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Tampa Bay Lightning(8-3-1) vs Montreal Canadiens(7-3-2)

The Canadiens are off to a HOT start, and coming off a big 6-4 win vs the former Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals as the Lightning are coming off a bad loss on home ice vs Nashville. Lightning are in Montreal as the Canadiens are on home ice for the third straight game in a row. Tonight’s game will be an interesting one as the Canadiens continue to try and keep their hot play alive and the Lightning try and get out of the loss column and take one on the road. The Canadiens are 5-2 on home ice as the Lightning are 3-2 on the road. The Lightning will stay on the road for another game tomorrow vs Ottawa so taking both would be great but splitting it is ideal. I think the Lighting can take both these back to back road games. I’d go Lightning tonight they are favorites here on the road even with Montreal’s hot play which is a reason why this game seems to be a trap to take Montreal. Going Tampa Bay tonight.

Edmonton Oilers(7-4-1) vs Detroit Red Wings(4-7-2) 

Hopefully the Oilers do not sh*t the bed like the Devils did Thursday night and lose to Detroit, because I am riding the hot hand Oilers tonight. Coming off a big home win vs Chicago and Mikko Koskinen first NHL win. Tonight the Oilers stay with the young goaltender as the Red Wings try and battle back after their slow start and get back on the right track. This game will be a close game in my eyes, early in the year there is a small margin between good and bad teams, the games are usually either blow outs or close games. This game is making to be a 3-2 type of game, I like Edmonton for the reason that well they are the hot team and coming into this game 7-2-1 in their last 10 games and taking 4 of their last five games. Oilers with the money line tonight.

Dallas Stars(7-5-0) vs Washington Capitals(5-4-2) 

Capitals a little Stanley Cup hung right now? In their last 10 games they are 4-4-2 the positive sign though is that they can always score goals. Not sure what the poor play from Washington is right now but is a perfect time to shake it off and the perfect game to do it. Against a competitive, skilled Dallas team that can bury you if you make stupid mistakes. The Stars are coming into Washington on a two-game win streak and fourth road game in a row, they beat the Canadiens and Toronto on the road so their confidence is high. I think this is a game that Washington ratchets things up and takes a big win on home ice. Capitals, over tonight.

Minnesota Wild(7-3-2) vs St. Louis Blues(4-4-3) 

The Blues are starting to get the pieces together now and getting moving in the right direction. The Wild though are a well balanced team from forward to defense to goalie. Their last game coming Tuesday vs Edmonton on the road in which they won, they have had now three days to travel. I like the added rest and legs to Minnesota tonight, on the road a good game to go after the road team. St. Louis Ryan O’Reilly continues to impress but the worry for St. Louis and this game is their goaltending consistency, when Jake Allen is on he is solid but I like Minnesota tonight with the money line.

Carolina Hurricanes(6-5-2) vs Vegas Golden Knights(5-7-2) 

Seems like the Vegas fire has run out this year? The Golden Knights as you can tell are not off to a good start, what used to be sure games for them at home are not anymore. They are 2-4 at home this season and while they started off the season with five road games, losing 3 of 5 makes it difficult for a team to get much going. After losing to Nashville and St. Louis on the road the Golden Knights come back to home ice with a chance to get some confidence going as they prepare for another four game road trip after this game. The Hurricanes are 3-4 on the road and their real bright spot has been Finland forward Sebastian Aho, seems like every game he is setting a record. Aho has 17 points in 13 games. The Golden Knights keep him off the scoresheet they are good to go. Staying with Vegas here as they need a win desperately before this road trip. Vegas money line.

Columbus Blue Jackets(7-5-0) vs Los Angeles Kings(3-8-2) 

The Kings have been off to a terrible start, struggling to score, struggling to get any offense going and now Jonathan Quick needs surgery and Petr Budaj and Jack Campbell will have to pick up the slack. A rough start for L.A. this season and it won’t look better after they lose to Columbus tonight at home. Columbus is coming off a big road win vs San Jose and stay in the California area for another road tilt. I think this is a good give me type of game. The Kings will compete for sure but I see the Blue Jackets coming out on top and taking this game at the end. Columbus money line.

Other games on tonight…. (don’t bother with games highlighted)

Devils(5-4-1) vs Islanders(7-4-1): Islanders

Leafs(8-5-0) vs Penguins(6-2-3): Don’t bother. Both coming off loses and struggling a bit right now. Not a good game to go after. 

Bruins(7-3-2) vs Predators(10-3-0): Don’t bother Predators are hot don’t even bet against them and betting with them provides little value. 

Blackhawks(6-5-3) vs Flames(8-5-1): Both inconsistent and don’t like this game. 

Flyers(6-7-0) vs Sharks(6-4-3): Sharks should win but anything can happen with the Flyers.



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Nashville Predators(26-11-7) vs New Jersey Devils(24-15-8) 

The Devils are coming into this game on a three-game losing streak and currently tied with the Flyers for the second spot in the Metropolitan division. The Devils dropped their last game to Boston, 3-2. Had a day off and now get back to it vs another top team in the NHL. Over the last ten the Devils are 2-6-2, and while offense has been a strong suit for this club all year, over the last ten they have scored just 21 goals in the last ten games. They have played now nine games in January and through this month of the Devils have only won twice and have been held to two or fewer goals five times. The Predators are coming off a loss to the leagues best, Tampa Bay. They are currently two points behind Winnipeg for the divisional lead and post a 6-2-2 record in their last ten. The Predators have been a top-five team all season and continue to show signs of returning for yet another Stanley Cup. The Predators despite playing amazing on home ice, fare well on the road with a 12-7-4 record. I like the Predators here tonight, usually every night, but the Devils need to get back in the win column. Going, Devils.

Tampa Bay Lightning(33-12-3) vs Philadelphia Flyers(24-16-8)

The Flyers are coming into this game red-hot and the way the Flyers have been playing this matchup could not have come at a better time. Usually, we would look at this game and think oh, Lightning for sure. But as the Flyers continue to climb the Metro division rankings, their play continues to get better. With the help of depth scoring, Travis Konecny, per usual suspects in Courtier, Voracek, and Giroux. The Flyers are coming into this game on a four-game winning streak posting an 8-2-0 record in their last ten. They don’t post an amazing record on home ice but through the month of January, they have won five of their six home games. The Lightning well are the Lightning we know everything about this team already, deep, can score on all four lines, a solid goaltender, and a defense that may be banged up a tad, but manages to get the job done. The Lightning are coming into this game on a two-game winning streak posting a 5-4-1 record in their last ten. The Lightning on the road this season are 16-7-2, one of the better road records and during this month on the road, they have dropped three of their five road games. And they are currently wrapping up a four-game road trip as we speak. The Lightning are a solid team and all, and I really think they can take this one against a hot Flyers team but I don’t know, I think we stay with the hot hand here. Going, Flyers.

Minnesota Wild(26-17-5) vs Pittsburgh Penguins(26-21-3) 

The Penguins are battling for a playoff spot as of late, with the Rangers and Islanders poor play it has made it easier for the Penguins to secure a spot at the moment. The Penguins are coming into this game off a 3-1 vs Carolina and in their last ten have played much better, as they post a 7-3-0 record. The Penguins struggles on the back end continue but their offensive help has picked up a bit, their depth players are chipping in more as well as their goaltending has been solid from two unlikely names. The Penguins are much better on home ice as they are on the road, they post a 16-7-1 home record this season. The Wild now are in a similar situation to the Penguins they need a win to continue their fight for a playoff spot, but it won’t be easy. The Wild are coming into this game tied for a playoff spot, on a two-game winning streak and a 6-2-2 record in their last ten. The Wild are a solid bunch in all facets of the game, they see a little more offensive depth production and this team is a contender. The Wild come into the Penguins home ice, posting a 9-13-1 record on the road. While the Avalanche play tonight a team they are tied with this game is crucial. Tonight, if we go back 2.5 months this game was won 2-1 by Minnesota well fast forward now on the Penguins home ice and they meet again. Tonight I am going Pittsburgh.

Colorado Avalanche(27-17-3) vs St. Louis Blues(29-18-3) 

The Avalanche recently had their streak snapped by one of the worst teams in the league, figures, weird stuff like that always happens. A true test to this team will be how they respond now. And it’s a great test tonight as they face of one the top teams in their division and a team they trail only four points behind. The Avalanche are coming into tonight with a 9-1-0 record in their last ten and a 9-10-2 road record. The Blues have died off a ton from the beginning of the season, everyone thought they were legit contenders, while they merely a fake. The Blues are a solid team don’t get me wrong, but they struggle with depth scoring and consistent goaltending. The Blues are coming into this game winning their last game and a 6-3-1 record in their last ten, they also post a 16-10-0 home record. My bet for tonight, the Blues loss, Stars win, jump the Blues in the rankings and this begins the Blues fall out of a playoff spot. Going Avalanche tonight.

New York Islanders(24-20-5) vs Vegas Golden Knights(32-11-4) 

Well, it does not get easier for the Islanders as they head to Vegas to face off against one of the hottest teams in the NHL, and a team that seems unbeatable on home ice. Vegas is coming into this game on a two-game winning streak posting a 6-2-2 record in their last ten. Vegas leads the division by nine points, and have lost just two games at home all season. This team is a true Cinderella story and something that still feels like a dream to some. They seem to do everything right, their goaltending has been remarkable and their top six is just about as good as any top-six in the league. The Islanders are struggling for a playoff spot and have been playing mediocre in their last ten posting a record of 4-5-1 in their last ten and an 11-13-2 road record. A team that struggles on the road going into one of the hardest places to play this season will not be good. Tonight, I am sticking with the hot hand and going Vegas. They may be the first team to reach 70 points this season, wow.

Other games on tonight, that don’t get the special card preview…

Rangers vs Sharks: Preview coming…

Hurricanes vs Canadiens: Canadiens 

Bruins vs Senators: Bruins 

Blackhawks vs Red Wings: Blackhawks OT

Capitals vs Panthers: Panthers 

Maple Leafs vs Stars: Stars 

Flames vs Oilers: Oilers

Blue Jackets vs Coyotes: Blue Jackets 

Sabres vs Canucks: Sabres

Jets vs Ducks: Jets

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Los Angeles Kings(14-8-3) vs Washington Capitals(14-10-1) 

As the Capitals climb the ranks in the standings each game is extremely pivotal, especially in that tight Metropolitan division. The Kings have in a sense slowed down, definitely not as successful as they were the first 13 games, the Kings offense has also slowed down. Tonight the Kings hit the road, in which they have been pretty good this year posting a 7-3-1 record, while the Capitals are 8-4-0 at home. I like the Capitals offense more than the Kings defense and offense, plus with two elite goaltenders going head to head tonight it will make for an interesting matchup. I can confidently go with Washington tonight.

Vancouver Canucks(11-10-4) vs Nashville Predators(15-6-3) 

This is another easy choice for me as the Canucks head into Nashville one of the better teams at home this season, and with Nashville’s recent success, it will take a lot to knock off the Predators. Nashville’s 9-1-1 record at home is something I am quite confident in, and is 8-1-1 in their last ten, while Vancouver is 3-5-2 in their last ten. Vancouver is by no means a bad team, just not a playoff team yet and that is what they are playing tonight. Nashville easy tonight.

Vegas Golden Knights(15-7-1) vs Minnesota Wild(11-10-3) 

For some reason, I saw this game and immediately said Vegas for sure. Vegas dropped a tough one to Dallas on home ice the other night and there is no way this team gets shutout two games in a row, nor will they drop a game like that again. At this point in the season, Vegas is said to have a 91 percent chance of making the playoffs. I like Minnesota but they are a bit too streaky for me, good offense, solid defense and a solid goaltender, but on some nights Minnesota just do not look there. I am also feeling a Vegas road win, something to give Vegas, even more, accreditation this season. Vegas is 6-3-1 and Minnesota is 6-3-1 in their last ten games. Vegas tonight, I’m feeling it.

Arizona Coyotes(6-17-4) vs Calgary Flames(13-10-1) 

Arizona has no business going into Calgary and stealing a game and for god sake, I hope Calgary does not let this team hang around. The Coyotes went to overtime with the Oilers Tuesday night, something you cannot allow for a team that wants to make a playoff push. The Flames offense fueled by Sean Monohan and Johnny Gaudreau will take over this game, if Calgary does not take this game, I think there is some area of concern. Calgary is 5-4-1 in their last ten while Arizona is 4-4-2 in their last ten. Calgary tonight, please.

Toronto Maple Leafs(16-9-1) vs Edmonton Oilers(10-13-2)

Call me crazy people but if Edmonton wants to continue to climb the rankings they better start beating teams like Toronto. In Edmonton’s last ten they are 4-5-1, not great but better than what they were. As Toronto is 7-2-1 in their last ten. Toronto stays on the road with this one and hopefully, Auston Matthews can throw a shot towards the net in this game, as he had zero last game vs Calgary. An Edmonton win would be monumental to the team at this point in the season as they are five points out of a playoff spot. Toronto is making the playoffs either way. I like Edmonton tonight, call me crazy but Edmonton needs a big win.

Other games on tonight

Canadiens vs Red Wings: Uhhhh, Carey Price is hot, going back-to-back, if so, stay away.

Stars vs Blackhawks: Blackhawks. Period.


FREE NHL PICKS OF THE DAY; November 25, 2017

Buffalo Sabres(6-13-4) vs Montreal Canadiens(8-12-3)

Buffalo is coming off a loss to Minnesota Wednesday night, and Montreal gets Carey Price back after being on the IR for several weeks. The Canadiens are coming into this night on a five-game losing streak, as Buffalo has not been great either. The good sign for Buffalo is that Jack Eichel is finally getting back into a rhythm with 3 goals, 2 assists in his last fourteen days. The Canadiens continue to see slow offensive production as the Sabres struggle to see offensive depth scoring. Other good news is that Rasmus Ristolanen is back off the IR and had two assists in his first game back. Canadiens at home has to be a win, plus with Carey Price back he needs to come back with a chip on his shoulder. I like Montreal. No lines out yet, but either way this game will be a push I think, maybe take the under that’ll be around 5.5. Montreal with the under. 

New York Islanders(13-7-2) vs Ottawa Senators(8-7-6)

The Islanders are red hot right now and the Senators are cold as can be, after getting lit up for five goals last night and the Islanders coming off a massive come back win in overtime. The Islanders are flying high and their offense seems to be a sure four plus a night. The Senators are in a rut right now and their offensive success has been slow to come by during this skid. In the last five games, they have scored 7 goals and have dropped five of their last five games. While the Islanders have scored 22 goals in their last five games and have won four of their last five. Plus with Ottawa home, the Islanders may be the underdogs tonight, if so slam that game. Islanders easily tonight.

Vegas Golden Knights(14-6-1) vs Arizona Coyotes(6-16-3)

The Coyotes have picked up a win in four of their last five games! They welcome the red-hot Golden Knights but this Vegas team is cold on the road, good at home but have not seen success on the road. Arizona has some confidence going and even without Antti Raanta. This one is tough because Vegas looks to be the better team but Arizona is hot right now and home. Vegas could easily take this one on the road so don’t think as Arizona to be a sure-fire win tonight. If the Golden Knights are dogs, then yes go Vegas. Vegas for the win.

New Jersey Devils(13-5-4) vs Detroit Red Wings(10-9-4)

The Red Wings are coming off a tough overtime loss, where Jimmy Howard stood on his head, luckily the Red Wings got a point out of the night and get ready for a home game vs the Metropolitan leading Devils.  The Devils are looking to be a deep team right now who are getting the solid goaltending they have needed. I would have to assume that the Devils may be the underdogs tonight due to Detroit being home but Detroit has been terrible at home this season losing six of their ten home games. The Devils have won seven of their eleven away games. If the Devils are dogs take them tonight for sure. Devils win on the road.

Minnesota Wild(11-8-3) vs St. Louis Blues(16-6-1) 

The Blues are coming off a tough loss getting shutout 2-0 to the Predators, they won’t happen again tonight. But this will be a tight game, two central division teams, some divisional play always leaves for a great game. This is the first of four meetings between the two.  We will probably see Jake Allen in net and Devan Dubynk for Minnesota if I had to assume this game’s over will probably hit and the Blues will come out with a win here tonight. At the same time, I could see this being a 2-1 game. Not too sure on the over/under, stay away but go Blues for the win. 

Other games on tonight

Capitals vs Leafs: No idea. 

Blackhawks vs Panthers: Would not be surprised to see Panthers take this one. 

Lightning vs Penguins: Lightning drop two straight? Penguins drop four straight? Yeah, I’ll pass on this game. 

Jets vs Sharks: Jets, riding high with them. 

Flames vs Avalanche: The Av’s have been surprising this year, don’t look past them. 

Ducks vs Kings: Ducks never disappoint and the Kings are ICE COLD. 



Pittsburgh Penguins(11-9-3) vs Boston Bruins(9-7-4)

It seems as if goaltender Anton Khudobin has taken over the ranks in Boston, well either that or the Bruins are riding the hot tender, Khudobin has 6 wins, 2.13 goals against(GAA) and .938 save percentage on the year, and in the last two weeks he has 3 wins, 1.71 GAA and .950 save percentage. The Bruins are riding the hot hand as Tuukka Rask has been off to a slow start. The Bruins may go back to Khudobin tonight, but either way, whoever is in net won’t mean much due to the Penguins deep offense. This game will be determined by the Bruins defense holding off the Penguins offense, and the Bruins taking advantage of the Penguins fragile blue line. Bruins at home is nice and this game is basically a push, I’m liking the Penguins though, they need a win tonight heading into two tough matchups. Penguins, 4-2.

Winnipeg Jets(13-5-3) vs Anaheim Ducks(10-8-3)

The Ducks are slowly getting back some pieces to their line up, Cam Fowler was activated off the IR last game, which helps their blue line, but still missing three key forwards is not great for Anaheim. Despite all the injuries to Anaheim, they are managing to string together wins, which comes from the help of players like Rickard Rakell getting his touch back. The Jets though are so dangerous on any given night this team can bury eight plus, so many offensive weapons and now throw in a hot goaltender, the Jets look to be one of those teams that are getting the confidence they need. This game again is a push, I’d take the over here for tonight as it is 5.5, Jets offense can slate four goals, Ducks bury two, easy. Jets tonight with the win.

San Jose Sharks(11-8-1) vs Vegas Golden Knights(13-6-1) 

The Sharks definitely do not scare me heading into Vegas, one of the best home teams this season and a team that continues to see offensive production from all over the lineup. The Sharks struggle to stay consistent and have not seen production on the front end all year, let alone the power play too. When Brent Burns has 7 points through 20 some odd games, that’s a problem. I think this one is easy tonight, although Vegas is the heavy favorite tonight, it just makes sense to ride the hot home team. Vegas for sure tonight. 

Toronto Maple Leafs(14-8-1) vs Carolina Hurricanes(9-7-4) 

Hurricanes are coming off a brutal home loss to New York Wednesday night, and it won’t get easier tonight vs the Maple Leafs. Anytime you go up against Auston Matthews it is never going to be easy. The Canes have a deep team but without goaltending this team is a borderline .500 team and nothing special. The offensive production has not been there for the Canes all season and Toronto is just a step away from being one of the best teams in the NHL, even with Mitch Marner and William Nylander not performing amazingly. Leafs money line may be better tonight.

Los Angeles Kings(12-8-2) vs Arizona Coyotes(5-16-3)

The Kings are looking to be coming back down to earth now, dropping five of their last six games, things are not looking great. But when you are struggling and get a chance like this tonight to completely blow a team out, get some confidence back in the room and get things going in the right direction, you must capitalize on it. Kings lose tonight, probably could write them off rest of the season, no joke. Coyotes have a solid team but they are just too young, and their goaltending has been an issue all season. Jonathan Quick helps the Kings get back in the win column tonight, going Kings money line. 

Other games on tonight

Avalanche vs Wild: Don’t be afraid to take the Avalanche. 

Islanders vs Flyers: Stay away. 

Lightning vs Capitals: Leave it, worth the risk on Capitals though. 

Oilers vs Sabres: I may throw up. This game could be ugly. 

Canucks vs Devils: 1000% do not be hesitant to take the Canucks. 

Senators vs Blue Jackets: Could go either way, but Jackets at home. 

Predators vs Blues: Avoid. 

Flames vs Stars: Same with Blue Jackets game, but Flames are hot. 

FREE NHL PICKS OF THE DAY; November 20, 2017

The FREE NHL picks format will be changed, I’m sorry but I am going to be devoting much of my time to graduate school and taking exams for graduate school. Not fun but it’s what needs to be done, therefore the major NHL nights free picks will be out. More than likely we are looking at three to four nights of free NHL picks. 

Calgary Flames(11-8-0) vs Washington Capitals(11-9-1) 

Saw something the other day about Johnny Gaudreau’s point streak, I believe it is something like 16 points in his last nine games. Absolutely ridiculous and this team would be nothing with Johnny hockey this year. He leads the team with 29 points and third in the NHL, just four points behind Nikita Kucherov. The Flames need to see some better performances out of Mike Smith, last week Smith struggled mightily and it resulted in the Flames having to score four-plus goals. The Capitals offense is deep and versatile, their power play is coming in at 20.8 percent and the Flames are a 20.6 percent. It all comes down to goaltending tonight. Braden Holtby vs Mike Smith who steps up and helps their team win. I got Washington, 4-2.

Winnipeg Jets(12-4-3) vs Nashville Predators(11-6-2)

Probably game of the night and the NHL should figure it out with television rights, how can you not air this game. Two top teams in the NHL right now, the red-hot Jets and the former cup contenders squaring off in Nashville. This game will be a great one, Connor Helleybuck able to hold off Nashville to two or fewer goals, Jets able to slot three or more on this Predators offense. This game comes down to those two factors. Helleybukc has been on a Cinderella story and riding high and the Jets have rallied around Helleybuck’s stellar start. Predators depth on offense and defense make them a scary team, and at home they are unstoppable, but Jets are the underdogs here and I like the sound of that. Slam it Jets, 5-3.

New Jersey Devils(11-5-3) vs Minnesota Wild(9-8-2)

The first of two meetings between the Wild and Devils kick off tonight on MSG plus. The Devils have dropped four of their last six games. And coming into a hot Minnesota team will not be an easy matchup. Jason Zucker’s red-hot streak looks to continue tonight and it will for sure, but the Devils need to get some confidence back and take a game and get back in the win column. The Devils offense has been filled with new players stepping up all season which is great but concerning at the same time, does it mean they are streaky or what. The Devils are a time that everyone is unsure of right now and we will know who this team really is come Christmas time. Tonight, I’m going Minnesota, 4-2.

Anaheim Ducks(9-7-3) vs San Jose Sharks(10-8-0)

The Ducks are coming off a win that probably should not have won as John Gibson turned away 50 of Florida’s 52 shots last night. The Ducks got outshot, 52 to 28 and they get ready for a mediocre San Jose team. The Sharks have dropped three of their last five games and the biggest concern has to be Brent Burn’s zero goals and awful start. Luckily the Sharks go up against a team that is hurting badly and sporting two centers in the top six, that do not belong there. We will need to see some key players for both teams step up but Anaheim’s defense will need to help Ryan Miller as he expected to get the nod after Gibson’s grueling start last night. I like Anaheim here in overtime, 3-2.

The two other games tonight are Columbus vs Buffalo, figure that one out on your own. I don’t care if Buffalo is home, you can do this one yourself, people. And even better Coyotes vs Leafs with Auston Mattews back. Yeah, we know how that is going to go.

FREE NHL PICKS; November 16, 2017

New Jersey Devils(11-4-2) vs Toronto Maple Leafs(12-7-0) 

Devils +140 vs Toronto -160 over/under: 6

This game has a possibility of going to overtime, I don’t know why but Toronto has zero overtime losses and the Devils always keep games close. Anyways, the Devils get another key piece of their line up back tonight, as Travis Zajac was recently activated off the IR. Now with Kyle Palmieri and Zajac back the Devils top six looks to be getting even better. Plus with Auston Mattews ruled out again tonight and William Nylander’s status still unknown, this is a tough one. This game is a bit of a tease to because Toronto is injured up and down the lineup, Roman Polak is dressing as a forward and the Devils are plus, I like the Devils in overtime, 3-2. 

Carolina Hurricanes(7-5-4) vs New York Islanders(9-6-2)

Carolina -105 vs New York +125 over/under 5.5

The Islanders offense has been firing on all cylinders and Josh Ho-Sang seems to be a regular now. Tomas Greiss is getting the start and Tomas Hickey and Ryan Pulock are in the line up as well, the Islanders are going with their younger lineup today vs another young team. Carolina has a ton of offense and anything can happen on any given for this team in terms of offense but it seems their defense and goaltending has just not been there all season, they have been a bit inconsistent and not a team I am too confident in. Scott Darling gets the nod today and the Canes seem to be riding on the Jordan Staal train right now. Tonight, I’m going Islanders 4-2.

Pittsburgh Penguins(10-7-3) vs Ottawa Senators(8-3-5)

Pittsburgh -120 vs Ottawa +100 over/under 6

Bobby Ryan back, Matt Duchene slowly getting adjusted to his new team, and the Penguins wary defense against a hot Mark Stone and strong Ottawa offense, not looking good for Pittsburgh. Connor Sheary and Jake Guentzel have been off to a very slow start as well as Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh really is not a team that worries that much right now. Ottawa, 4-2. 

Dallas Stars(9-8-1) vs Tampa Bay Lightning(14-2-2)

Dallas +155 vs Tampa Bay -175 over/under 6

This one is a no-brainer, Dallas has looked terrible the last two games and by no means are they going to come into Tampa Bay and walk all over or even beat the Lightning. The Stars see offensive production from three and occasionally four guys, after that it is nonexistent where on the Lightning’s end they have six to seven forwards capable of scoring on any given night. With the best duo in hockey right now, the Lightning pick is a no-brainer people. Lightning 4-1. 

Washington Capitals(10-8-1) vs Colorado Avalanche(8-7-1) 

Washington -140 vs Colorado +120 over/under 6

The Capitals and Holtby got shelled vs Nashville the other night, I would find it concerning if that happens again tonight. The Capitals have Matt Niskanen back but Christian Djoos just went down as day-to-day so his status is unknown. But the Capitals have the offensive depth to make up for their lack of blueline presence especially against a team like Colorado. Now, Colorado is surprising me, to say the least, they have seen solid production from Alex Kerfoot and Mikko Rantanen but they still lack defensive depth, also Tyson Barrie is OUT tonight so that leaves another hole on the blue line. I’m going Capitals, 3-1.  

Nashville Predators(10-5-2) vs Minnesota Wild(8-7-2)

Nashville +115 vs Minnesota -135 over/under 5

Yes, we know what you all are wondering will Devan Dubynk record another shutout. I am not answering that question, I don’t want to jinx the hot goaltender right now. But what I will say is Minnesota will win their fourth straight game. Jason Zucker’s point streak continues especially if Minnesota wants to win, also I think we will see Mikael Granlund get on the scoresheet tonight he has been quiet since coming off the IR. A strong and confident Minnesota team is nothing to mess with, I like Minnesota tonight.