New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys Week 2


Alright, so I will be starting an NHL pick of the week and NFL pick of the week from here on out. This will be short and simple nothing crazy no big detail explanation just showing you my pick and stating my reasoning. One pick every NFL week and 1 pick every week when the NHL regular season starts.

Here it is, NFL pick of the week. 

Giants @ Cowboys: 

NFL FREE PICK WEEK 2Why the Giants well it is this simple, the Giants yes have been not so great vs Dallas over the last 7 years, they are 7-9 since 2010 and 4-7 on Sunday Night football vs Dallas. Sure, it may seem like all signs are pointing to Dallas for this one but, this is not a 2017, 2016, 2015 Dallas team anymore. Dak Prescott has thrown 1 touchdown pass in the last four weeks he has a 63 completion percentage and his highest passing game was 200+ yards in week 15, since that he has thrown for around 160-181 yards in the last four weeks. On top of that the Cowboys receivers are who? Allen Hurns, Tavon Austin and Cole Beasley? Well on the other end of the ball the Giants have Odell Beckham Jr, Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram and now a run game in Seqon Barkley. Yes, the Cowboys have Ezekiel Elliot so it will be a tale of Barkley vs Elliot. And the Giants all they have to do really is shut down the Cowboys offense which is not too hard, keep Dak under 200 yards which seems do able. Make sure the Giants o-line is not a complete abysmal and this game is all Giants. They lost by 5 by to the Jaguars and the Cowboys lost to the Panthers by 8 and only scored 8 points themselves in week one. The Giants in Dallas, mark it down and lock it in. Done deal people, see ya next week.

Steelers vs Browns Week 1

NFL: Week 1 Takeaways: Josh Allen time in Buffalo? Sam Darnold and the Jets statement win in Detroit

What a start to the season, I mean whenever fantasy football kicks off it is a good thing. But we did not have many eye opening surprised but, some takeaways from this week and what we can expect heading into Week 2…

Takeaways from Week One: 

Who’s back field is it in Baltimore? Alex Collins or Kenneth Dixon? Collins had 7 rushes for 13 yards with 1 touchdown while Dixon had 13 touches for 44 yards and a touchdown. Collins also fumbled while Dixon did not… Spreading the ball in Baltimore was a week one theme, as 7 different receivers touched the ball 3 or more times. Ravens leading receiver was Willie Snead with 49 yards and 4 catches. It seems as Snead- John Brown- Michael Crabtree will be the core this year.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Baltimore RavensWas it the right call to put Josh Allen in? Throwing the rookie into a game where they were getting blown out of the water may have been a good or bad thing. As it seems Allen did not mind it throwing for 74 yards going 6/15, rushing for 26 yards on 4 attempts and no interceptions. This heats up the QB talk in Buffalo even more now as Nathan Peterman threw 2 INT’s went 5/18 and 24 yards total.

Cleveland for real? Ties are no fun, but if you have not won a game in a year plus, you have to be ok with it. The Browns welcomed the Steelers to Cleveland and without Le’Von Bell the Steelers may have struggled, although James Conner rushed 31 times for 135 yards and 2 touchdowns, is Bell done? Anyways the Browns went neck and neck with the Steelers while the Browns offense struggled their defense held the fort down. This is a good sign for the Browns as Tyrod Taylor threw for 197 yards but converted on just 15 of his 40 attempts. Taylor’s spot is up for grabs and Baker Mayfield breathes down his neck…

Tampa Bay?????????? Ryan Fitzpatrick????????? This is a fluke 1000% if Fitzpatrick can do this for even two games straight I’ll eat my dogs crap. Fitzpatrick went 21/28 with FOUR HUNDRED SEVENTEEN YARDS. Almost out performing Drew Brees… This game made Vegas a ton of money also. Other than the Fitzpatrick story the Saints D really sh*t the bed.

Sam Darnold and the Jets, how about it. His first drive is a pick-6, then he comes back and goes 16/21 with 198 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Jets was electric as Isiah Crowell had 10 rushes for 102 yards and 2 touchdowns, Quincy Enunwa had 6 catches for 62 yards, a ot of bright spots for the Jets on both sides of the ball. But it was Detroit, and the Jets do play Miami and then Cleveland, this shall be interesting…