NHL Trade Deadline News 2019

Top Sellers And Their Current Needs Heading Into The Trade Deadline

The trade deadline seems like it is so far away but in the blink of an eye it will be February 25th, therefore around this time, within the next two weeks we could see a flurry of moves. Always at the deadline there are three types of teams, sellers, buyers and teams staying put. Here are my top five sellers at the deadline and their current needs.

1. New York Rangers:

Clear as day this team is selling, they are probably performing a little above expectations but the team knows they have no intentions on winning right now nor in the next year or two. Therefore most of their roster/players that are ending or nearing the end of their contracts are on the move. For example, Mats Zuccarello is one of the many names on the list that will/is probably going to be moved. Adam McQuaid is on that list, Kevin Hayes, Vladislav Namestikov, and I believe Pavel Buchnevich should but have not heard much about him. The Rangers are going to be selling Zuccarello for sure, McQuaid more than likely, Hayes is 50/50 and same with Namestikov.

What could they use in return? The Rangers want prospects, high-end, projected top-three to six forward players. They could also use some draft picks, maybe another first rounder down the road, a first round this year, and definitely a second round pick. Essentially they want a top-three draft pick.

2. Carolina Hurricanes:

This comes of shock to me as well but the Hurricanes seem like they are in the boat to sell. They are in the market for some young prospects right now and I would say the Hurricanes want to sell because they usually are a team that comes in under the cap space and right now they have to worry about Dougie Hamilton, Justin Faulk and signing Sebastian Aho to a long term contract. Therefore they are looking to sell to do so. The Hurricanes are currently looking to trade Michael Ferland, Dougie Hamilton, Justin Faulk.

What could they use in return? The Hurricanes like forwards, young forwards, players like a Brock McGinn seems to be the Carolina fit. They said they do not want much defenseman actually and they would rather lose 5-4 then lose 2-1. Therefore the Hurricanes want top-two draft picks and high end forward prospects.

3. Detroit Red Wings:

Not big sellers but they are trying to get rid of, should not say get rid of but trade Gustav Nyquist and Jimmy Howard. The Red Wings know they cannot win right now nor next year they have full intentions and sights set on the future and with their current roster make up being a bunch of young up and coming players, it only makes sense to go after draft picks.

What could they use in return? The Red Wings do a helluva a job drafting, give this team two first round picks and they will find some gems. They got a steal in Filip Zadina last draft and would like to have some more draft picks this year. They have said the asking price for Howard and Nyquist are first round picks.

4. Florida Panthers:

The Panthers actually just made three call ups and placed Jamie McGinn on their non-roster. The Panthers are not what we expected this year they have got the goaltending, some inconsistent play and a slow start hurt this team.  Even with Mike Hoffman projected for 40 goals, Yandle having a Norris season and Barkov playing well they still are not in the playoff hunt. The Panthers wanted to be a playoff team this year but like we said things did not go their way and they are essentially just one piece away from being a playoff contending team. That piece is a goaltender. The Panthers could look to sell Mark Pysyk and Nick Bjugstad.

What could they use in return? A legitimate starting goaltender, top-six winger and second or third round draft pick. Could be a Jimmy Howard, Casey DeSmith situation for them but we have not heard much from the Panthers, just speculations.

5. Ottawa Senators:

The Senators have such a difficult off-season ahead of them in terms of contract renewals, they need to sign back Matt Duchene, Mark Stone, Cody Ceci and Ryan Dzingel probably only 2/4 or 3/4 players can come back therefore they are going to be selling one or two of these four names. If I had to guess after what has come out about Duchene and his agent, he could be gone and due to Ceci’s value he could be gone as well.

What could they use in return? Endless top draft picks never hurts, top-three/six forward and top-three/four defenseman prospects. You can easily get a first round, second and top-six prospect forward for Duchene and a 2nd round, bottom-six forward prospect for Ceci.

Mark Stone and Matt Duchene Contract Talks

Top Headlines To Keep Your Eye On As The NHL Trade Deadline Nears…

The All-Star break is over and the regular season is back underway tonight which means the trade deadline is nearing and more speculation about where July 2019 UFA (unrestricted free agents) will end up either before the trade deadline or in the off-season continues.. As of today we have exactly three weeks until the trade deadline so things will be getting pretty dicey over the next 2-3 weeks. For now these are my top story lines to be aware of heading into a pretty important month for teams.

1. Artemi Panarin or Sergei Bobrovsky? the Blue Jackets are at a very difficult road right now, they have two important UFA’s to tend to right now and both can make or break their future. The Blue Jackets seem more inclined to treat their top forward Panarin to a contract, his agent and the Blue Jackets have met now two times but we have not heard anything yet. Bobrovsky has been on the “hot seat” with the Blue Jackets since his stint a few weeks back when he got pulled and never returned to the bench. The Blue Jackets need to decide what they are going to do. They are a top-three Metropolitan division team, have eyes on the playoffs and if everything goes right they can make a run in the playoffs, but if they do that and hold onto both Panarin and Bob they will let the two walk for essentially nothing. I would see Bobrovsky moved at the trade deadline and Panarin re-sign.

2. Ottawa Senators cap situation: The Senators have a similar situation to the Blue Jackets except they have five important players to re-sign and cannot afford any of them. They have a projected 7.43 million in cap space right now. Matt Duchene, Mark Stone, Ryan Dzingel, Colin White and Cody Ceci are all due for contracts. Mark Stone will probably get around 7.5 million lets say therefore they hit their cap hit. Matt Duchene is going to cost around 8-8.5 million probably for 6-7 years, Colin White will cost 2.5-3 million at 4-5 years, Ryan Dzingel will cost 4-5 million at 4-5 years, Cody Ceci will cost 4-4.5 million at 4-5 years. Therefore with all these players contracts that is 27.5 million in cap space between these guys alone. When we add up that 27.5 million and the rest of their players right it comes to 58.93 million in cap, plus all the players on their entry level deals it is 65.63 million, not to mention in two years Brady Tkachuk and Thomas Chabot are going to be due for a contract. This is a tough situation for the Senators, they have a 72 million cap hit and the cap is raising next year but the only way this does work out is if Duchene and Stone get those projected numbers and White/Dzingel/Ceci take those contracts as well.

3. Rangers on the rebuild still? The Rangers have been in the story line for rebuliding since last season but the newest players on the block for the Rangers are Mats Zuccarello, Kevin Hayes and Adam McQuaid, all these players are UFA’s in July and the way the Rangers are going it seems obvious they are going to want to trade them and build for the future. The Rangers have to worry about Anthony Deangelo and Neal Pionk as their main RFA’s this summer. Therefore if the Rangers are going to trade anyone it is going to be Hayes, Zuccarello for the sole reason of what they can receive in return form a contending playoff team.

4. Who are the top trade targets to keep an eye on right now? Wayne Simmonds, Jason Spezza, Andre Burakovksy, Michael Ferland, Brian Boyle, Derick Brassard. My prediciton for these players are Stars receive Burakovsky he can easily slide in their top-six and help them out. Simmonds continues to get targeted by Winnipeg, Nashville, Dallas, Ferland is a top contender in Pittsburgh.

Marian Gaborik retirement

Is Marian Gaborik considering retirement? His time seems to be up in the NHL…

Do you even remember Marian Gaborik? A very skillful Slovak winger, who used to be star of the NHL. Now, being 36-years-old, he has turned out to be a mystery man. Gaborik was dealt last spring from Los Angeles to Ottawa, but there he just played 16 games posting seven points in process.

Gaborik underwent back surgery in mid-April this year and was due to return to the ice in approximately eight weeks. But that was not necessary as it was deep in the off-season for Ottawa. In September, when training camp was knocking on the door, Senators´ GM Pierre Dorion said, that Gaborik is still meeting with specialist in Los Angeles and his return is up in the air.

Former NHL star may not return at all

Nearly eight months have passed from the moment, where Gaborik should have needed just eight weeks to return. Last time Gaborik spoke to media, it was in his home country Slovakia. He could guess the date of his return, mentioned November or December as possible.

Will Marian Gaborik retire as a Senator?

It is believed, according to Slovak medias, that Marian Gaborik is not coming back to play hockey for the Ottawa Senators this season and he is considering a retirement. Since his legendary years with Minnesota and New York Rangers, Gaborik was more injured than healthy.

He changed up the scenery across America a lot. From Columbus to Los Angeles and finally to Ottawa, in Canada of course. Former NHL star played 1035 games in total and recorded 815 points. The best and shiniest moment of his career came up on his decline, when he out of nowhere posted 14 goals in the play-offs, helping the Kings winning the Stanley Cup in 2014.

Now, he may follow the steps of his good friend and countryman, Marian Hossa. Hossa has not played for more than a year before admitting his retirement. Beyond this year, Ottawa still has to pay almost 5 millions dollars to Gaborik over the next two seasons. It surely seems Gaborik can be thankful for that 2014 revival year, not only for the Cup but also for a seven-year contract he received from Los Angeles.

Ottawa Senators Uber video

Ottawa Senators; Trouble in Paradise as Uber driver releases video of players bashing team


Here is the unofficial video that was released late Monday night. The players in the car are Thomas Cabot, Dylan DeMelo, Matt Duchene, Alex Formenton, Chris Tierney, Chris Wideman and Colin White. The video goes on for about two minutes and ranges from the players ripping on their teams powerplay, penalty kill, forecheck, systems and a whole lot more I am sure.

Anyways, to start this Uber driver is an absolute scumbag for recording these guys without them even knowing they were being recorded. At least be like “hey guys by the way I record all my rides so just a heads up you are on video right now.” Now it would have been one thing if he said that and they still did it but I am sure they would not have said anything and saved it for after the ride.

Second, I understand there is definitely concern for the things said in this video and it shows the commitment of the players, but I also do think friendly banter and joking around is not a big deal. There is no chance these guys are just going into every game saying “oh f*ck it. Who cares” sure they are not a great team and they know it but they are competitors who still compete every game. Also, this video was in Arizona right after they got shelled 7-1 in Arizona so instead of making the loss a big deal they decided to poke some fun at it. I mean they are going to have to get used to this or else it is going to be a stressful year for the team. While yes, this is not the best way to deal with a loss but keeping things loose and fun instead of having Mr. serious and stick up your ass type of guys around the room all day, everyday this is how they decided to deal with the loss.

Third, the concern is obviously is high for the Senators front office since guys like Chabot, Tierney, DeMelo, Duchene, White, Formenton are all relatively new or entirely new to the team therefore it shows that their commitment is not so high and when you have young players and new players like this making jokes and not taking their jobs serious is not great. Tensions will start to fly in the front office now and it will be pretty uneasy to be in that locker room. I see both sides of this the young guys are trying to make the most of the situation they have and poke some fun, the new players are doing the same, they do not want their life to be hell just because they are on a team that is rebuilding and going to be struggling for a couple years.

Lastly, they have come out and apologized as they collectively said:

“We want to apologize publicly to Marty Raymond, our teammates and coaches for our comments in Phoenix Arizona on October 29th. Our private conversation was recorded without our knowledge or consent. We’re passionate about our team and focusing on growing. We are grateful for the support of our fans and organization. This is an important learning experience and we will do better.”

Sure the apology has to come out and sound like that but I do believe the guys still care abut the team and how they perform like I said, bad loss and wanted to make light of the situation instead of being a bunch of sticklers about how they played. Weird way to deal with it probably and we all may not agree but that’s how young guys deal with loses and stuff in this league nowadays.

Guy Boucher came out after their apology and said:

“Nothing is more important to us during this rebuild than making sure our players and coaches are fully committed to our plan, our values and our system of play. We have every confidence in Marty Raymond’s coaching in the effort and determination of our team; and in the sincerity of our players apology. We are now treating this as a team matter and will be making no further comment to the media.”

Not a good look for Ottawa but the team is 5-6-3 on the year with five more road games left in the month. Probably no more Uber rides for these guys on the road. Be interesting to see if the players try and get in touch with the Uber driver.

NHL NEWS 10/31/18

NHL NEWS: Krug, Thornton, Radulov and Rinne off IR, Mike Condon placed on waivers

Tuesday was filled with action as the NHL is entering the last week of the first month of play. Everyday is filled with news, but it is days like today that frustrate NHL fans the most perhaps. As the NHL slated 11 games yesterday and now one game today and 13 games tomorrow, where is thought process here? Anyways enough ranting. There is some minor/major news.

Torey Krug activated off the IR: Krug was injured during the preseason with a left foot injury, he has been dealing with ankle/foot injuries for a decent amount of time now but, after sitting out the Bruins first 11 games Krug drew into the line up for the first time this season vs Carolina Tuesday night. Krug logged 18:13 time on ice with one assist on the power play. Krug has made his way into the Bruins top three defenseman now after solidifying his role as a offensive-defenseman, Krug has been one of the Bruins best offensive minded defenseman. Playing power play one minutes and top d-line pairing minutes, Krug when healthy is a sure 40 assist guy and continues to do it year in and year out now.

NHL NEWSJoe Thornton off the IR vs New York Rangers: When the news broke about Thornton’s knee injury everyone held their breathe as they thought the 39-year-old veteran forward was about done with his time in the NHL. But luckily it was a minor knee infection which caused him to miss nine games. Thornton was slated next to Evander Kane and Joe Pavelski at the end of last season therefore he is expected to still have a major role in the teams success. Thornton played just 14:19 Tuesday night vs NYR, logging a -1 rating, 1 shot on goal and 1 block. Thornton seems to be back and it is fair to say he is good to plug in your line ups now.

Alexander Radulov back vs Montreal: What a perfect game for Radulov to come back as he came out before the game and said he still has hard feelings for Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin. There is no holding back for the Russian forward it is obvious things did not go well in Montreal. Radulov was sent to Dallas last offseason after signing as a unrestricted free agent. Radulov hit the IR with a lower body injury only causing him to miss four-games. Radulov had a night against his old team, scoring an empty net goal, 2 hits, 2 penalty minutes and two shots on goal. After the game Radulov did not talk with Montreal media and was booed by Montreal fans leaving the ice.

Pekka Rinne activated off IR: Juuse Saros time may be up in Nashville as 2017-18 Vezina winner is back off the IR after missing five games due to Kevin Fiala colliding with him. Now it is unclear if Rinne will play vs Tampa Bay Thursday night but he is back. Since Rinne’s exit Saros has filled in well posting a 6-2 record in 8 games, 2.49 goals against and .917 save percentage. Clearly there should be no conversation as to if Rinne will get his job back but for the first month he is back easing him into play is what the Predators may do since Saros is playing so well.

Mike Condon placed on waivers: What a quick turn around, as Mike Condon let up a goalies worst nightmare vs Arizona Tuesday night. The Senators quickly cut the 28-year-old back up goaltender. Condon has struggled greatly in his only two starts this season allowing 8 goals in 75 minutes. Condon allowed 3 goals on 11 shots and was pulled immediately once he allowed the third goal to Derek Stepan from the opposing blue line. Condon has not been a terrible back up, in 2017-18 he posted a 19-14-6 record with a 2.48 goals against and .914 save percentage. We will see where the back up lands now.

Mark Borowiecki Suspension

Mark Borowiecki suspended 3 games for illegal check on Vegas Cody Eakin

………And the NHL has gone full on soft as baby sh*t mode. I mean seriously, another suspension for a hit? Sure, Mark Borowiecki may have hit Cody Eakin a little hard but if you listen to the video NHL.com released on why Borowiecki got hit, it is actually mind blowing how they came up with this suspension.

Mark Borowiecki suspended 3-games (click for video)

If you have not seen the play, check it out and tell me that is worthy of a 3-game suspension. The play started like this, Ottawa had the puck down low, the winger went high to cycle it down low, the pass got broken up and on the stick of Cody Eakin. During this time Borowiecki was pinching in for a pass in the high slot once he saw the puck change hands, he continued his momentum forward and went to hit Eakin. Eakin was looking down at the puck, and was slumped forward as Borowiecki came in for the hit. Ok, now yes Borowiecki could of hit him on the shoulder but I don’t think Borowiecki is all to blame here. Eakin had his head down coming out of the zone, lunged forward and was not aware of his surroundings. I believe the game misconduct was enough here but I guess I see the disciplinary  because this was Borowiecki’s first game back from his first suspension this season and he did this.

John Tortorella comments about state of NHL

I see both sides of this no suspension and suspend him but I don’t know, it just seems like the NHL is really trying to push hitting out of the game and make it a big hug fest as John Tortorella said. Speaking of that, I believe Torts is 100% right with what he said, there is no hate, fear, intimidation in the game anymore, sure there is a line and you should not cross that line but guys talking in between whistles and laughing at each other and smiling. Sounds like basketball to me, it just seems that the NHL is trying to really just make the game one big offensive power house where it is all toe drags, highlight reel goals and eliminating all the hits and physicality from the game.

Erik Karlsson San Jose Sharks

The Impact of Pacioretty to Vegas, Karlsson to San Jose

What has happened over the last few days in the hockey world, Erik Karlsson finally got traded, Max Pacioretty is out of Montreal, Oliver Ekman Larsson and Justin Williams were named captains, Henrik Zetterberg’s career is over. It has been a whirl wind of emotions for hockey fans lately. 

Patches lands in Vegas, flying high (literally)

First off the Pacioretty trade. Marc Bergevin has to be up to something to dismantle this Canadiens team. First Subban, now Pacioretty what is he up to? Anyways, the Canadiens received Tomas TatarNick Suzuki and a 2019 2nd round pick for Max Pacioretty. Pacioretty has now been enjoying his time in Vegas as he should, being that he has left that dumpster fire of a team in Montreal to join the former Western Conference champs and Stanley Cup contenders. The Vegas Golden Knights. The Golden Knights with this trade now have Pacioretty paired with Paul Statsny and Alex Tuch, how can this not work out. How can Pacioretty not be happy? Look, he gets the pressure of the Montreal media off his back, he is not the center of attention in Vegas, the “C” is now more so he does not have that added pressure and he is a second liner… To close the case here take a look at some of the things Max Pacioretty has already been up to in Vegas since the trade… 

Let’s just say Pacioretty did not mind the move to Vegas too much it seems. But what does this do for the Golden Knights? Well they add a veteran 30-goal scorer and with this move Pacioretty may be due for 35+ this year, just saying. It adds some more fire power to an already electric Vegas offense, you have Marchessault, Smith, Karlsson on top of Pacioretty that is a solid mix to some scoring and play making forwards. Either way this puts Vegas right where they should be a top contender for the Western Conference again and inch closer to the Stanley Cup…

Karlsson is OUT of OTTAWA! 

Goodbye Ottawa and Eugene Melnyk, what a clown that owner is. First off the whole thing that went down over the summer with Hoffman and Karlsson and Melnyk barely said anything and all he did was get ripped off in a trade for Hoffman. Then the whole mid-year controversy between Karlsson and Melnyk where Karlsson did not even feel comfortable being around is own owner. Terrible. Anyways, he is out of another Atlantic dumpster fire and heading to a Pacific division team. What does this do for the Sharks, well. First the Sharks did not have to trade any core guys, they gave up two solid prospects and a few draft picks but to not really downgrade your roster a ton and a receive the best defenseman in the league is a win. The Sharks gave up Chris Tierney, Dylan DeMelo, Rudolfs Balcers, Josh Norris, 2019 2nd round pick, 2020 1st round pick, 2021 2nd round pick(turns into a first if San Jose gets to Stanley Cup this year). So the fact the Senators gave up their best defenseman and received just one defenseman in return is brutal. 

Erik Karlsson San Jose Sharks

Anyways, the impact this has on San Jose is immediate you have guys like Joe Thornton who have been around the game for a decade coming out and saying this is “f***ing incredible” for the Sharks. Now you have, Brent Burns a Norris trophy winner, Erik Karlsson and Marc Edouard Vlasic an unbelievable top three, to add in Brenden Dillon and Justin Braun. This blue line is loaded with all types of weapons, shut down d, offensive power, you name it this blue line has it. It also gives reassurance to Brent Burns and the Sharks forwards as well, Burns has been that puck moving guy on that back end for a while now anytime you get someone else who can do it helps out. Sharks forwards will be receiving break out passes galore with Burns, Vlasic and Karlsson coming their way. Not to mention a power play one consisting of Karlsson-Burns-Kane-Pavelski-Couture, my god… need we say more? It really make San Jose automatic Cup contenders and now battling for that pacific division with the other team on this article, Vegas.