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Philadelphia Eagles Off-Season Moves

The Philadelphia Eagles have been quite active over the last week or more. The biggest question was what they were going to do with Nick Foles. That has been answered. But, aside from Foles the Eagles have been making moves in the right and wrong direction.

Additions: Jackson, Peters back, Malik Jackson

The Eagles traded for former WR DeSean Jackson to bring the beloved Eagles received back to the city of Philadelphia. The Eagles added some speed on the wide out that will open the field up for Carson Wentz and give him a deep threat. Aside from Jackson’s from his age of 32, Jackson still has upside to his game. Jackson has 589 catches for 10,261 yards, averaging 17.4 yards per catch, and 53 touchdowns. Of those numbers, he recorded 356 catches for 6,117 yards and 32 touchdowns with the Eagles. The Eagles received DeSean Jackson and a 2020 7th round pick for a 2019 sixth round pick.

Eagles sign back big-time tackle Jason Peters. This will be Peters 11th season with the Eagles. Peters is 37-years-old and only signed a one-year deal, assuming that this may be his last NFL season. Peters is guaranteed 5.5 million dollars, this will be his 16th NFL season total.

Malik Jackson signs with the Eagles for 3-years, 30 million dollars. Jackson is 29-years-old a proven veteran who made his splash in 2016 and 2017 where he recorded 14.5 sacks in 32 games. Last season Jackson played in 16 games but started in 10 of them and recorded 3.5 sacks all season.

Subtractions: Nick Foles, Michael Bennett

Nick Foles, the Super Bowl MVP, the reason the Eagles had a run in the playoffs in 2019 and brought a championship to the city of Philadelphia has officially left the Eagles. Foles signed a 4-year $88 million deal. Foles will seemingly be the starter in Jacksonville as the Jaguars have transitioned away from Blake Bortles. Foles will now move to the AFC, going to a relatively weaker division than what he was exposed to in Philadelphia. Foles had 1,413 passing yards, 7 touchdowns and 4 interceptions in 2018 but has 11,165 yards, 68 touchdowns, 33 interceptions and 88.5 passer rating in his career.

Michael Bennett was traded to the Patriots. Bennett had 34 combined tackles, 25 total tackles and 9 sacks last season. The Eagles received the Patriots 2020 fifth round pick. This is a major loss for the Eagles.

Still to sign…

Ronald Darby, Golden Tate, Nelson Aghlor, Jordan Hicks,

What Is The Trade Market For Antonio Brown?

So it seems, Antonio Brown is 100% on the next bus out of Pittsburgh. Brown has been very vocal on Twitter and Instagram. He held an Instagram live video the other day and has been pretty active on Twitter voices his opinions on why he wants out in Pittsburgh and the whole situation.

Now with that said. What is the market for Antonio Brown? Clearly he is going to be traded, clearly teams are going to be interested in him. But, what will teams be looking to give the Steelers for the top, if not the best pass-catching WR in the NFL.

I would have to assume based of Antonio Browns numbers from last year and his career he will cost a first round pick (or two) if it is not two first round picks it would probably be a 1st, 3rd, high-level prospect (someone like a JuJu) and another offensive player.

Browns recent seasons:


Some teams that are 100% going to be in the market when the time comes are the New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers, Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns the reason these are the top teams right now because they have the most cap space and with the addition of Antonio Brown a team will have to be ready to fork over a hefty contract for Brown.

If and when Brown does get traded can we except a trade that would look like:

  • Two 1st round picks, a 3rd round pick, a young top-prospect WR and a WR2/WR3

As of now there is nothing that is being rumored around Brown about where he is going and what the offer sheet is but this is just speculation.

Kyler Murray Picks NFL Over MLB: What Team Fits Him Best?

Kyler Murray, the Heisman trophy winner, the first round overall MLB draftee, and soon to be first-round NFL draftee has been in the news for his decision to go the NFL route over the MLB route. But the MLB route is not out of consideration. By Murray declaring for the draft this allows him to be scouted, drafted and still have the option of football. Either way I think Murry sticks the NFL route throughout his professional career.

A lot of fans find this to be the wrong decision as the NFL has a shorter career expectancy for most athletes than the MLB does. But with the way game has transitioned to protect the QB’s Murray will be fine. Plus the MLB is no slump to make, going through the A, AA, AAA ranks to hopefully and finally get a shot at the MLB is a lot harder than going to the NFL Combine putting up solid numbers and letting time do its part. Murray is going to have a QB job in the NFL at some point. I don’t think he will come in and be a starter right away, but it does depend on the team who drafts him.

Speaking of teams drafting him. Who will take the very athletic, versatile, Oklahoma Sooners QB this draft? We saw the concern and love over Baker Mayfield last year. Mayfield came from the same program, relatively the same height (Murray is two inches shorter), has a better arm and a better football IQ but Murray ranks up similar to Mayfield. Murray although did throw 4,361 yards last year with a 69.0 completion percentage, 42 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. The kid can run the ball too which makes him a very valuable QB much like a Lamar Jackson but with a better arm. Murray had 140 attempts for 1001 rushing yards and 12 rushing touchdowns last season.

Where does he land?

  • Oakland Raiders: The Raiders QB concerns are no secret. David Carr was not happy, Jon Gruden was not happy with Carr and the Raiders need a fix. If they do not land Nick Foles. Murray could possibly be an option but at #7 it may be too high for the Raiders to draft Murray as they have many other concerns to address right now.
  • New York Giants: If Dwayne Haskins the Giants projected first round pick either gets drafted earlier or some other team like the Jaguars trade up to take Haskins the Giants could be left with the decision to go after Murray or get an o-lineman.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: If the Jaguars do not land Nick Foles this off-season, they do not trade up in the draft it could make sense to draft Murray. Maurice Jones-Drew former Jags running back did a mock draft with Murray landing in Jacksonville. The Jaguars seem to be moving on from Blake Bortles therefore they need a QB.
  • Cincinnati Bengals: The most possible landing spot at #11 this is right around the spot Murray is projected to go in many mock drafts. The Bengals have Andy Dalton aging and they will need a new QB to step in as Dalton only continues to age and regress. Having Murray sit on the bench and watch Dalton for 1-2 years could be very beneficial for his development like a Patrick Mahomes situation.
  • Miami Dolphins: With the uncertainty of Ryan Tannehill every season the Dolphins cannot call in Jay Cutler once again or Brock Osweiler to come in fix the damage. They can draft Murray let him get a year of NFL play under his belt and be ready for the following year more experienced and tenured.

BREAKING NEWS: Joe Flacco Traded To Denver Broncos

It seems as if the Baltimore Ravens are fully on board with moving forward and building their offense and team around Lamar Jackson. As the news surfaced the Twitter sphere reported by Adam Schefter the Denver Broncos have mutually agreed to terms with former Super Bowl MVP QB Joe Flacco.

The Broncos new head coach Vic Fangio spent one season in Baltimore and seemed to like Flacco along with former Broncos executive Gary Kubiak. This seems to be a solid landing spot for Flacco.

Flacco will immediately come in and compete/steal the job of Case Keenum. Keenum went 6-10 with 62.3 completion percentage, 18 touchdowns, 15 interceptions, 3,890 passing yards.

Per Adam Schefter the trade cannot be processed or announced until March 13th, 2019. The new year for the NFL.

BREAKING NEWS: But Not Breaking News Because We All Knew It Was Coming, Cleveland Browns Sign Kareem Hunt

The Browns did exactly what we all knew they were going to do. They signed Kareem Hunt. The Kansas City Chiefs star running back that got into domestic violence trouble this past year. Was released by the Chiefs weeks before the playoffs and there were a lot rumors about who would sign them. Some thought the Patriots, some thought the Eagles, but mainly everyone thought the Browns and the Browns did it. Hunt was placed on the commissioners exempt list after a video of him kicking a women came to surface in February.

We are not sure what the deal is, money wise yet but it is said to be one-year. Hunt rushed for 827 yards, 7 touchdowns, 4.6 yards per attempt, 26 receptions, 378 receiving yards and 7 receiving touchdowns before getting cut by Kansas City. In 2017 he rushed for 1327 yards, 8 touchdowns, catching 53 passes for 455 yards and 3 touchdowns. Let’s see what kind of controversy this stirs and what the Browns can do with one of the bets running backs in the NFL.

More to come.



I’m Not A Patriots Fan & Tom Brady Is The Best QB Of All Time & You’re Ignorant For Thinking Otherwise

This is a very lively discussion, ask any Patriots fans and they agree but ask any other fan whose team plays in the AFC and they would say otherwise. Love or hate Brady I think there is at least one common ground all fans can come to is that Tom Brady is the best quarterback we have seen since 2000.

Tom Brady entered the NFL in 2000, which seems like a lifetime ago and sounds weird to type out “2000”, anyways. Brady was drafted in the sixth round 199 overall. He was one of the last 100 players to be drafted in that year but has become the best player of that 2000 draft class and on.

Currently Brady sits 4th all-time in passing yards (70,154), third in passing touchdowns (517), has five Super-Bowl rings (most among any QB), four Super Bowl MVP’s (most among any QB), has the fifth most completions among all QB’s (6,004). Brady has been in the top-five for passing yards and touchdowns ever since he began his run in the NFL. He has a QB rating of 97.6 in his career, a 64 percent completion parentage in his career, averages 262.1 passing yards in his career. While doing so, most of his best years and last three Super Bowls have come in the last five years at the ages of 36-41 years old.

Therefore if you are a Brady hater or dislike Brady on any level you are probably (A) a Jets, Dolphins, Bills, Steelers, Ravens, Chargers or Chiefs fan (B) are a 30-40-year-old wash up and never actually amounted to much in life after being the “high school football star” (C) probably have listened to the media way too many times and are easily swayed in one direction (D) never actually competed in anything in your life/never played sports (F) Your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/dad/mom probably said Brady sucks so you agree (G) are an ignorant person and cannot appreciate greatness when it is in front of you.

I am an Eagles fan, and the Eagles lost to Brady in the Super Bowl and beat him in the Super Bowl. But the fact the guy is in his 9th Super Bowl, his fifth in eight years and is 41-years-old still wining games, destroying the AFC, leading QB’s in passing yards, still the best player on his team and showing no signs of slowing down from year one to nineteen is incredible. Not to mention his switch to vegan mid-career and still being one of the best.

Brady faces an awful lot of criticism for being one of the greatest, if not THE greatest of all-time. It is sad to see people hating on someone for every good thing they do right. And cheer against someone whenever they do something great. Also he is a great role model off the field for young players, seems like a respectable father and husband, an all-around grade A guy that faces way to much heat for being so good. I mean just recently he went out of his way to go and congratulate and say how much he admires Patrick Mahomes after the AFC Championship game. If you deny any argument in this article or dislike Tom Brady. You’re an idiot.

Nick Foles Future With Eagles Goes Right Through Alshon Jeffery’s Hands

If you are an Eagles fan (like myself) it was definitely tough to see it end like that, because you know the magic Foles could produce in that last two minutes. Now the biggest question needs to be addressed, because there was no doubt in anyone’s minds that Foles had a legitimate shot to stay in Philadelphia. Foles won the MVP last Super Bowl, led the Eagles back to the playoffs this season and a dramatic win in the wild card round last week vs the Bears. Foles has been something many fans nor reporters can wrap their heads arounds. Is he a legit number one? Do the Eagles play better with Foles in the pocket? Does Foles style of play go better with the Eagles offense? Could he lead this team in a 16-game season? A lot of questions and no answers really.

Well, after the Eagles recent 20-14 loss to the New Orleans Saints in the Divisional Round. The Carson Wentz, Foles decision may now be a little easier. Yes, Foles has pulled off some magical come backs, game-winning drives, and three straight wins for an Eagles wild card berth but behind Foles is always going to be Wentz. The Eagles 1st round 2nd overall pick, the Eagles beloved Quarterback. The man who brought life back to the Eagles in 2017 until he got hurt with an season ending injury. There is no doubt that sure Wentz is a better QB, more mobile in the pocket, can turn nothing into something, able to scrabble and can throw the ball quite well too. But there is a certain poise, patience and confidence Eagles fans feel in Foles when he steps in, a certain confidence that is sometimes not there when Wentz is in and the Eagles are down by a touchdown late in the game.

Both QB’s have been successful during their time in Philadelphia both are beloved by Eagles fans an all Eagles fans would love to see Foles stay. But due to the nature of a QB heavy league Foles is very valuable to many teams which means he will not settle for a 4 million dollar contract when he can make 9+ million elsewhere being a starter for an NFL team.

The reality is this, now if Alshon Jeffrey ends up catching that ball and the Eagles march on for a late touchdown to win the game. Foles thickens his case to stay, they go onto win vs L.A. he essentially solidifies his case to stay, they win the Super Bowl again he comes back I believe. But the future of Nick Foles as we just saw it went right through Alshon Jeffrey’s hands. The Eagles won one playoff game this season and while Foles won a Super Bowl last season. That was last season and when next year starts that will be two seasons old. Looking at this objectively, Wentz is 26-years-old turning 27 next season the prime years for a QB. Foles is 29-years-old turning 30, entering the not so prime years for a QB. Therefore being realistic, the Eagles are going to go with the younger QB, the QB with more upside, more years to develop, grow and a QB that can definitely lead them to a Super Bowl, if healthy. As bitter as it is, and it is tough to stomach Nick Foles will not be back with the Eagles next season, there is a very slim chance he returns to Philadelphia for the 2019-2020 season.