackets possibly losing Artem Panarin and the rest of the division either getting worse or staying put has made it quite easy for the Capitals to stay afloat that division. The Capitals are heading into the 2018-19 season with relatively the same three forward lines and same three defensive pairings from their cup win. It is fair to say the Capitals will be just fine without the presence of hall of fame coach Barry Trotz. Where do we see the Capitals finishing? Without doubt within the top three in the Metropolitan division.

To note the Capitals still need to sign one small, yet big piece in Alex Chiasson.

Vegas Goldlen Knighs 2018 offseason

Vegas Golden Knights

Additions: Paul Statsny, Alex Gallant, Daniel Carr, Zach Fucale, Curtis McKenzie, Nick Holden

Subtractions: Paul Thompson, James Neal, David Perron

Offseason outlook: The Vegas Golden Knights had the most successful first year of any sports team among professional sports. The Golden Knights finished Western Conference champs and played in a tough six-game Stanley cup series. Despite losing the Golden Knights have a lot to keep their heads high about. The only concern right now is the loss of James Neal and David Perron as well as still needing to sign William Karlsson, Shea Theodore and Lucas Sbisa. Luckily they extended the contract of Marc Andre Fleury and added veteran Paul Statsny and veteran defenseman Nick Holden. With keeping their roster some what in check still the Golden Knights have a lot to look forward to, stealing conference rivals veteran forward was a big move. But the Golden Knights have to hope Tomas Tartar can find some life in Vegas and turn it around as of now Tartar is slotted on the second line. The Golden Knights have to really worry about the Sharks, Kings and Ducks who have all been pretty aggressive this offseason. The Sharks have locked up some key pieces to their roster, Kings adding KHL star Ilya Kovalchuk, and Ducks who are always in the mix. It is tough to come back and stay consistent in the NHL we have seen time and time again teams fall off the radar after a successful season. The Knights have a huge challenge ahead but luckily with 13.8 mil remaining in cap space the Golden Knightss can make a push for some solid free agents.

Note the Golden Knights still need to sign, William Karlsson, Lucas Sbisa, Clyaton Stoner, Shea Theodore

Nashville Predators 2018 offseason

Nashville Predators

Additions: Jarred Tinordi, Rocco Grimadli, Connor Brickley, Dan Hamhuis

Subtractions: John Ramage, Mark McNeil, Harry Zolnierczyk

Offseason outlook: The Predators some would say had a disappointing playoff run after coming out of the Central with 117 points and ranking first among the NHL the Predators fell short of their goal with a loss to Winnipeg in the second round. Due to some poor goaltending in the playoffs and a lack of forward scoring the Predators had to go back to the drawing board. The Predators have not been so active this offseason beside a recent move adding Dan Hamhuis to their already loaded defensive roster. The Predators now have Ryan Ellis, PK Subban, Roman Josi, Dan Hamhuis and Mattias Ekholm on their backend. A great defensive upgrade but nothing added on the front end. Luckily they did not lose anyone important the Predators. Their roster remains the same as it did last year as of now with about a month and a half until training camp. The Predators hope for prospect sensation Eeli Tolvanen to crack the opening day roster and be a solid top 9 forward for the Predators. The Predators have now made it to the Stanley Cup to the second round and only have so much time until teams like Minnesota, Winnipeg and even Colorado start catching their tail. Some could even say the Predators have a few more years left at this whole Stanley Cup aspiration until the teams top players start to fade off. For now the Predators will stay put in the #1, #2 spot for the Central division. Perhaps this is Nashville’s year…



Noteable Forward Free Agents: Yakupov, Smith-Pelly, Reider, Duclair

Tobias Reider: Reider was sent over to L.A. during the deadline from Arizona. Spending 3.5 years with Arizona before being sent to L.A., Reider posted 92 points in 234 games (43G, 49A) and in 20 games with LA he posted 6 points (4G, 2A). Reider is 25-years-old his best year being in 2016-17 posting 37 points in 82 games. Reider was drafted in 2011 in the 4th round by Edmonton. Reider is a bottom six forward that can be of service to many teams, the thing with Reider is also his services are cheap as he could be a 1 to 1.5 million AAV.

Anthony Duclair: The 22-year-old, 3rd round draft pick is set to free agency very soon. Duclair spent one season in New York after being sent over to Arizona in 2015 where he spent three seasons until he was sent to Chicago at the deadline this season. Duclair has played in 213 games scoring 37 goals and 52 assists. Duclair is a very young, speedy left winger that can be used on any team, for the sole reason that he is extremely young and has a ton of upside. Duclair has received some interest from the Penguins. Until free agency hits, Duclair will probably be receiving many calls from many teams around the league.

Nail Yakupov: Again we see the 24-year-old on the move. Yakupov the 1st round 1st overall pick is on the move again as free agency is set to begin soon. Yakupov spent four seasons in Edmonton playing 252 games with 111 points (50G, 61A). Being sent to St. Louis which he failed only playing in 40 games tallying 9 points. Spending his most recent season in Colorado getting off to an extremely hot start, to eventually cool down dramatically only tallying 16 points in 58 games. Yakupov is 24, with the 1st overall pressure still hanging over his head. Yakupov has said to be getting interest from Nashville but until we hear more Yakupov will be on the hunt for a new team yet again.

Devante Smith-Pelly: Smith Pelly is coming off a Stanley Cup win, scoring some clutch goals during the Capitals Stanley Cup run. Smith Pelly is a solid bottom-six forward that can be a very good fourth liner, and a borderline third liner. Smith Pelly has been all over the league, only being 26-year-old and being on four different teams tells us a lot about Smith Pelly. He is a journeyman, to say the least. Smith Pelly spending 4 years in Anaheim, 2 in Montreal, 2 in New Jersey and the 75 games in Washington and winning a cup. Smith Pelly is an experienced winger at just 26 years old. If he does not end back in Washington, he will land a spot somewhere in the NHL as he has proved his worth in the league now winning a cup and performing in the playoffs.

Winnipeg can’t finish at home, Subbans gurantee comes true! Back to Nashville for game 7

Coming into this game the buzz was around PK Subban and his Mark Messier-like guarantee as he said “we are going to win in Winnipeg and come back to Nashville. Simple as that.” And as simple as that it was as the Predators beat Winnipeg 4-0 in Winnipeg and now head back to Nashville for a game seven Thursday night!

The Predators were clearly the better team here and were not walking out of Winnipeg without a win. The first started out with a goal review, after Viktor Arvidsson got demolished down low on a no call, made his way to the front for a tip-in from a Roman Josi. After review, it was 1-0 Nashville 1:02 into the game. Which would also be the game-winner. The Predators went onto score three more goals, two coming from Filip Forseberg and another on an empty-netter from Ardvisson. The two leading scorers for the Predators and the two players they needed to rely on, stepped up big time. Along with Pekka Rinne, stopping 34 of 34 shots, a HUGE game the Preds needed him to show up and he did.

Now, if you are Winnipeg you are definitely shaking in your boots, yes you have taken two games this series in Nashville but with a chance to end the series and move on, you blew it and now give the Predators the best team in the NHL room to breathe and life to live. The Predators now go back to one of the most electric places to play at, with probably the Titans O-line guzzling beers and Carrie Underwood singing the anthem, it is going to be near impossible to hear a thing in Nashville Thursday night.

This is bad news for the Jets, a team that almost defied all odds by knocking off the best team in the league, have to now go to Nashville and knock off the Predators three times in Nashville. If you are a Jets fan, you have to be worried no? I don’t know I am not a fan of either, but logically and realistically speaking the Predators without a doubt have the upper hand here, after coming off a huge game six win with a lot of momentum and energy they will only get even more from that crowd. It is going to be tough to beat the Predators three times in one series at home. The Predators during the regular season lost 13 games(overtime included) in a total of 41 home games. Last season the Predators lost two games at home between 22 games. The point we are getting at here is that the Predators will be extremely tough to beat at home, and I don’t know about you but the Jets are probably feeling a little less confident strolling into game seven now.