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MLB News: Mets, Mariners Blockbuster Finally Comes to Fruition

After what seems like an age, the Mets and Mariners have finally mutually agreed upon the blockbuster trade in which the Mets will receive 2B Robinson Cano, CL Edwin Diaz, and $20 Million in cash in exchange for OF Jay Bruce, RHP Anthony Swarzak, OF Jarred Kelenic (Mets #3, MLB #62), RHP Justin Dunn (Mets #4, MLB #89), and RHP Gerson Bautista.

The deal had stuttered to a halt for a time as the teams were finalizing the financial intricacies of the trade, but finally reached completion Saturday night.

Overall, the trade seems relatively well balanced. The Mets move forward with their ‘win now’ mentality and receive arguably the best closer in baseball, as well as a long-tenured veteran who swings a hefty bat and has yet to show sign of regression — yet being the operative word.

The Mariners on the other hand receive two veterans in Bruce and Swarzak, both of which they may decide to move at any given deadline, as well as two extremely talented prospects — one of which, being Kelenic, is considered to have ‘superstar’ level tools. They also come out of the deal taking a flier on reliever Gerson Bautista, a work in progress, yet still young right hander. Plus, the Mariners finally shed the abysmal contract held by Robinson Cano — something their General Manager, Jerry Dipoto, was dead set on doing.

This is just one of the many trades that are sure to ensue leading up to the winter meetings, so stay tuned for more!

Do the Mets Need Robinson Cano?

By Gary J. Monches

The New York Mets have made some very important moves following another disappointing season. In a season in which they lost 85 games, the fans are getting very impatient. Point blank, the fans want a winner. As recent as 2015, they were a World Series team. And in the following year, they lost to the San Francisco Giants in the Wild Card game. So this off-season, changes were needed. They replaced General Manager Sandy Alderson, who is currently fighting cancer. The hire, Brodie van Wagenan. The sports agent turned GM is in a position that calls for a very important off-season for him and the organization. The pressure on him is real. His first major move could be a very familiar one. Enter, Robinson Cano.

Brodie Van Wagenen
Brodie Van Wagenen at his Press Conference.

Robinson Cano could thank Van Wagenen for that 10 year 240 million dollar deal he signed with the Mariners. Brodie Van Wagenen was his agent when he signed the contract. The 36 year old second baseman is coming off of a season that saw him get suspended 80 games for PED use. He was effective in his shortened season. In 80 games, he hit .303 with 10 HR and 50 RBI. Half of the season numbers would translate to a .303 20 HR and 100 RBI full season. The Mets’ best offensive hitter with these three statistics was Michael Conforto. He hit just .243 but mashed 28 HR and 82 RBI. The next best offensive numbers last season for the Mets was by Todd Frazier who played in just 115 games due a DL stint, which was the first of his career. He hit just .203 with 18 HR and 59 RBI. Translation, the Mets need a strong offensive bat.

But what would trading for Cano cost the Mets? And is it worth the price to acquire him? Reports indicate that the Mariners are trying to link star closer Edwin Diaz with Cano in a trade.

They want to shed some payroll and it might cost them just a little bit more than just Cano to get that done. And it’s no secret that the Mets desperately need bullpen help. So a trade for Cano and Diaz could take care of those two needs in a huge way. So here’s a potential deal that could help both teams strengthen their teams for this year and those to follow.

Trade Package between the Mets and Mariners:

Mets Recieve: Robinson Cano (And 10 million dollars annually), Mallex Smith and Edwin Diaz.

Mariners Receive: Jay Bruce ( To offset Cano’s 14 million of the 24 million owed to him), Juan Lagares, Jarred Kelenic ( #3 Mets Prospect at OF), Anthony Kay ( #9 Mets Prospect as LHP) and Travis dArnaud.

This trade would not only give the Mets some flexibility by not taking on the full 24 million of Cano’s deal and gets rid of Bruce’s deal. Bad deal for bad deal. Lagares is owed 9 million this season that would most likely have to be taken on by Jerry Dipoto and the Mariners. The Mets have the outfield pretty much locked up with Nimmo and Conforto out there. The Mariners could look to sweeten the deal by adding Mallex Smith back in return too. An outfield that boasts Conforto in left, Smith in center and Nimmo in right could be an exciting one to watch. Lagares could play center for Seattle, while Smith would man center in Flushing. Kelenic and Kay are both top 10 Mets propects that are young and can help the Mariners now or in the near future. And the Mets are more than likely going to sign or trade for a starting catcher as the d’Arnaud experience is most likely done. The Mariners just traded away Mike Zunino to the Rays, so there’s a spot for Travis to fight for once he returns from Tommy John surgery.

This could work for both teams. The Mets think they can contend in 2019, while the Mariners are in a “re-imaging” of their organization according to their GM Jerry Dipoto. So this kind of trade can help both sides in a major way. So I ask once again. Do the Mets really need the 36 year old Cano? If it gets you Edwin Diaz, the 24 year old breakout star closer and a speedy CF like Mallex Smith? Then you bet Cano is needed.

MLB Free Agent Feature: Manny Machado

Within this segment, we’ll be breaking down the careers of the top Free Agents on the market. How did they get here? What makes them so enticing to teams? Where could they end up? Let’s find out.

This time, we’re checking in on a major commodity — a power hitting, smack talking shortstop: it’s Manny Machado.

How Did Machado Make the Majors

Manuel Arturo Machado, or Manny, was born in Hialeah, Florida, but raised in Miami, and groomed from an early age for baseball greatness. He was picked third overall by the Baltimore Orioles in the 2010 MLB Draft, and since then has become one of the most talked about young stars of the modern era. At only 26 years-old, Machado has accumulated countless amounts of praise and multiple gold glove awards for his defense at the hot corner, and has slugged his way to the top percentile of major leaguers, boasting a career slash line of .282/.335/.487 and 175 home runs over 926 games.

Machado debuted in 2012 with the Baltimore Orioles at 19 years of age, and hasn’t looked back since. Machado began his career with minimal flare, slugging only 33 home runs throughout his first three major league seasons. However, like his fellow Free Agent Bryce Harper, Machado exploded in his 22 year-old season. Manny came out of nowhere, bombing 35 dingers and slashing .286/.359/.502 with an OPS of .861. Then, he did it again in 2016, dropping 37 home runs and further improving his slash. After that, Manny slumped a bit in 2017, only to return to form completely in 2018, for what would be a career year for the young slugger. He turned in a season of .297/.367/.538 with 37 long balls, and found himself a part of the Los Angeles Dodgers organization at the trade deadline.

Manny’s cocky, confident nature can sometimes get in his way, (see the entirety of the 2018 Postseason) but that shouldn’t really affect his value all that much. Teams know what they’re getting with him. A consistent bat, a magician of defense, and an oft over-confident presence. This should be interesting…

Who Wants Him?

Machado’s case is an anomaly. Any team would be glad to add his bat to their lineup, but quite a few of them took exception to his remarks and actions during the 2018 Postseason, which could affect the amount of teams that make him an offer. For example, initially, I thought the Milwaukee Brewers would be major players for Machado. They were able to make it to the NLCS, though there were quite a few holes in their roster, shortstop included. Manny would have fit Milwaukee perfectly, had it not been for his actions during said NLCS, which surely have sworn the Brewers away from him. That being said, there will still be plenty of offers on the table, I can assure you of that.

The frontrunners at this moment in time look like the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees. Both teams are massive in market size, and both have money in excess to spend on guys like Machado. Other teams of interest are the Saint Louis Cardinals, and the many dark horses in pursuit of a big bat such as the Chicago White Sox, The San Diego Padres, and, most interestingly, the New York Mets.

It will certainly be curious to see how Machado’s actions, as well as his comments are going to affect his market value. Certain teams may be more willing to spend more money over others, which could lead to a major surprise as to where he ends up. However, my prediction, while safe, seems like the most likely outcome.

My Prediction: The New York Yankees, 10 years, $310 Million.

New York Mets are “obviously having a good offseason!”

Imagine waking up after a long night of work, going on twitter, and seeing a tweet praising the New York Mets offseason.

Unfortunately, that’s how I started my glorious Tuesday morning. An SNY employee had the audacity to tweet that the “Mets are OBVIOUSLY having a good offseason but still really need an SP to finish the job.”

In what world are the Mets having a good offseason? Is it the recent acquisition of Todd Frazier? The same Frazier that hasn’t hit over .230 since 2015? Actually, maybe it was Adrian Gonzalez. Remember him? Nope, neither do I. The Mets brought in A- Gonz to play sparingly at first base. What happens to Dominick Smith now?  With the lefty, Gonzalez likely slated to face right handing pitching, does Smith even make the opening day roster? The Mets drafted Smith with the 11th pick in the 2013 draft, and have praised him since. They love him so much that after 167 at-bats they now seem to think Adrian Gonzalez (35) is the better bet to open the 2018 season.

If those two groundbreaking acquisitions weren’t enough for Mets fans, maybe it was Anthony Swarzak. The juggernaut middle reliever with a career 4.22 ERA could be a saving grace for the Metropolitans in 2018! Yes, Swarzack had a great year in 2017 as he compiled a 2.33 ERA over 77 innings of work, but the veteran has predominately struggled for the majority of his MLB career.  It will be tough to expect Swarzak to match his 2017 numbers again.

Last but not least, Jay Bruce! Bruce has been around the block in recent years, as he played for three teams in the last three years. Bruce was hideous in 2016 after the Mets acquired him from the Cincinnati Reds. However, he turned it around in 2017 hitting 28 home runs to go along with 76 RBI in 102 games. Bruce will be right back in the middle of the lineup and could put up some big numbers in 2018.

To say the Mets have “obviously” had a good offseason is fallacious. The Mets have had a C+ offseason as they still have holes throughout the roster including glaring holes at the back end of the rotation, the bullpen and at catcher. Coming into the 2017 season the Mets had serious aspirations at the World Series. They won 70 games. In 2018 the opening day roster looks weaker than it did in 2017.