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Where Wayne Simmonds Can Land At The Trade Deadline

It confirmed the Philadelphia Flyers are moving on from Wayne Simmonds. The reasons, we do not know. Speculation could be, he is going to be a UFA come the off-season expecting 5.5-7 million a year for a longer term deal. Simmonds has been in a little of a funk lately, only producing 46 points in 75 games last season and only 19 points in 44 games. Either way the Flyers are looking to actively shop Simmonds and are looking for a goaltender, top-six forward and fifth defenseman. Therefore where can we see Simmonds land?

  1. Edmonton Oilers: They need a top-six forward and that’s what Simmonds is plus paring him with Connor McDavid or Leon Draisaitl is a no-brainer for the Oilers. Plus the Oilers can trade Cam Talbot or Darnell Nurse, Kris Russell type defenseman and they have a few picks to give. Simmonds would pair well in Edmonton even though Milan Lucic has been rather unsuccessful recently and Lucic, Simmonds play similar games. Simmonds is a little more used to scoring goals and playing a goal-scoring role.
  2. Colorado Avalanche: The Avalanche have a ton of suitable prospects, Semyon Varlamov and fifth defenseman. Yes, Varlamov, he is a UFA in the off-season, the Avalanche trade Varlamov, get Simmonds and go after Bobrovsky, crazy but a possibility. Either way Simmonds would be a suitable partner for Philadelphia, the Avalanche can give up Samuel Girard or Alexander Kerfoot and Patrick Nemeth, plus a pick for Simmonds and something else.
  3. Columbus Blue Jackets: Word on the street is Sergei Bobrovsky wants to be traded… well the Flyers and Bob can reunite and swap Simmonds for Bob. The only concern is the Flyers will need to give more like a second and Bobrovsky for Simmonds, maybe more. Also Bob is going to cost 7.5 million same as Simmonds so what would be the point? Unless the Flyers are willingly to spend money on a goalie, which they should.
  4. Carolina Hurricanes: If the Hurricanes are interested in trading Faulk, Hamilton or Frolik this could be fit. Again the issue is the Hurricanes need to resign a few players and Sebastian Aho therefore Simmonds will be costly for them. This could be a possibility and Simmonds would actually fit well in Carolina basically a better Justin Williams.
  5. Calgary Flames: A small possibility, the Flames have a ton of defenseman on their backend and Mike Smith and David Rittich to trade if they wanted to shed a goalie it would probably be Mike Smith. Either way the Flames can move Travis Hamonic and Michael Frolik for Simmonds. Although the Flames are hot right now and I would not mess with their roster, the Flames are a suitor.
  6. Pittsburgh Penguins: When are they not in the running? They contacted Carolina about their two defenseman on the block and Ferland. Therefore why not entertain this conversation with Philly and see the offer sheet for Simmonds. He would basically another Patric Hornqvist just younger. Also the Penguins can move Casey DeSmith, Derek Brassard and Jamie Oleksiak. Simmonds would be a great fit in Pittsburgh honestly…

Who will Columbus trade/sign? Sergei Bobrovsky or Artem Panarin?

The Columbus Blue Jackets have two major questions to answer come the deadline as their two highest marked free agents will be for sale come July 1st, 2019. Which means the Blue Jackets can either find a trading partner now or run the possibility of having Bobrovsky and Panarin walk. If all is right and sane in this world, Jarmo Kekäläinen learned something from the Islanders situation. Which means that the Blue Jackets should probably either try to make a run at signing one of them and trade the other. Therefore this gives us two options.

Option 1: Trade Bobrovsky and go after a cheaper UFA, RFA goaltender in the summer. 

This is option one because of what happened the other night in Columbus with Bobrovsky. It seems Bob and management do not get along too well after his stint the other night in Tampa Bay resulting in a suspension from the Blue Jackets for Thursday nights game. We also have no idea what happened but are sure it was a violation of team rules. Plus, the Blue Jackets have Panarin who is 27-years-old, has a .98 points per game and is the Blue Jackets top two forward. Bobrovsky as good as he is, is probably not going to get better at 30-years-old. He has struggled to perform in the playoffs and this year has not looked all that great. He has 18 wins in 31 games started, a 2.87 goals against and .906 save percentage.  Also, Bobrovsky probably provides a solid return (not better if you were to trade Panarin) and there are a ton of teams who will take a #1 goaltender. Even if teams are going to be looking at a price tag of 7.5-8.5 million a year. Bobrovsky is already the third highest paid goalie in the NHL so I don’t see how he can go up from here.

Option 2: Trade Panarin, sign Bobrovsky.

This is also a likely possibility. The Russian forward has made some indication that he is not entirely sure if he wants to stay in Columbus. While he has also said that he loves Columbus and playing there. It is a tricky situation with Panarin sending a lot of mixed signals. If the Blue Jackets do end up trading Panarin they will receive a first round pick, a top-level prospect and more. Not to mention Bobrovsky will cost probably 8 million over 4 years, Panarin will cost 9.5 million or more over a long term deal. In hindsight, the Bobrovsky trade would not yield as much in return and looking at this realistically, the Blue Jackets were not MUCH worse when Panarin was not on their roster.

The Blue Jackets received Panarin in 2017-18, the three seasons leading up to Panarin the Blue Jackets had a combined record of 126-99-21. Despite not having a good year in 2015-16 the Blue Jackets went 42-35-5 in 2014-15 and 50-24-8 in 2016-17. Sure Panarin is a very good player and the Blue Jackets would be better off with him but we have learned in this league that a number one goaltender is more important than having multiple super stars on the roster. Look at the Blues, Flames (in recent years), Islanders (in recent years), Carolina, Florida, Dallas (before Bishop), Vancouver, the list goes on. Then take a look at the teams that have won Stanley Cups and why they did. Penguins (Murray and Fleury), Capitals (Holtby), Kings (Quick), Blackhawks (Crawford, Niemi), Red Wings (Hasek) and all the teams like Vegas last season who went on a big run cause of their goaltending or teams like the Flyers who lost in the Stanley Cup final cause lack of goaltending. Goaltending is important in this league, you may not be able to necessarily replace Panarin but other guys will need to step up and it’s a lot harder in this league to replace a goalie.

Option 3: They both walk and Columbus is screwed.

This is option three and probably not realistic. The Blue Jackets ownership is a lot smarter then this but I am just saying it as an option but because it can happen.

All in all, the Blue Jackets need to come to a settlement here with Bobrovsky, patch some things up and get back on each others good side. Panarin provides a greater return then Bobrovsky. But as of now we have some weeks until we find out what happens. During the All-Star break we will know a lot more because the deadline will be nearing and Panarin is suppose to have a conversation with his agent regarding next season and what he wants to do.

My guess: Blue Jackets sign Bobrovsky to deal and trade Panarin at the deadline or he walks over the summer.


My Top Buyers and Sellers For The NHL Trade Deadline

The NHL Trade Deadline is about seven weeks away, therefore usually around this time, 40+ games, teams making pushes for the playoffs and other teams doing the opposite. A lot of trade talk is about to approach so let’s get you ready for what can be a pretty exciting 2019 NHL trade deadline.

Top Buyers: 

Pittsburgh Penguins: It is no surprise here that the Penguins are again buyers. They continue to be a top-10 team in the NHL that have the tools to be a Stanley Cup team therefore around this time they usually always are involved in trade talks. There most recent trade talk has been with the Carolina Hurricanes for either Michael Ferland or defenseman Justin Faulk or Dougie Hamilton, not all three or two probably just one of the three. Either the Penguins could use another top-six winger but more importantly can certainly use a top-four or even number five defenseman. The Penguins by no surprise can score goals but they struggle to defend consistently, with a defense of Kris Letang (injury issues) Jack Johnson, Brian Dumoulin and Olli Maata they need to add another tool back there.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Much like the Penguins the Leafs are going to be buyers come the deadline, they really do not need any more forward depth due to the fact William Nylander is a third liner almost. The Leafs would have no reason for a forward. The thing the Leafs could use is a top-four defenseman, Ron Hainsey may not cut it much longer for Toronto, Morgan Reilly is proving number one capability and Jake Gardiner is a solid number four but they still another d-man, someone who is a good two-way defenseman. A Dougie Hamilton or Justin Faulk would be perfect but as of now there has not been much from Toronto. The Leafs could also use a potential back-up/fringe starter to help Frederick Anderson before the playoffs come around. Someone who can play at least half the games remaining in the year to get Anderson 100% healthy for the playoffs.

Edmonton Oilers: The Oilers need to make a move for a forward if they want to be a playoff team their current offensive roster is not going to cut it for the playoffs or a playoff run. They need one top-six forward and a borderline top-six/bottom-nine forward soon. The Oilers have tried line scheme after line scheme this season and not much is working consistently. They will probably look to the Rangers for Kevin Hayes, Mats Zuccarello, Vladislav Namestikov or the Senators for a few of their bottom-six forwards, the Blues have a slew of forwards, the Hurricanes Michael Ferland. Either way they need to be inquiring about someone.

Colorado Avalanche: With their 11 million in projected cap space the Avalanche should be shopping for a top-six, bottom six forward. They have the two best players in the NHL right now but someone else needs to supplement those two when the playoff run comes around and playoff time comes. The Avalanche have a lot of young potential but they will need some more proven success. Out there is as mentioned above, the Avalanche will be doing some necessary shopping over the next two weeks or so.

Top Sellers:

New York Rangers: Not a shock to many, the Rangers are definitely over performing considering the roster they have but they are still not a great team. Plus it does them no good to win games right now or not consider being big sellers. They have a few players to shed as well but with Kevin Hayes and Mats Zuccarello current UFA’s in 2019-2020 they will more than likely be trading those two. They have 2 million in cap space and with those two gone it will free up about 9.6 million making them a true contender for Artem Panarin this offseason.

Los Angeles Kings: They have no reason to buy and they do have a few names that can be useful elsewhere. I.e. Tyler Toffoli, Jeff Carter, Dustin Brown, and some bottom six forwards. Not a great year for L.A. but they have around $89,000 in cap space right now with three free agents in 2019 summer and Brown/Carter on unfavorable contracts.

Carolina Hurricanes: I did not expect the Hurricanes to be sellers but it seems their GM is in favor to shed Faulk, Hamilton and Ferland. Therefore making sellers for sure, they have 16 million in cap space and getting rid of two of those three would leave them with a nice dollar amount to sit on in the offseason. Plus they need to free up cap for Sebastian Aho, Teuvo Teravainen, Jordin Martinook, and possibly Justin Williams. The Hurricanes have a ton of UFA/RFA to consider in the offseason and they cannot afford Faulk, Hamilton and Aho therefore we can see these guys selling heavy come the deadline.

St. Louis Blues: I almost want to say why not sell for this team. You have Brayden Schenn, Jaden Schwartz, David Perron, Patrick Maroon, Vladimir Tarasenko, Tyler Bozak, etc. At least two of these guys or even one can go and will provide a decent return. The Blues have rumored to be in talks to shed Vladimir Tarasenko, which I mean sounds ridiculous but realistically this team is not going to win anytime soon, get a good return on the guy sooner than later.


New faces new places: Players looking to make an impact

Today, we will go over these three players who landed in a very different scenario, which means new faces who will make a major impact. To start this list can obviously be different but, these three players I think will make some major noise!

Evander Kane: Sent from bum f*ck Buffalo to bright and sunny San Jose. 

NHL Trade deadlineEvander Kane has been in terrible situations his whole career, yeah the guy probably does a little too much cocaine, parties a little too much and is a locker room distraction. But people realize when you are surrounded by failure it is pretty hard to be a good boy in a cr*ppy environment. The Sharks now land this absolute monster, 20 goals, 22 assists in 62 games playing for a team that has barely sniffed the 20 win mark this season. Kane played with some good talent in Buffalo but when the Sabres are allowing three-plus goals a game and getting shacked by every team in the league, some games you don’t even want to play. So the fact Kane has produced 42 points in 62 games is pretty good, now slot him with Tomas Hertl, Joonas Donskoi, Joe Pavelski, Mikkel Boedker, and on a playoff team, we can definitely expect this guy to produce at almost a point per game with his new team. We’re looking at a career-high for Kane here.

Michael Grabner: Sent over from Get me Out of Here New York to Smelly Newark, New Jersey. 

That speedy f*ck goes to a local team and now gets to be an absolute pest vs the Rangers and other Eastern Conference teams. Grabner was one of the Rangers top goal scorers and did it for two years straight, the reason he thrived so much with the Rangers because they played a fast, gritty offensive style, much like the Devils. Send Grabner over to a team just like the Rangers, but playing better and you get yourself a 30-goal scorer. Grabner has 25 goals, 6 assists in 61 games. Grabner also zero power play goals, which means all are coming short-handed or even strength. Even strength goal scoring for a team that thrives on the power play, yeah watch out first round opponent. Not to mention Grabner is one of the fastest players in the league slot this Australian f*ck on a line with Travis Zajac, Jesper Bratt, or Zajac and Wood, an extremely gritty and quick line, the Devils depth just got better. Easily tallying 30 plus this season.

Ryan McDonagh:  Sent from Pack Your Sh*t New York to Tampa Bay Lightning 

Jesus Chr*st, the Lightning are Cup favorites. Actually just hand them the Stanley Cup right now while you’re at it. If the Lightning roster did not scare you enough, they now add another top 15 defensemen to it, and top 100 forward. The Lightning added Ryan McDonagh, not only for his playoff experience but because this is the piece to help them win a cup finally. McDonagh is known for his extremely solid defensive play and being the Rangers best defenseman. Well, now he lands with some familiar faces in Tampa Bay(Girardi, Callahan, Stralman, Miller). McDonagh will probably pair with Sergachev making Tampa’s top four Stralman, Hedman, Sergachev, McDonagh. Alone Stralman, McDonagh, Hedman is enough to make them legit contenders. Now McDonagh actually gets to be paired with a defenseman who can play defense, he has been paired with a bunch of slumps in New York, McDonagh will be able to play offensively and defensively without having to worry about his d partner getting walked every time he jumps in the rush. McDonagh has played 49 games this season, adding 2 goals, 26 assists, 9 power play points and +7 on a terrible New York team, going plus is pretty impressive. McDonagh will thrive in a winning environment around some of the best players in the league, the guy is known to be a competitor, somebody who is known to be the hardest worker on and off the ice and being surrounded by excellence will only make McDonagh even more of a star in Tampa Bay. Famously known as MacTruck in New York, this guy will be running through people now.


LOSERS and WINNERS following the trade deadline

This deadline was a bit exciting I must say, especially at the time of the deadline, jeez I mean if you are a Lightning or Rangers fan your heart was probably beating through your shirt. Some teams made some really smart and aggressive moves and we now have a sense of what teams are all in, and what teams are well extremely confused as to what they are going to do.

In this piece, I am going to look at some teams that made good deadline acquisitions and some teams that completely sh*t the bed and probably may have been sleeping at the deadline.


It was a KNOWN fact the St. Louis wanted to add a depth winger, they were in talks with the Rangers about Nash and Buffalo about Kane but, they got cold feet I’m assuming were too scared to part ways with one of the million prospects they have and now have left themselves in the loser board. Not only are they losers for doing absolute squat, but the fact they sent over a top six veteran forward to a divisional rival! The Blues were actually dumb enough to send one of their more veteran playoff players to a team that is in their division trying to make a Cup push. The Blues sent over Paul Stastny for those that don’t know or live under a rock. While adding zero to their line up right now and no one that will help them this season. A 1st rounder this season is good but it will probably be in the range of 26-31 due to where Winnipeg finishes but they did also add Erik Foley a solid prospect. I don’t know if you are the Blues leading up to the deadline struggling and you go out and make the roster worse than yeah you are a loser in my book.

NHL Trade Deadline

Another loser is the New York Islanders, yippie the Islanders add defenseman Brian Davidson from Edmonton, the guy was in and out of the line up in EDMONTON, and when he did play he played 15 or so minutes, on the year he has 3 goals 2 assists. For defensive depth I guess, but Johnny Oduya was out there as well so… Also, the Islanders essentially added a younger, bit more skilled Jason Chimera, Chirs Wagner the Ducks enforcer and fourth line muck and grinder. Wagner will be slotted on the fourth line for sure and not add too much to the line up in terms of production or defensive help. The Islanders two biggest concerns were defense and goaltending and they did really nothing to improve that area. When your fans are hanging signs around Brooklyn, NY saying “Snow must go” then yeah you probably can automatically be deemed a loser this deadline.

Clear Winners…

In terms of winners, the Lightning need to be up there, yeah they gave up some solid prospects and maybe two first round picks but the Lighting are looking at right now and making a run at the Cup now, not in three years or so. The Lighting adding former Ranger captain Ryan McDonagh to the blue line is MASSIVE, now the Lightning’s defense consists of Hedman-Stralman, Sergachev-McDonagh, Sustr/Coubourn-Girardi. Also adding JT Miller in the top six is nothing spectacular but it just makes this team extremely deep. Obvious winners in my book and Cup favorites now.

NHL Trade Deadline

Another team is probably Nashville, similar to Tampa Bay a team that is making a run at it now, they had a sniff of Lord Stanley last season and want to be back there again, expect to hoist the Cup. The Predators added, forward Ryan Hartman, a player Chicago liked a lot and was a younger player in their system. Well now Nashville roster looks like a borderline All-Star team, Forsberg, Johansen, Arvidsson, Fiala, Turris, Smith, Jarnkrok, Bonino, Hartman, Jesus talk about a top six. They are obvious winners and a team that we will see deep run in the playoffs again.

The Penguins I have to note as well, I mean I can note a lot of other teams but the Penguins adding Derek Brassard makes them favorites for the Cup, once again. Yes, a top six of Crosby, Malkin, Brassard down the middle with Sheary, Rust, Hagelin, Hornqvist, Kessel, Guentzel on the wings is scary. Just a little concerning now with Matt Murray out indefinitely.

Noteworthy winners…

Note some other winners: Devils acquiring Grabner and Maroon, Sharks acquiring Evander Kane, Jets acquiring Paul Stastny, Bruins adding Rick Nash, Golden Knights adding Tomas Tatar. Columbus adding Ian Cole and Tomas Vanek for a playoff push.

Winners in terms of long-term look, Rangers adding five prospects, 9 picks, and two NHL ready players, Ottawa clearing cap space, and adding picks, Montreal doing the same as Ottawa, Red Wings adding five picks for two players, three in which are in the first three rounds.

New York Rangers: Pack Your Sh*t Edition

The New York Rangers are in full pack your sh*t mode. They have literally sent five guys to all different places and have received a laundry list of picks and some prospects. They sent Michael Grabner to New Jersey, hey Grabs, pack it up. Nick Holden to Boston, hey Holden go be a cone somewhere else. Rick Nash to Boston, hey Nashty, go put some pucks on net. Ryan McDonagh and JT Miller to Tampa Bay, just pack it up to whatever.

All seriousness, though I was a bit upset to see Nash, McDonagh, and Miller go, three guys that spent a decent amount of time in New York and definitely impacted the roster. Although Grabner did as well, but he was not a long-term Ranger and also a pending UFA this offseason so he had to go. Holden, well was not good, let’s say that.

If you are a Rangers fan are you upset with three 1st round picks (2018), two 2nd round picks (2018), two 3rd round picks (2018) and possibly another 1st round also if Tampa Bay wins the Stanley Cup this season. They also received, Brett Howden, Libor Hajek, Ryan Lindgren, Igor Rykov, Rob O’Gara, and Vlad Namestnikov and Ryan Spooner. Essentially, six picks, five prospects and two NHL ready players who are relatively young and developed in the NHL for three UFA’s at the end of this season and RFA at the end of this season and one RFA in 2019-20.

The firesale has begun and the rebuild is in full effect, the pack your sh*t edition may be in full effect and something many Ranger fans did not want to see but many saw this coming and for those that understand the need to look long-term know how this helps and those who don’t will sit and cry for the next two to three years. So be it, pack your sh*t too than. The Rangers now have 3 million in cap space while they still have some players to resign next year none will be receiving hefty contracts, leaving them with essentially a decent amount of cap for a free agent or big signing in the offseason.

Ok, so Namestnikov has 44 points this season playing alongside Stamkos and Kucherov so will see how that works out, Spooner has 25 points in 39 games and 2.85 mil cap hit. Also, Brett Howden a former 1st rounder in the 2016 draft, has been contributing nicely at the WHL level this season he is also 19-years-old played in 58 games 81 points for Moose Jaw Warriors in 2016-17 and 58 points in 38 games in this season also “C” Captain last three seasons. Not terrible. Also a former first rounder in 2016. Libor Hajek 20-years-old played for Czech Republic U20 team. Also WHL Saskatoon Blades 33 games with 25 points. A laundry list of experience in major juniors and on the international stage. Also a 2nd rounder in 2016. These shows they are two ALMOST NHL ready.

The pack your sh*t edition ends for now but in four months when the offseason begins the Rangers will be livid on the free agent market and also probably looking to trade some other pieces.

The Rangers line up most likely looks like this as well now,

Chris Kreider- Mika Zibanejad- Pavel Buchnevich 

Jimmy Vesey- Kevin Hayes- Mats Zuccarello 

Vladislav Namestnikov- David Desharnais- Jesper Fast 

Cody McLeod- Ryan Spooner- Vinnie Letteri 

Brady Skjei- Neil Poink

Marc Staal- Rob O’Gara

John Gilmour- Tony De’Angelo

Henrik Lundqvist 

Alexander Georgiev 

Spooner could possibly center line three, I’d hope but anyways the Rangers have now got a little deeper in the center position, because one Howden is a center as well and when he is ready(a year or two) the Rangers centers will be Zibanejad, Spooner, Howden, Lias Andersson, Filip Chytil(either him of Andersson will center) and now Hayes can go back to his left wing spot and the Rangers when these young AHL/WHL players are ready will have four to five solid centers not even including what they do with their three first round picks and two second-round picks. We can assume the Rangers go after some forward depth in the draft which means, with three first-round picks, one or two of these guys they draft have to be somewhat NHL ready within a season or two and the rebuild takes what, two to three years instead of six to seven like some teams.

Yeah, the Rangers made the playoffs for 12 consecutive seasons, won a President trophy finished among the top three numerous times and made trips to the Eastern Conference Finals, Stanley Cup, but still have no Cup to show for this success. The Rangers, if they did not choose to rebuild now, would have waited on McDonagh to age, signed him big and no team would have taken an aging defenseman contract(i.e. Marc Staal) and possibly received less for him, let Nash walk, Grabner walk and get nothing for them. The Rangers saw that at the moment some teams were looking to add some forward depth and defensive depth they had the pieces to shed and realized with an aging goaltender a Cup run was not likely. Now the Rangers have the option to draft in the first round three times for the first time in god knows how long.

Ok, I’ll admit it is weird to look at the Rangers 2014-15 President Trophy win and realize holy cr*p there is literally five players who remain on the roster form that team and one of them is Marc Staal. Well ok, yeah, the next two or three years may be painful but think about how young and exciting this team will be to watch in 2022, 2023 and on. I don’t know about you but if you are not looking long-term right now and actually think the Rangers were able to compete for a Cup with how good the Predators, Jets, Penguins, Flyers, Capitals, Golden Knights, Sharks, Ducks are this year then you are some sort of lunatic who obviously has to be hit with some reality. And here is your reality check, the Rangers pack your sh*t edition is your reality check. Sorry 9-year-old reading this or some 40-year-old keyboard warrior out there that is triggered right now, but get over it, if you don’t like it go pick dandelions in the outfield, where you belong, and hey while you’re at it, pack your sh*t too.

Follow along on Twitter @santageetee for some alarming and thought-provoking tweets. Blog sleeps for the night now. Night, night, Let’s Go Rangers.


NHL trade news: Hartman to NSH, Stastny to WPG, waiver moves and more!

OK, a bit of a slow start here to trade deadline day but the two power houses in the West made some moves, definitely Nashville benefit more here but the Jets do a power forward with a ton of playoff experience.

Nashville sent a 1st rounder 2018, 4th rounder 2018 and F Victor Edisell for F Ryan Hartman and a 5th rounder. This was OUT of nowhere, the Blackhawks seemed to make it clear they did not want to move Hartman as he was a young up and coming forward in the league. Hartman has tallied 8 goals 17 assists on the season with 170 shots on goal as well. Logging third line minutes with a struggling Chicago team, now move him on the third line for Nashville in between Bonino and next to Colton Scissons or Mike Fisher, this team is DEEP now. WATCH OUT!

Jets pick up veteran F Paul Stastny, this was also out of no where, the Jets were rumored to get Rick Nash or Patrick Maroon but with Nash gone, it seems the Jets are parting ways with Maroon and saying hey, we need some playoff experience, and a guy who can still produce a bit. Stastny will be slatted on the third line with Mathieu Perreault most likely. The Jets sent over a 1st rounder in 2018, a 4th rounder(TBD) and prospect Erik Foley for Paul Stastny will also retaining 50% of his salary. This is a lot for a 32-year-old forward, a prospect who has a ton of potential a first round pick and retaining salary. Winnipeg must have seen something serviceable in Stastny, he does have 12 goals and 28 assists with 5 power play points in 63 games this season. Both Nashville and Winnipeg have improved there rosters now, let’s see what else happens in the next two hours.

The Blue Jackets pick up another depth player, with acquisition of Ian Cole, Cole was sent from Pittsburgh to Ottawa and Ottawa to Columbus. A great move for Columbus and a sign they will be parting ways with Jack Johnson. Anyways the Blue Jackets sent over a 3rd rounder and Nick Moutrey for Ian Cole.

Also very small deal but the Golden Knights sent Brendan Leipsec to Vancouver for D Phillip Holm. This was 100% to clear cap space due to the fact Holm is 26-years-old and has played 1 game in the NHL and being an undrafted player.

Also, the Flames claimed Chris Stewart off waivers, yet they couldn’t find a role for Jagr so this move is basically like a spit in the face to Jagr and Stewart will also add zero to this line up. Flyers add D Johnny Oduya to their defense, a great move by Philly adding a veteran defense man with two Stanley Cups as they make this push for the playoffs.

That’s all for the trade deadline has nearly two hours left to it, all other news follow along on Twitter@santageetee