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Where Phil Kessel Will and Will Not End Up?

The 31-year-old goal scorer was recently to be rumored on the trade mill. Is this the end of the road for Kessel in Pittsburgh? Kessel has spent three and a half season with Pittsburgh scoring 93 goals, 157 assists with 250 points in 272 games. Kessel has played all 82 games in his three seasons with Pittsburgh and has played in all 26 games this season he has yet to miss a game during his time in Pittsburgh. Kessel has spent 13 seasons in the NHL playing 940 games by the age of 31-years-old with 770 points over those 940 games. Kessel has a career of 340 goals and 430 assists. It would be shocking to see the goal scoring Penguins forward shipped off to yet another team at this point in his career. The Penguins are rumored to be looking to move Kessel and for a matter of fact everyone else as well besides Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

Where Kessel MAY go?

Kessel has a cap hit of 6.8 million until 2022-23 therefore finding a partner for him would not be easy at all. The Penguins projected cap space is $116,525 at the moment, with the increase of the salary cap next season this certainly benefits the Penguins but the Penguins also need to find someone to eat at least 25% or more of Kessel’s contract if he were to be moved.

Kessel will probably not go to Boston, they have a projected cap of 2.5 million so no way that is happening, he is not going to Toronto either so we should probably shut the down like right now. The Leafs have a projected cap of 5 million and they need to sign Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner so no shot there. Blackhawks have 3.2 million projected cap and not many players to re-sign but I am not sure with what is going on in Chicago they would welcome Kessel plus they do not have many prospects or current roster players to give up. No shot for Dallas with $317,000 left in cap and already way too many high contracts on the roster. Calgary, Edmonton and Anaheim are probably in no shape to go after Kessel either, essentially anyone in that Pacific can afford him. 

In summary Kessel will NOT end up in

Boston, Toronto, Chicago, Dallas, Calgary, Edmonton, Anaheim or any Pacific team.

Where Kessel MAY end up: 

Carolina has 16 million left in cap space but they do have six top-nine players to re-sign next season two of them Teuvo Teravainen and Sebastian Aho who will be getting a nice contract. Columbus has six million left in cap right now but Artemi Panarin may be leaving so that could be an option to add another scorer if Panarin leaves. The Devils have 14 million but have nine contracts to work out next season. The Islanders have 10 million and four to five must sign back players next season, Flyers have 8.5 million with two must sign back players if the Flyers let go of Simmonds it really opens up space. Colorado has 12 million but Mikko Rantanen to re-sign and four other players to re-sign, Wild have 2.45 million left in cap, a good amount of projected prospects and draft picks to shed along with current roster players to shed.

The final verdict: 

Kessel goes no where because if the Penguins trade Kessel and expect any young player and or any other player to play and produce the way Kessel has is slim. Kessel is grossly under valued on the Penguins roster but he is always consistent and has been a 0.92 point per game player and coming off a 92 point year. I am sorry but if the Penguins actually think they are going to go out on the market and get someone to do the same or more then Kessel than they would be making a huge mistake. I think this whole Kessel trade rumor junk is for Jim Rutherford and Mike Sullivan to scare the Penguins players and show them no one is safe.


Phil Kessel likely to waive no-movement clause to play for Arizona, Artem Panarin out in Columbus?

This is relatively VERY new news, and shocking. Phil Kessel has said to likely waive his no-movement clause and a modified no-trade clause to play for Arizona. As odd as that seems, the reason behind it all is because Phil wants to play under former coach, and now assistant coach of Arizona, Rick Tocchet. Phil has had his fair share of friction and conflict with head coach Mike Sullivan, although it was said Phil was going to be traded than not traded, this is Phil saying he WOULD likely waive his no-movement clause if Pittsburgh were interested in trading him. This is not saying it will happen but if Pittsburgh were to move forward and part ways with Phil Kessel he is open to going to Arizona.

Phil Kessel the 12-year, 30-year-old veteran comes with a price though due to his 741 points in 941 games, 2-time Stanley Cup champ, 6-time 30 goal scorer, 7-time 60 point player and coming off his best year of his career tallying 92 points in 82 games with a career high 58 assists. Kessel will not be cheap and it seems as if the Coyotes are not willing to bite on Kessel. It is still early in the trade talk but right now the Coyotes have come out and said they are not biting just yet, persumably because the Penguins probably want their 1st round pick this year and with the Coyotes slotted 5th overall to get Bouchard, Hughes, Zadina, Doboson, or others they are not willing to move just yet. We will see this move more after the draf or on draft day I assume.

Panarin out in Columbus? 

The 26-year-old superstar winger is coming off his best year during his 3-year career thus far tallying 82 points in 81 games with a career high 55 assists. Panarin has yet to record under 74 points in his 3 years in the NHL. Well recently it came out that Panarin does not want to talk contract negotations with the Blue Jackets and will test the market. Panarin is entering the final year of his 6 million dollar contract and will become a UFA at the end of 2018-19 season. Therefore this will be a trade and sign deal for whatever team does end up getting Panarin if Columbus does not end up keeping the “breadman”. The intersting part is that Chicago came out a couple weeks ago and said they are willing to trade their 1st round pick for an NHL ready player. Could that mean a reunion of Kane and Panarin? Very unlikely as the Blackhawks have 4.75 mil in cap space at the moment and still have 5 contracts to be signed. This news is still very fresh and not much has come out yet but the Blue Jackets are probably livid that Panarin will not talk with them yet until Panarin gets to test the market. But what we are all not understanding is that Panarin is a free agent next seaosn, it seems as if he wants to see what other teams are willing to bite at him and what they would be willing to throw his way money wise. This could be mean that Panarin hears a few offers and realizes he is better off in Columbus, and could end up staying in Columbus and signing a long term deal in the upcoming season.

Phil Kessel trade rumors shut down, Blackhawks willing to trade the 8th overall pick for established NHL player…

The Blackhawks continue to make a push for an established, proven NHL player. From the sights of what happened with the Blackhawks last year, a proven NHL defenseman may be what they are considering. Which from the rumor of things with Justin Faulk the Blackhawks could very well be going after Faulk and that Jeff Skinner deal. The thing is why is Chicago so willingly to move the 8th overall pick when they could possibly land Evan Bouchard, Noah Dobson or Adam Boqvist, three proven worthy and NHL ready defenseman. In my personal opinion if the Blackhawks do move their 8th overall pick it will be a huge fault on their part. The Brandon Saad- Artem Panarin trade already looks bad, don’t make it any worse now.

(Per NHL Discussion Instagram)

Phil Kessel Trade Rumors 

The Pittsburgh Penguins have officially shut down any Phil Kessel trade rumors, for about three weeks people thought Kessel was actually going to leave Pittsburgh. This is why we do not speak too soon because those people that wrote articles saying, “Kessel would fit well on these teams….” now we can just laugh at them. Do not try and get ahead of the curve without knowing enough inside information. If you are not Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger or any big hockey insider do not go around trying to break the news that is not news.


^ Exhibit A of what not to do when a rumor comes out. Kessel to Colorado, think before you write.


^ Exhibit B of what not to do. Like stated, unless rumors come out about the Penguins actually actively shopping him and setting a price, do not go around and say oh the Penguins will only accept a trade for Kessel if it was x,y,z.


^ Exhibit C I hope the person who wrote this article has personal contact with Mike Sullivan to be writing these types of articles. Probably not, probably a Penguins fan page just trying to break news.


Rangers look to play spoiler hockey vs Pittsburgh

It is clear as day that the Rangers are in fact out of the playoff hunt. Yes many of us knew that when it was the trade deadline and they traded nearly half their team. Some do not want to come to grips with the fact the Rangers may be a borderline playoff team for the next three years but that is ok. The Rangers since facing the reality that they will not be in the playoffs for the first time in 12-years have certainly been playing better. They are 4-4-2 in their last ten games and since their skid, they have won 5 of their last 7 games.

Rangers top guys, Hayes, Spooner clicking.

As a whole the Rangers are playing much better, possibly due to no pressure anymore, guys playing to make a statement next year or just wanting to be a spoiler hockey team the Rangers have been on the right road to close things out for the regular season. The production of Kevin Hayes has been amazing, Hayes has really surged into a top goal scorer for this team and cracked 20-goals on the year, the first time in his four-year career thus far. Also to mention, Ryan Spooner and Vladislav Namestnikov have been great additions to this Rangers team, in the last two weeks of play these have combined for 13 points, Spooner tallying 10 and Nanmestnikov tallying 3 points.

The future of the Rangers backend. It’s pretty bright. 

The Rangers also are showing some bright spots out of young defenseman like Neal Pionk and John Gilmour who since coming to the team have played a major role, as well stepping into top four defenseman minutes. Gilmour has slotted around 19 minutes per game, and has added 2 goals, 2 assists. While Pionk has been the brightest spot on the blue line aside from Brady Skjei, Pionk has slotted upwards of almost 20 minutes since coming to the team as well has tallied, 6 assists on the year. Cannot forget about the future of the Rangers crease, Alexander Georgiev who since coming to the team has started in five games and in those five games he has allowed 3 or fewer goals four out of the five. On the season he is posting 2 wins, 2.73 goals against and .930 save percentage. The future seems to be looking bright here for the Big Apple.

Little about the Penguins top guns. They’re good. 

Onto, the juggernaut and Stanley Cup favorites yet again, the Penguins. The Penguins have done the opposite of what the Rangers have done since the All-Star break they have been on fire and have shot all the way up in the rankings to now second in the Metro by one point. The Penguins play of Evgeni Malkin has certainly been the reason why they are this good lately, Malkin has won player of the month, player of the week twice and has tallied 9 goals and 15 assists in the last month of play. Now, throw in the best player in hockey Sidney Crosby, who has 14 points in the last month of play, on top of one of the best shooters in hockey, Phil Kessel with 4 goals, 9 assists in the last month of play. Yeah, it is pretty impossible to beat this team.

No Murray, No Problem.

The Penguins come into this game with Matt Murray still sidelined, although that won’t matter due to Tristan Jarry and Casey DeSmith holding down the fort quite well, plus having guys like I mentioned above in front of you, whoever is in this crease gets some solid support. The Penguins are 6-4-0 in their last ten games, coming off a win Sunday night vs Dallas, the Penguins are well rested and will be ready to come out flying tonight. They are 14-18-3 this season and in the last month of play, they’ve played five home games winning three of them. Even during a stretch of only four games in a month out of the 17 games they have played they have won 12 of those games. The Penguins have certainly pushed themselves into the conversation of possibly being three-peat Stanley Cup winners.

Penguins vs Rangers…

The Penguins and Rangers have faced off three times already this year and this will mark their final meeting. The Penguins currently hold the season series 2-1, winning in overtime once at the beginning of the year, dropping their second meeting at home and then beating the Rangers 5-2 two months ago. The history is rich between these two teams but with the Rangers being non-contenders this game is not so interesting to many. The Penguins are certainly the favorites here tonight but who knows with how the Rangers have been playing as of late, maybe they come out flying from the start, wanting to play some spoiler hockey vs the Penguins.

And….. The Penguins are back

I was for sure hoping for a Vegas win Tuesday night, but the Penguins came out and buried five goals on a team that has allowed four-plus goals, only ten times this season. The Penguins are fully and 100 percent back and ready to take the first round of the playoffs by storm, then beat Washington in the second round, then make the Conference finals. And, I’m ready to die.

The Penguins have picked up their play over the last month, winning 11 of 15 games, and four of their last five, which has landed them in second place in the Metropolitan division. I’m fully ready to flip my laptop in the middle of the class(yeah I’m writing in class, whatever), my head is ready to explode thinking about the Penguins being back.

God, why did I, matter of fact, any of us think the Penguins were actually at some point not going to be this good at some point or another? (don’t even lie you thought the Pens were done). The fact we all may have legitimately thought the Penguins were going to be a wildcard or borderline wild card team all season, wow way to go, everyone, we are all more idiotic then we thought.

Even when starting three different goalies over the last month, the Penguins have managed to cause this uprising in the standings, push themselves four points away from the Capitals for first place and now the Capitals start to hold their breath, knowing their one kryptonite are back and breathing down their throats for the division lead.

It all starts with the big three, not the big-three you’re thinking, none of that phony, boring basketball stuff, I’m talking the BIG-THREE. Malkin, Crosby, Kessel. Malkin has won the player of the month(January), tallying 12 goals, and 7 assists. Won player of the week, last week tallying 6 goals and 2 assists in three games. Phil Kessel is now one point behind Kucherov for the league lead in points(65) and over the last month has 6 goals 12 assists, over the last week has 3 goals and 3 assists and now has a six-game point streak. Crosby has 2 goals 15 assists over the last month and four assists over the last week, also coming off a 7-game point streak.

Pittsburgh Penguins
Phil Kessel and Evgeni Malkin led fun bus and Penguins to second place in Metro division.

This is unreal, I hate myself for actually thinking the Penguins could actually not make the playoffs, sure Matt Murray with two wins, a 4.00 goals against (GAA) and 50 saves of 58 shots against over the last week and a 3.33 GAA, three wins and 90 saves on 100 shots over the last month, sure why not let’s win 11 of our last 15 games. Rank ninth for most goals allowed per game(3.00) and sixth in the league for most goals against(165) this season, yeah no big deal Malkin, Crosby, Kessel will just score a million goals and bring this team back to a near top ten team in the NHL.

God, the Penguins are back and I never want to watch hockey again. See you tomorrow, or later. I am distraught.